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When You Just Can’t Do Another Chicken Noodle Soup

As many of you who read me know, I’ve been sick since Wednesday night and since then whining, whinging, sharing my woes with you.  You have all been remarkably kind and patient and your get-well wishes have been more than well-received.  I promise I’m on the upswing and will no longer bore you with my sickies!

I have missed my last two days of work at the club because of it. Yay! I mean, I’m so sad…  Yes, I am very sad about it. I believe the worst is over but I took no chances and decided to NOT go to a comedy show I had tickets for tonight and that way ensure I not share my germs with anyone else.  Besides, even if I were to sit isolated in a corner, every time I would laugh, it would be guaranteed to be followed up with a coughing fit and no one wants to be THAT person! So here I am.

I am completely chicken-souped out.  Seriously. Don’t show me another bowl. First I made (coz, yanno, I’m the mom so no one makes it for me, right?) the chicken broth, most of which was frozen but some kept to make Chicken with ginger and rice.  It was pretty darn good, I kid you not – enough for one of my kids to sneak a bowl or two…

Then yesterday, that first batch finally done, I remembered seeing a Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup box in my cupboard! YES!!! THAT’s exactly what I wanted. I was gonna make a batch, and stracciatella it by adding a beaten egg or two. Woot!  Open the cupboard. Damn. Gone. Sigh.

So, I made my own, of course.  I had the broth, I had the noodles. I had the eggs.  But of course, I decided to add a few itty-bitty veggies to it, coz, I just can’t help myself.

Now that is all fine and good. And between the lemon-honey-ginger teas and chicken-variation-soups, I needed me something else tonight. Plus my throat could take something with more texture by now.  I could have heated some leftover pork tenderloin but meh.

I’m still on an empty-the-fridge mission.  However, on Thursday, despite my feeling like crap, I had a hair appointment I did not want to miss so on my way home, I did a mini-get-only-the-necessities purchase spree.   This has given me a few more options.

I was in the mood for my take on Pol Martin’s “New York Style Croque-Monsieur”, which, to be honest, is a grilled cheese plus extras.

It should start off with decent bread, ok, I had some multi-grain sliced bread that was gonna be just fine. It needs cheese, preferably a gruyère or Swiss – I had Jarlesberg, black forest ham, bell peppers (both purchased with this sandwich in mind) and fresh cracked black pepper.

So, the first step is, one must cook the bell peppers in butter (I prefer the yellow, orange or red as they are sweeter) till they are soft but not mushy.

You then build the sandwich very specifically:  bread, cheese, ham, peppers. lots of cracked pepper, cheese bread. Don’t forget to butter the outside of each bread slice!

You then fry up this delicious sammy like you would any grilled cheese.

Once perfectly toasted, cut in half and try not to eat too fast…

Why the black pepper, you ask? Adds spice to the sweet of the peppers and ham. The cheese needs to have some personality to come in and give a slightly tangy bit to hang with both the sweet and spicy.  All I can tell you is the flavours play with your tastebuds in a most delicious manner!



123 thoughts on “When You Just Can’t Do Another Chicken Noodle Soup

  1. I really really am not a soup person and with being vegan et all… I can understand how tasteful this Dale croque monsieur must be!!!! Looks yummy! Reminds me of toasted sandwiches I make adding various slorpy ingredients in it and then I just let jaws take over!!!!! The ‘frog’ by the way, is perfect for when you feel you are getting a cold or first day of a cold. Guaranteed to send it away begging for forgiveness! 😉 Good idea staying in. It is exactly when you start feeling better that you are more vulnerable… Cheers to good health and a great week ahead! ❤😘😘

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    • Me loves me some soup. I makes soups of every sort imaginable… I’ll just take a small break from these ones 😉 And that sammy is the best!
      Yeah, not only all that, I have cancelled my oyster feast that was to be held this Saturday. I still don’t have the energy required.


  2. Dear Dale,

    So you mean I don’t have to put up with your whinging any more? 😉 You know I’m teasing, right? I’m just sorry you’ve been ill…no fun. You do have me wanting to make some chicken soup. When you make a grilled cheese sandwich, you take it to a new level…not the “standard American” Velveeta with butter on white bread. (Velveeta’s cheese? SMH) Glad you’re on the mend, my friend.

    Shalom and lotsa flavorful hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Oh, did I forget my PS just for you? No, you are still stuck with me, fuggedaboutit!
      I had this older-than-God cookbook that that sandwich comes out of, more or less. Been making it forever (hell, two hustands ago, old 😉 ) Love this one…
      But blips… only by blips…

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  3. I’m totally behind you on this. I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving with a sore throat/coughing variation on the flue, and only barely better now, I am *completely* sick of chicken noodle soup, hot tea, and cough drops. Your sandwich looks delicious, and just what the doctor (should have) ordered!

