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Dear Mick – Year 5

Dear Mick,

Five years. Five. Years. A blink of an eye, really. Time goes way too fast.  Not a single day goes by without some thought of you – sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a curse. Can you blame me?  We had a good thing going when you went and screwed things up.  No worries, though, I’m not mad at you. You definitely did not plan on leaving so soon, no matter that you said you would not live to be an old man. I’m fairly certain you meant older than 51.

You are still and will always be sorely missed by all the family and your closest friends. I get messages now and again from Paul.  And I can always count on Leonard to change his Facebook profile pic to the one of you and him. He changes it on the 11th of December and by Christmas changes it back. He has been doing it for five years now.  He calls or texts me every other week.  I also hear from John now and again. Other than that, your friends have all but disappeared.  I admit it’s a bummer to not have Armen pop by once in a blue moon but that’s life. Nothing you can do about that.

Outside of that, your spirit shows up no matter the gathering – if there are others there who knew you, there you are.  So many stories. I even wrote a poem a couple of months ago that I composed while driving home from Tracy and Sébas’ oyster party.  I have to give you credit, Mick. You have been my muse more than a few times and I suspect we’re not done in that department.


Iain is on his last six months for his DEP in electricity. The kid is frankly crazy. He didn’t quit his job at Moderco so he works from 6:45 to 2:00, then comes home for a bite and a smoke (yeah, I’m not too pleased with that) and off to school from 3:00 to 9:00. He’s been doing this five days per week for one and half years. Plus, they still love him over at Barbu so when he has no school or on Saturdays, he goes to work there.  He is on a mission. He plans on moving out come June/July so he works hard.  Doesn’t do much around the house to help, mind you, except make a mess when he cooks – he’s always trying some new recipe and he’s really good. When I get mad at his lack of participation in the household duties, he then gets all gung-ho and starts a bunch of things but sadly takes after his mother instead of his father so he doesn’t necessarily finish them (see side gate, plank on deck, electrical socket… sigh.) He’s a thrill-seeker who got his license to leap from planes with a parachute and this summer he even went bungee jumping. A wild card that one. Oh, and before I forget, you’d be rather pleased to know that Andre gets him to work for him in exchange for any mechanic work on Iain’s car.  He and Bill say that the little bugger is a good worker.  Would be nice if he was as valiant at home.

Aidan quit Dawson when he found his dream job as a video game tester. I was not surprised by his decision. Can you imagine being paid to play video games? Still, I like to hope he will do like I did moons ago when I decided to go back and finish my college degree at night. We shall see.  He had a lovely girlfriend but with her studying in Ottawa and her father dying of cancer, it was too much so they decided to split up.  A sad day for all.  But he has a great circle of friends – who are here quite often… He, too, needs a swift kick in the butt to help out an has moments where he does so on his own and then… nothing.  In the meantime, your baby is going through some serious stuff that I cannot help but wonder how you would have handled. Truth be told, I so wish you were here with me now to help me deal. But you’re not. So I have to keep being strong and supportive and hope his path leads him to what he wants but mostly, I just want him to be happy.

I worked for my fourth (and final) season at the golf club. I was bar tender/waitress this year which was most interesting.  While I had a lot of fun, it is still a job that is rather hard on the body and frankly, the pay ain’t all that fabulous, being a private club with its members that we see day after day after day.  I told them I wasn’t going back but I know they still have hopes – it’s rather nice to be wanted but, no thanks.  So, come January, I’ll be on the job search. It sucks considering I haven’t applied for a job since 1995!  All jobs since then have come to me.  Time to spit and polish the ole resumé.

I still like to take walks with Zeke, camera in hand, snapping away. He’s getting old our puppy.  Can you believe he is ten?  I have to be careful and not take too long walks with him because his hips are starting to feel it.  I had his teeth cleaned so finally, his breath is not knock-you-out gross! I am not looking forward to that day in the future when he goes to join you… Hopefully not for a good many years!

I finally sold the house.  Yep. Sold it but there was an open house already scheduled, so we held it.  The morning of, I go into the basement and there is a lake in the former laundry room.  Bloody hell.  Mopped it up, held the open house, declared it to the buyer and then took care of it.  Thank God for my cousin, Marc. Whatever work that needed being done, Marc came in and did them. I still owe him a very fancy supper.

I am still having a helluva time with the buyer. He has given me formal notice for, get this, noises in the pipes!  You know the ones that we hear whenever someone takes a hot shower? I didn’t declare it – coz frankly, I didn’t think of it and why would I declare something I don’t even hear anymore? I swear, if I could have ripped up his offer, I would have. I had another offer from a guy who just wanted to flip it. Too bad I had accepted the first one. This buyer has caused me and my real estate agent headaches like you could not imagine. And the worst part is, I know you would have done whatever he wanted and have been done with it. But I’m not you and I don’t have your level of good in me. So now I’m paying for my pigheadedness.

As for the house I bought – I am suffering buyer’s remorse, big time. It’s around the corner from the old one. You know the one, It was sold like two or three times in the past ten years.

