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Rebuilding – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps. It’s Friday Fictioneers time and our leader, Rochelle chose this picture from Michael Sublett to challenge us. And challenge she did. Of course, my brain is full of a head cold so I’m working twice as hard to get half the words. Ugh. I still have one weekend to work. Now is not the time!  Oh well… while I go soak in the tub, you can read my little 100-word attempt.

©Michael Sublett

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Like the detritus caused by a wrecking ball to a no-longer-useful building, her life lay in a mess about her feet.   She walked through, kicking at the pieces, thinking life as she knew it was over. And it was. That part, anyway. Were there pieces she could salvage?  Should she even? Or should she simply walk away from this mess and start anew.  It scared the shit out of her, to be honest. She’d started over before, she could do it again.

It was so much bigger this time. She grabbed a framed picture. This could be her starting point.



162 thoughts on “Rebuilding – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Oh, wow. This was poignant and REAL with a capital R. I read this and thought – this is an anniversary of some kind. Not just the chicken soup on the menu …. And then I saw your response to Frank … I send you my love.

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      • It is part of what you’re living, it is part of what is real for you, it is part of what you’re managing — well though you do, it is still part of what is going on for you — I’m glad you decided to share. Because you matter and your feelings matter and your history matters and the losses as well as your triumphs matter.
        Off the soapbox now, but only because I live too far to bring you chicken soup and a real hug and a good schmooze on the sofa with some popcorn and laughs and photo albums and silly stories and possibly a few tears well into the night. So there it is. I’m too far away, so you’re saved. 😉

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          • Oy! 😦 Bummer! I’m so sorry! Do you have something for pain and inflammation at home? Not a doctor here, but wondering if you need some cold medicine (and if you tend to get strep, perhaps you need a throat culture done to see if you need antibiotics?). Poor Dale … 😦 I hate being sick. Now I really wish I lived closer, because I’d come check on ya in person. Feel better!!!

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          • No worries. I’ve got a pharmacy of stuff. I don’t tend to get strep. And there is that period of time you have to wait before seeing the doctor. Too soon, they see nothing.
            I loathe being sick
            Thank you!

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          • Yeah, yeah, I know you are QUITE capable of knowing what to do when you are ill … I just have a reflexive protective Na’ama-Hen response, possibly fed by embedded Jewish-mama-genes programmed to fussing, to immediately jump in and smother people with care … 😉

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          • OHHHHH! Did I just get a free license to fuss and smother?!! Woohoo!
            Did you have tea? Did you put lemon in it? Do you have honey to put in the tea? Did you take a steam shower? Are you resting? Do you have warm socks on? Did you eat? Who is walking Zeke? If you go out, make sure to bundle up so the cold can’t get into your lungs and you don’t get a chill and don’t go out with your hair wet and make sure to have more chicken soup and some vitamin C and some Zinc if you have it and throw some salt behind your shoulder just in case. Oh, and put some vaseline on your lips and under your nose so they won’t get raw. Are you coughing? Did you go to the bathroom today? Are you feeling smothered yet? 😀

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          • You did.
            Hot water, lemon, honey, ginger – check!
            Steam shower? No… maybe later…
            I had to go out to get my hair dyed and trimmed… longest friggen 2 hours in my life – but don’t worry, my hairdresser made sure my hair was perfectly dry before I left.. Picked up some essentials at the grocery story and now am back in my jammies.
            Zeke is gonna have to grin and bear it coz I ain’t gots the energy…
            And Vicks Vaporub under my feet before bed and under my nose to keep it clear and yes, vaseline to keep my lips and nose from becoming too raw…
            I am coughing and it is like knives are slicing my throat…
            And no. g’head. You’re doing a great job of the over-attentive Jewish mother!

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  2. Some folks make a mess of their life… and seeing the mess, in distress, vow to start again, afresh. Others have their lives collapse in a mess around them, cos fate and destiny took a hand. Less easy then, that decision that’s now forced upon them. Yet life does start anew, and in time becomes an acceptable norm.
    Good on yer, gal. Live it anew. 🙂


  3. When I first read the story, I was imagining someone inspecting what was left of their home after a natural disaster, like a tornado or flood. Then I read the comments and realized what a personal story this is. There is more than one type of natural disaster that can change everything in an instant. Sending hugs. ❤

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  4. Dear Dale,

    This is brutally honest and real. I know it’s not the best time of year for you. You articulate the inner workings of Dale so beautifully. Take care of yourself, my friend. Although you do a wonderful job of that so I shouldn’t worry. You show us how to live life with hope in the face of tragedy.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs with chicken soup,


    PS Love Froggie the Builder


    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you so much. Such a lovely thing to say. I so did not want to go there but the photo and timing just pushed me (it’s why I posted so late, too!)
      I just do my best…

      Shalom a d Lotsa love and chicken soup and hot baths and medicine!


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  5. Q,

    Moving is one of the most stressful things a human being does, and for good reason, seeing as how there is way too much to figure out on the other side. Because, as you know full well, the stress ain’t over once the last box is tucked inside the new front door. Nope, the ‘fun’ is just beginning.

    But you do as you can do, with what you have and hopefully bring along some things that can’t be packed in boxes. And then you pray that should you ever have to move again, you’ll have the financial independence to hire movers and special assistants who handle everything! LOL.

    A picture is the best way to begin. I love it.


