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Party too Hardy – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  You know what that means, right?  That’s right. It’s Friday Fictioneers time.  I had a whole ‘nother idea planned out for this picture but reality butted its head in and took over. So. No fiction this week (yeah, yeah, I know, I rarely do pure fiction). This happened last Saturday at work.  Always thanks go to Rochelle for keeping us coming back week after week and to Fatima Fakier Deria for her photo.

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Party Too Hardy

Pat got louder and friendlier with each drink consumed. He paid for rounds and his circle got bigger. Nothing like free drinks to cement a friendship, eh? Just when things were getting a little too wild, the lights came on and the music was silenced. The circle broke up and they swayed their way to the stairway.

Resigned, Pat followed them, lost his footing on the third stair and tumbled down the remaining fifteen, landing head-first into the receptionist’s desk.

His blood was spattered everywhere. Despite his protests, we called the ambulance.

Some parties are harder to work than others.



Leaving the building…

*It turned out to be quite the scary thing. The guy went from arguing he was fine while letting my coworkers clean him up and wrap his head wound (myself running up and down the stairs getting ice and cold wet cloths), to vomiting, to losing consciousness. Keeping him awake by slapping his chest and calling out to him to stay with us made the less-than thirty-minute ordeal feel like hours.  Hopefully, the first and last time I am witness to such.


144 thoughts on “Party too Hardy – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    Beware the party bus! It gets you in trouble every time.

    Okay, I lie. Bad judgement when you really should know better is really what gets you in trouble every time. Not a bus, not a drink, not a couple or more of those very same drinks and certainly not the mood of the club. So sorry Pat, but you are gonna have to own all the shiners you took on that tumble.

    I don’t mean to be crude, and I wouldn’t have replied quite this way if things hadn’t ended up okay. But really, if you can’t hold your alcohol, you really shouldn’t be partaking in the first place. But that’s just me, 😉

    I am always surprised by how you go with these, so I guess I might have provided you with a surprising response, eh? 😉


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    • B,


      And yes. I am witness to all the shenanigans that go on, especially now that I work at the bar. It’s mostly amusing to watch, knowing that they are gonna feel pain the next morning of the hangover type. You never wish ill on any of them but he has to own his part in his tumble.

      You are not being crude, you are being a realist, as I am. I wouldn’t have written this up if it didn’t end up okay (at least I hope it did). It’s one thing to get to tipsy, it’s quite another to get to stupid stage as so many give themselves permission to do.

      You often do surprise me with your response so it’s tit for tat, I say 😉


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      • Right, and mango . . he really went above and beyond when it came to feeling the pain, didn’t he? When I’ve had one too many, I just fall asleep. Without the need for tumbling.

        Eggsactly! I feel as if the peeps who really shouldn’t drink are the ones who always drink to excess. Not cool. You’re wasting perfectly good alcohol, peeps! It’s not a college drinking game!

        Well played! 😉

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        • Good gawd, did he ever. I much prefer when they fall asleep at the table… which they have done.

          They always are. That too! A waste – in alcohol, in an evening that should be fun, in energy to those who need to take care of you…

          I have my moments 😉

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          • I fall asleep on a recliner, LOL. No, I haven’t been in that state, in public, maybe . . I don’t know, ever. Not to the point of being like that. Hell if I’m not a responsible drinker after all!

            I don’t get that. Guzzling, beer games, overdoing it. No, no, no. Enjoy it peeps!

            You sure do 😉

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          • LOL – it’s a man-thing.
            And I’ve been loud and raucous under the influence, even ending up in the washroom releasing that pent-up booze – back when I was younger and stupider. Now? Never gonna happen.

            I don’t either. I watch my kids play their fool booze games and just shake my head. And sometimes join in for a round (coz, I’m the cool mom, yanno?)

            I tries. 😉

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          • As man things go, it could be worse.

            I’ve had a few moments, but way back there. But it always pissed me off when I got sick, because I realized what a waste of an evening it was. You have to find that perfect landing spot.

            Yeah, I played beer pong when I was in my late thirties. But I wouldn’t guzzle even though I could have. Not wasting it! Sorry.

            You succeed. 😉


    • I hope so, too. It’s one thing to find kids throwing up on the table (ugh. it happens) but quite another to get to this point. Scared the bejeezus out of all of us. I do hope he is OK, too. Which he probably is as he was, shall we say, more flexible going down than he would have been sober… It is!

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It was. Well, it ended horribly. I am, too, Rochelle. But glad I told it decently in 100 words 😉

      Shalom and lotsa tumble-free love,



  2. I can’t imagine the tales you can tell about the holiday parties you’ve encountered. Sure, we hate to see someone hurt like that …. but geez … the behavior leading up to it. Let me guess – if he hadn’t fallen, would he have gotten into his own car to drive?

