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Tools of the Trade – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #58

My brain is still addled so it has led me to write this piece of nonsense.  Thought I’d have a little bit of silly fun.  All serious, all the time, I cannot be…

But really, click here to read some proper stories – there are some good ones 😉

Tools of the Trade

What the hell are you doing?

I’m creating my ‘Tools of the Trade’ box!

Your what? For Chrissakes… Don’t those belong in your cake-making toolbox?

Yep.  I was at the museum the other day and saw a display box like this with tools used to hunt and whatnot during prehistoric times. Figured I’d create one for future generations to learn about some of the stuff I use today when building my cakes.


Why not?

You are certifiably nuts. Don’t you think displays for cake decorating already exist?

Ya think? Dang… Maybe I should put together a box of sewing stuff! Or photography stuff! Or—

Give it a rest.


64 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #58

  1. Dear Dale,

    I don’t see the flower nail. Hey, That’s not a bad idea. 😉 Except all I have left are the tubes. I’ll have to change that with two upcoming wedding cakes next year. Anyway…loved the dialogue and could so relate.

    Shalom and lotsa icing encrusted hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      You don’t? Look again my friend! It’s leaning on the dowels…(I knew I should have moved it!)
      Glad you enjoyed my silly today!

      Shalom and Lotsa sweet love!


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  2. Q,

    A hundred years from now when cake is illegal, this framed artwork will be priceless. It will go up for bid at Sotheby’s and Jeff Bezos will purchase it for hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, the same Jeff Bezos, because he’s a vampire.

    Thankfully, the baking collection ‘artifacts’ do not bear any kind of resemblance to the artifacts from the museum. But really, who is to say that future generations won’t consider them to be frightening in their own right? Seeing as how, yanno, cake will be illegal and all that.

    You baked up a good ‘un!


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  3. A ha ha haaaa…. a ‘Tools of the Trade’ box for cake decorating!!!!!!! Brilliant! Now that’s taken away my repulsion for ancient tools! Honestly once I almost fainted at the sight of ancient surgical tools!!!! 😉

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  4. I loved this story. Not only did it make me laugh but it reminded me of a debate I had with my husband. He kept putting my baking tools in with my cooking tools ( I know I should shut up right there. A man who puts the dishes away can put them wherever he wants. But that just isn’t my personality. 😇)

    I realized I might have been a bit condescending in my detailed lecture on the difference between an icing spatula and a knife when my husband walked away. Five minutes later he was back with a tray filled with tools and asked me, “Which are wood making tools and which are for the car?”

    Point hubbie. 😏

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    • So glad you did! And gah! That’s what I forgot in my “display”! I wanted to add an icing spatula. Dammit. 😉

      Now, that said, yes, I completely understand your situation. And no. I have a son who puts things away willy-nilly. Drives me to distraction. When I open a drawer, I am supposed to be able to reach in and grab exactly what I am expecting there 😉

      Hey, if he can come back with his tools and point that out, then he can understand your need for separation of types of equipment!!

      So funny… 😉

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