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‘Til You’re Not – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #56

I thought I’d not be able to participate. Crispina basically challenged me (I won’t say beg) to, in her words “Yea, go for it. Just a one-line caption. Doesn’t have to be mega”. So how could I refuse?  I searched through my stuff – coz, yanno that’s how I have come to do this particular challenge – and found something.  Then an idea formed. And well, how do you like that?  Here I am! I admit it is tenuous, at best.  Just go with it.

‘Til You’re Not

You think you will forever stand up top

You have battled

You have won

You have earned your place

Fool to be so arrogant!

‘Tis but a question of time

Before another comes to battle you

Sending you crashing to the ground

And taking your place


Word count:  52

56 thoughts on “‘Til You’re Not – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #56

  1. Wow. Aced. That is 100%; both the *caption* and the answering photo. But do tell, what is it in the photo? The angle suggests a dead bird. But then it looks as if it’s against a drape. So therefore I’m thinking it’s maybe a device for holding back curtains. But I could be totally wrong. 🙂

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  2. Just shows to go ya, you can only stay on top so long. There is always someone younger, stronger, smarter, more talented waiting in the wings to take your place. I’ve never had to worry about that though. Lol. Who needs that kind of pressure. Good job Dale.

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    • Yep. That’s the way it goes. And you have to be careful how you managed to get up there in the first place. Step on too many and that’ll get you too!
      Thanks, Jan.

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  3. Q,

    I immediately thought the United States with this challenge piece. Granted, I might be way off on this, but your words spoke to the arrogance and the blind faith too many possess. I was thinking it was speaking to the fact that just because we’ve been the big kid on the block for a good long time now, doesn’t mean we’re going to hold that title belt forever.

    Am I wrong on this one?


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  4. Dear Dale,

    It’s so true. They say it’s lonely at the top. Me? I’m afraid of heights. 😉 Loved your verse. You’re becoming my blog challenge hero.

    Shalom and lotsa down-to-earth hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      They do say that and probably for good reason (I wouldn’t know as I have only stepped up there once in a while in sports on the high school level so…) I thank you and oh schtawp! What a sweet thing to say coming from the Queen!

      Shalom and lotsa grounded love,



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