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  6. Blimey, if THAT is what you come up with when you have a head-flu, what else would you produce if you were fine?! You are a blxxdy genius as it is and just think – another what, 3 or 4 days and you will NEVA EVAAA have to go back there unless you play golf or want a drink! 😉

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  7. You know how our lives are like riding a wave. We go up and then we go down and then… I’ll let you have a wild guess so …up you go with a warm glass of grog [cognac – honey and a squeezed lemon heated up and drank in one go, then… better go to bed! 😉 ] errr okay, lie down and then go up!!!!!!! 😉 Here’s to new beginnings! …and don’t go out for the moon – if you can see it from your window, that’s good enough and if not, you can see it with your mind! Sending hugs and positive waves …all the way from rainy Athens! 😉 xoxoxo

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  8. Oh, wow, that is terrific, Dale. Such a vivid description of the surroundings, and linked directly to the state of your narrator’s emotions. It’s a really excellent story, with a wonderful, uplifting message of hope and determination.
    I hope you recover quickly from your cold and sore throat!

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    • Thank you, Penny. Such a great comment. Love to hear really excellent!
      I fear I’ve gone downhill. Managed to see a doctor last night at 9 (the great service you get when you go private). Took a culture of my throat, which looked fine but swollen, so I’ve a prescription for antibiotics if I get a positive phonecall. Ugh.


    • Thanks Sweet Mama Hen. Not good. Took the prescribed anti-inflammatory and am waiting for the results of my throat swab to know if I start the antibiotics or not. Cough is extremely painful and I’m feeling quite the wuss. Back is sore from coughing, lying down too much, sitting too much… Ugh.

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      • Oy … this sounds utterly miserable. 😦 I’m so sorry. In a way, I hope it is bacterial because then a dose of antibiotics would have you feeling a lot better in 24 hours … but one does need to wait for the culture to grow the little buggers … And, in the meanwhile one gets sicker … If it is a virus, one is stuck with whatever it is and ‘supportive therapy’ (whatever THAT is … ;)) till one’s own body kicks the buggers to the curb (and at least with the benefit of one’s intestinal flora still in house …). Either way, being sick includes a time of misery that one can do nothing but endure. Bummer! That cough and ache reminds me of when I ‘imported’ the flu from Israel two years ago, and I was so sick I got both a virus and bacteria and then an inflammation of the lung lining to boot. I hope this is NOT where you are heading! Just rest the best you can, and perhaps take a cough suppressant? Did the doc have anything to say about that? In the meanwhile, I’m just sending hugs and gentle sympathy. Feel better!!! Na’ama Hen, the official fussy-even-from-a-distance Mama-hen …

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        • That’s how I feel… I kinda wish it is while I kinda wish it isn’t… Don’t I know it.
          Oh man, that sounds awful!
          Trust me, I can’t remember the last time I rested so much! ‘And don’t you fear, I am taking a pharmaceutical panoply of stuff… Funny coz I don’t want to cough coz it hurts yet that’s the only way to release the toxins…
          I’m working on it!!!

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          • Dear Working-On-It,
            I hope the toxins can be shown the door without any ribs cracking in the process … and I am sending the cavalry in the form of fairies-on-a-mission, to let them buggers know they aren’t welcome to squat in your person, small though they are. I’m also sending with the fairies a list of possible personage for the buggers to consider evicting TO. … 😉
            I am really sorry you feel so miserable! As one of the kids told me the other week when she showed up rather wilted right from school (she was full on sick and home from school by the next day): “…I’m feeling too tired to even be tired.”
            Na’ama De Hen

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          • Dear De Hen,
            Yes, you and I are hoping for the same thing. Do send them right quick!
            I am feeling like a whine ass. So I shall stop. And just breathe in the cleansing vibes, breathe out the nefarious ones…

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          • Dear Working-On-It,
            Go for it! The level of nefarious fumes in your environment are far from even the baseline levels ‘down south’ from you, especially in certain swampy area, where my friends tell me the fumes are noxious to the n’th degree, and have been getting worse of late. Even antibiotics won’t get near this mess … 😉
            But, yeah, breathe out the ucky and let the healing vibes enter and cleanse and relax and release and all that jazz …
            Whining is also pretty cleansing, I hear. So whine along!
            XOXO De-Hen

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          • Dear De-Hen,
            Bite your tongue! Should I get the affirmative phone call, I am counting on said antibiotics coming in and saving the day! If it is negative, then blimey, I’ll hork out this ucky and re-find my calm and demure demeanor.
            Whining is for wimps. A club to which I belong for the past two days!!
            XOXO W-O-I

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          • Antibiotics better kick this to the curb!!! As for the whining quota… I figure you have earned a few good days of nonstop whining if you wanted to use it up… after all, most of the time I don’t see you whine much at all… Not like some people I know, who seem to have whine on default settings… 🙂 feel better!!! This here Mama Hen

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          • yeah, I’ve had a little chat with those antibiotics and I told them they better up their game and kick them buggarroos to the curb pronto. While they’re at it, they can give the viruses a lesson they won’t soon forget. So there. Now, how are you doing today?
            Mama Hen On A Mission

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          • Well. Called the clinic coz I still don’t know. They don’t yet have the results. So annoying. Am thisclose to starting them.
            Might I say I feel a smidge of a bit better?


          • Them buggers are growing SLOWLY on purpose, eh? Hmm … I’m glad if you are feeling a smidge better! Am continuing the smothering campaign in hope it’ll help you feel even BETTER and BETTER to ALL better! 😉 xo

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  9. Ohh, I like this. You are so strong to me. You are positive with forward movement. I admire you.
    One question about the rebuilding, was the framed picture of a storm, and you could hear the thunder?
    Are you better, yet?

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