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Satisfied – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  Hope the sun is shining for you today.  Here, we have been graced with a lovely white blanket of snow, just enough to brighten things up a bit.  I was getting worried we’d end up with a green Christmas this year… Course, that is still a week away…

This week our lovely leader, Rochelle chose my picture. How cool is that? And, as it would have been Mick’s 56th birthday today, I felt a little something that represents who he was, was in order.  Do join in on the fun and add your own 100-word story by clicking on the frog below!

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The location was perfect – a wonderful unobstructed view of his beloved river. He’d always wanted a property by the water.

The gazebo was perfect. As she knew it would be. He never failed at whatever he built. He always put such meticulous care into every thing he created with his talented hands. Only he ever saw whatever small flaws there might be. Try as we might, we could never find them but they drove him crazy. Perfectionist, he was.

She could just picture him sitting there, legs stretched out, beer in hand, grin on face. Satisfied, a job well done.

143 thoughts on “Satisfied – Friday Fictioneers

    • Thank you, Lori. He was. He was a number and a half, that one! Keeps coming front and centre and helping me write stories, five years later!
      And a most happy of holidays to you and yours, Lori!

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  1. Dear Dale,
    I’m sure that wherever he is today, Mick is sitting with his legs stretched out, a heavenly beer in his hands, a large grin on his face, a birthday crown on his head, and is saying “you are doing right fine” and is proud of YOU for a job well done. (and he likely means ALL jobs, pick any one!)
    Happy Birthday in Heaven to Mick
    And hugs to you, my friend, during this tender time …

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  2. A lovely tribute, Dale. Mick does sound like a very special man, and how could you not think of him today? And it’s nice that we can all think of him now, too. Can I get in on the hug fest above with you and Na’ama? xxo

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  3. Dale,

    Happy Birthday to Mick! Who will always be right where he belongs. I find it interesting that he wanted a place by the water, because it speaks to a person’s mindset. The mountains are dark and secluded, the water is light and outgoing. He was most definitely a water person, through and through.

    I love that picture of him, just chilling and being the Mick.

    Working with your hands brings such a sense of satisfaction, you used this challenge to its best solution. Again. 🙂


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    • Marco,

      It always was! You are right. He will. Yep. He dreamed about it all the time. Oh no. No mountains for him, no way, no how. Open armed and welcoming was his way.

      Holding one of my Caesars, to boot 😉 Though there were many pics with him holding a beer, this is the pose, I needed 😉

      He was so damn good. I have pieces in this house that I refuse to get rid of because he made them. I just haven’t figured out where to put them yet! He would have made a damn fine gazebo if I had asked him to 😉 Even if he was ‘done’ with building stuff…
      And I thank you. Again, 😉


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  4. I loved this tribute to Mick. According to Connie, I am extremely picky myself on such projects. The flaws have a tendency to stick out when you know where each and every one resides. The good news is most people just look at it as a whole and think it looks great, which does lead to satisfaction.

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    • Thanks, Russell.
      He used to point and say, “Do you see it? Oh my God, it’s so obvious!” And we’d look and stare and try to see and frankly… nothing! So then he would eventually let it go and try not to see the “obvious”… 🙂 Such a guy.


  5. As with Mick, and Russell, I also see flaws in my work that doesn’t seem obvious to some. Nice job on the gazebo, and by the water. I’m jealous as I want both as well. My Birthday was just Sunday so we had close Birthdays. I sure would have liked to have known him. I think we would have been great friends with lots in common.

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    • I know he would have loved to live by the water and for sure he would have been able to build such a structure! He built so many things in our time together. I guess it’s that Sagittarius thing, eh, Jan? Yep. You would have gotten on great with him!


  6. Dear Dale,

    At the expense of being little Ms. Echo, lovely tribute to Mick. Glad the photo prompt fit the story. Thank you for …um…providing it. 😉 As Jan already said, he’s a perfectionist…and he is a very good fix-it or build-it person. I hope you’re being good to yourself today. I’m sure Mick is smiling down on you saying, “Ya done good.”

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Echo away! Most welcome 😉 You know you can, I mean I can provide any time… Yep. They are practical to have around the house a times, those Mr. Fix-Its… I am one with the couch. Trying to magically get things done through telepathy but fear my head is too fuzzy and the message is not getting out…
      He’s probably cursing that this and that is still not done 😉

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  7. That’s the life!

    Great picture D. Both of them.

    It never ceases to amaze me that while your side of the globe is on ice, mind is on fire. Just not Christmas if you don’t sweat like a pig. 😀

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  8. I’m blown away by this ‘short story’ and its content. What a tremendous tribute to your dear Mick. He seems to have been a good, conscienscious and gracious husband. I send you a big hug in commemorating your life with M and much love for your future.

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  9. Thank you for sharing such a lovely memory of Mick, Dale. I love that he’s with you so much still, all these years later, pushing you on so positively. And as others have said, thank you for the lovely photograph. So gorgeous and inspiring. A very Happy Christmas to you, dear blogging pal. I hope you’re up to full strength again just in time to sit back and enjoy the season! I wish you every good thing for 2020 too. X

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