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  3. Oy vey, Dale!!! I’m so sorry — for YOU having to deal with it (and with the other over-drinkers in their various over-drinking-mishaps, snores, and possible grabs …). Oy. No wonder it scared the bejeezus outta’ yas! (that froggy, though!)
    I hope this puts a ‘check’ on the ‘save drunk person from imminent death’ so you never have to do it ever again!
    I remember chatting with a colleague at a school once when I heard a thud that did not sound right, followed by children’s yelling and a teacher rushing into the hallway, ashen-faced — a child had fallen off the slide, tumbled sideways to the ground, it seemed.
    I rushed outside to help, held the child’s neck (she was conscious and terrified), ordered the other teacher to get the other children away and calmed, and talked to the little girl and got her calmer and distracted (and talked to see that she still made sense …) till the paramedics arrived, about the same time as the nurse finally rushed out (no laxity on her end – she’d been on lunch duty and had to be located).
    I couldn’t let myself feel afraid until the paramedics took her to the ER with one of the teachers to meet her caregiver there … and then I started shaking a bit. Debriefed and wrote the report with the nurse … oy. These things are so scary!
    I’m glad you debriefed with your coworkers!
    You can call me anytime if you need, ya know.

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    • Honestly, all I did was see the guy, rush to get the guy in charge then ran up and down the stairs for ice and washcloths. My co-worker Jason is the one, along with Jimmy, the boss, who had the brunt of it. Slapping his chest to keep him conscious..
      YOUR story however… holy Hannah! Isn’t it amazing how we can keep our cool in the heat of the moment but once we are out of it, the body starts shaking and whatnot.
      Yeah, the three of us just sat and talked and chilled.

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      • Yeah … when kids are involved, one goes into a different mode, where part of what is necessary to help regulate the child’s emotions is for us to have our act together … I was glad I was there, and was glad to learn later that she was okay. We didn’t see HOW she fell, but the other kids said she’d hurt her head and “fell on her head” and she certainly seemed dazed, so I was taking no chances and kept her immobilized the best I could. She did not QUITE appreciate my having hands on her, but I’m sure that if I were visibly scared she’d have freaked out more … This way I just kept up a pretty boring-calming-trivial-dialogue … As long as she was talking, she was breathing and conscious … 😉 Yep to debriefing. Necessary, that.

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      • You know, you do – keep your calm in a scary emergency situation. And afterwards you break down, completely, utterly, exhausted, finito! I had a very active (`!) child-boy who kept me on my toes 24/7 and my heart racing not always for joy. Once I heard him screaming across the street, a train-line, from another house….. He got bitten by the Danish Dogge, pet of his friend’s – that time none of his doing though – it’s amazing, afterwards, to what one is capable. But after it’s always at least 30′ of shaking so hard you can’t even stand any longer! Well done, Na’Ama and Dale.

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        • Oh, I know I do. Have lots of experience between my husband and three boys. I wonder how much time I’ve spent in the hospital between the four of them? Broken bones, falls, cuts… I’m glad I’m.not the fall apart type… Even after. I’ve somehow learnt how to just go with it.

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  4. Only another 10 days, Dale….. only, only, only! – I’m glad you had that ‘debrief round’ afterwards, because none of you could have slept anyway. I really, really cannot feel much empathy for someone who has no control over his drinks. I KNOW it’s an illness but I’ve seen the effects it has on family, friends, even society. YOU were the poor guys to keep him alive, clean up, and even if he will certainly have gotten away with some damage to his head and wallet, a huge hangover and whatnot, it was his own doing, whereas you should have been able to go home after the job and not spend another extra hour to clean up the mess…. Anyway, soon to be a thing of the past for you and I bet you can’t wait!
    AND it made for a gr8 story, bravo!

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    • Somehow a party gives some leave to go all out. I don’t get it, quite frankly. I’d not want to make an ass of myself in front of my colleagues.
      Let’s just say a sit back and breathe after was well deserved.
      And yes, makes for a good story after!

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    • I hope so too. I’ll hopefully find out tomorrow. People just don’t know when to stop. Office parties are the one place where I feel it is best to reign it in… but that’s me 🙂
      Will do. By the time I leave work and head for home, the party-goers are all passed out, hopefully.

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    • Yeah. Please put friend in quotes. Actually, since this happened at 1:15 a.m. – fifteen minutes after closing time, I’m thinking you’re right… he should have heard it about 11 p.m., to be honest.

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        • They had just finished eating their desserts at that time. It is awful and I, for one, would never make an ass out of myself in front of colleagues… nor anywhere else, frankly but especially not here.

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  5. How disturbing this must have been for you. I’ve had my share of stupidity while drinking back in my mid-teens. Walked off a perfectly good ship… how I survived that one, only God knows. At least there wasn’t anyone there who knew me from home.

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  6. we can’t take any fall for granted. i remembered the story of natasha richardson (liam neeson’s wife) who fell on a canadian ski slope. she seemed to be alright and needed no medical attention. she later went back to the hotel only to die of epidural hematoma due to a blunt impact to the head.

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  7. Wow, what a traumatic ordeal. Good for you to run up and down the stairs to help. I hope he’s okay but probably so, as you said he was more flexible than normal with the amount of alcohol he consumed. Hope you have less active work nights in the future. =)

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  8. I witnessed quite a few booze-binge-related accidents when I had my pub but nothing quite on this scale! The worst was when I fell down the stairs from my flat and landed on the floor behind the bar taking loads of glasses and bottles with me!

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    • I keep trying to find the proper frog 😉 It’s become a “thing” for me 😉
      As for Pat, I found out yesterday that he is fine and none the worse for wear…


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