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    • Jazzed up for shizzle, Ella! The flavours together are like a party in your mouth.
      Only a tiny bit. Feels like it’ll be a good while before I’m my old self again…


  4. Nah, this post is torture. Half these foods I can’t eat. Boo-hoo! And my cupboards are empty of interesting ingredients until I go to shops again. Oh well, fried eggs and boiled leeks again.
    Glad you’re feeling somewhat better. But I do know what you mean about coughing and laughing

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  5. So, you are of the Make-My-Own-From-Scratch-Chicken-Soup School of Thought when you’re sick. Nice to meet you. Personally, I subscribe to the Make-My-Own-From-Scratch-Triple-Strength-Honey & Rum-Hot-Toddy School of Thought. I wander around the house stinking of Vicks Vapour Rub and Drunken Pirate just in case The Viking forgets I’m sick and expects me to provide any sustenance for him that doesn’t involve Buckleys. 😀

    Feel better soon, Sistah! 😘

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    • Don’t make me laugh!!! It makes me cough. Then I pee my pants. And I thought I was past that, so I’m not wearing Tena and now am gonna have to do more laundry! Dammit, Lori!
      Oh. By the way. AFTER I have made my soup coz I’m just that side of crazy? I THEN make myself a GIN hot toddy or three… and Vick’s Vapour Rub is all over the bottoms of my feetsies before bed and over my chest and it makes no goddamn difference what I smell like because my children are heathens and don’t give a rat’s ass. I told them once I could be dead in my room for three days before they’d come looking for me. So yeah… I gotta do what I gotta do just to survive them leaving… Buckleys… I probably should have some of that in my house.

      Thanks, doing my best! 😘

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      • Oops! Sorry. 😂

        Gin Hot Toddies? I’ve never heard of that! My Father always called Gin “Panty Remover” so it’s never occurred to me to drink it when I’m sick. And now, I have a picture of myself seductively draped over furniture, sans panties, smelling of Vicks and Drunken Irishman.


        • Yeah, yeah, sure, sure!!! 😂 😉

          Gin is da bomb in there. Meanwhile, someone told me to make a grog: warm up a shot of cognac, add a tsp of honey and a squirt of lemon juice and toss it back. I’m thinking… just one?

          And dammit! What did I just tell you? I just had another coughing fit!


  6. Q,

    I always know when I’m in the throes of such misery because it’s the only time I crave soup and tea. Of course, YOUR soup is craveable no matter the conditions. And that sammy . . . oh me God in culinary heaven, that sammy. There are few better ingredients than peppers when it comes to building that perfect sandwich. Ya got your color, your bada bing with zing and it dances so very well with its partners.

    I’m sorry you missed the last two days of work, I’m . . . umm . . . sure you were absolutely devastated. But you did right, because it was no place to be in your condition.

    I’m grateful for the sammy blueprints and I am so glad you are on the upswing bebe!


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  7. We are having our spin on the grilled cheese this week. French bread cut thick. Two or three kinds of cheeses (any kind) and a panini maker. We used to do ham but this is a veggie dish and we eat veggie every other day. Glad you are feeling better, Dale.

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  8. Sickness sucks. Hope you bounced back to some resemblance of normalcy quickly. I was sick as a child and never made it back to normal as you can tell.

    Grilled cheese, brilliantly crafted and presented. And just the right amount of charring on the crust. Comfort food in it’s best suit – dressed to the 9’s.

    Chicken soup. You kinda lost me with the egg drop stuff. But that’s probably more from my up bringing. Ain’t chicken soup unless it has homemade egg noodles on the thick and chewy side.

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    • It does. And this one hit me square ‘twixt the eyes before I could even consider popping vast quantities of Vitamin C or something!

      Grilled cheese is a huge winner (in all it’s forms) in my house.

      Sorry ’bout that – it’s the Italian wannabe in me. However, your noodles sound more like dumplings and that is also a very good thing.

      A friend of mine has given me her recipe for garlic soup. That’s up next. Though I am wanting to say that I am feeling way better -still far from myself but on the upswing


      • They are NOT dumplings. They are BWN…big wonderful noodles.

        Yes it would not be a good thing being ill during the Christmas Kissy Kissy Huggy Huggy season, though I suspect that’s way so many catch stuff this time of year.

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  9. I do a veggie version of such a sammie!
    I just love getting favoured ingredients all in between 2 pieces of bread, and grilling it up.
    Red peppers are part of mine. It seems we have a place for us!
    Red Pepper Palace here we come!
    Main thing is that you are on the mend, and your power restored!⚡️💥

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