There are things I didn’t see when I visited it and maybe my real estate agent wasn’t as on the ball as he could have been.  Neither here nor there. I bought the damn thing and I hate it.  Hate is a big word.  I dislike it. A lot.  I’ve been here since June 1st and still haven’t fully moved in. Of course, I left that big-ass house with all that space and have downsized as per my desire but oy. So. Much. Shit. And a lot of it is YOURS.  Working in a golf club means working all summer and weird hours so I just didn’t have time to hold a garage sale or try to get rid of shit before moving so it all came with us. And filled the garage and my room and the basement.  I am still tripping over boxes.  No way in hell we’d be in this boat if you were here.  Course, if you were still here, we wouldn’t have had to move, either.  So there you have it. I’m done whining. Just had to get it out of my system.

Christmas is in a few days, we’ll squeeze the family in here for our annual breakfast – how we are going to make it in this itty-bitty kitchen is still a mystery. I know this is odd for me but I have had zero desire to entertain in this house, thus far.

Come January, I am putting myself to work purging and doing what I didn’t have time to do before. Maybe once I’ve placed stuff, and put on a coat of paint, I’ll see the potential I must’ve seen when I decided to buy it. Learn to love it.  Silver lining: I do love the garage though. Parking my car inside has been the one thing that I have been truly happy about, so there’s that.

Your mom is slipping away so fast. She barely eats and is getting beyond thin.  She never recognizes me first thing when I arrive until I remind her who I am and then she asks me how you are doing and why aren’t you visiting with me.   It’s hard to have to tell her that you are busy working because it serves no purpose to tell her the truth. She’ll cry, be really upset and in ten minutes, ask me how you are again.

On July 1st, Hugh contacted me to tell me he lost Patrick. He died five days after his 56th birthday. A sad state of affairs. What irony that a nurse should die of a hospital error. I have since spoken to Hugh a few times and he’s having a rough go of it, which is to be expected.  Lemme tell you, you have quite the party going on up there with too many of our friends, yanno?

The boys and I are joining my sisters, their husbands, some of their kids and my mom on a cruise March 1st. I can’t tell you how much I need this.  Life was way different with you around. Summer vacations plus somewhere hot in the winter… man. Adjustments.

That guy I dated didn’t pan out.  I was done after six months. But hey, all good. I’m not looking to becoming half of a couple.  I am learning to be my own woman and just don’t feel like giving up my own power.  You held a large portion of it in the twenty years we were together and I’m getting used to not having to cede to another.  Doesn’t mean I don’t still wish you were here but just know that I’m doing all right.

You’ll never not be a part of my life.

Lotsa love,


148 thoughts on “Dear Mick – Year 5

  1. I was doing pretty well until we got to Zeke – then I cried for you through the rest. The one aspect not mentioned, of course (modest gal) is your writing talent. I’m so glad we met in the weird space that is the internet and send you warmest thoughts from the UK, Jilly xx

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    • No tears, Jilly. I don’t even want to go there! And I thank you for your kind words. I miss your wonderful writing (hint hint) and am so glad we met in this crazy, weird, fabulous space!


  2. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes reading this. So sweet, sad, strong, angry and determined. And so full of love – that’s the main thing. Love. Wishing you all love and happiness, a fantastic new job and for you to fall in love with that house!

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    • Thank you, Lynn. Ironically, I had no tears . Yes, all those emotions and gosh I am so glad love shines through. Thank you so much for your kind words and as for the house, well, either I will or I’ll sell!

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      • It can take a while for c as house to feel like home, especially as you’ve left somewhere where you had so many memories. But, yes, there’s always another buyer who ‘ll take it off your hands. Love is definitely the emotion that comes through the strongest and I admire so much how honest you are, how your own voice comes through so truthfully

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  3. Dear Dale,

    There are no words. Well, yeah, there are. Poignant, sphpilkhes, awestruck (at the strong woman you are). You took me through a full gamut of emotion…all before my first sip of coffee and my eyes weren’t even completely open. No doubt Mick and Patrick are looking down on you with big smiles and high fives.
    I’m glad the stars aligned and brought you to Friday Fictioneers where I could meet such amazing friend.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Words, neither of us lack, eh? And I thank you for the ones sent my way. Of course on this day, this month, the emotions are all over the place.
      I’m sure they, and the others are having a wild time but I ain’t in no rush to join ’em.
      I’m glad, too. Your friendship means the world to me!

      Shalom and Lotsa love,



  4. Oh my love – once again you’ve made me tear up – and I haven’t even read the other links you’ve sent me in a private mail….. WHAT a ‘story’. For many parts I can totally rely, for others not. I’ve never lost a husband, but I can see through your writing how your boys are doing – and I believe they will be just perfectly alright. Might take more time than you’d like but they will. I have the experience on this.
    As per your house – this is not the place for it, but I’ll send you a private mail to tell you our sorry tale – but boy, oh boy, do I co-suffer with you…. I SO know it all, right from the beginning of the end, selling, not selling, leak, moving and all the deceptions after…. Just hold the thought, I’ll write to you. Then, we’ll drink together to the injustices of life and to our combined sense of strength we women have, our sense of humour we’ve luckily be able to keep and to better times, d’accord?! 😉
    And I sincerely hope you’ll get better results with your job hunting in January. IF you can financially hold out a moment, it would be good. You have to find your feet (again) first – in every sense of the word. You must be able to be good for yourself first. And how will you find a new job and being off on a cruise beginning of March? How is the situation job-wise for peeps over 50? Maybe you could temp for those 2 months – knowing you a bit you could do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I have much faith in you….
    Sending you hugs galore and a few kisses thrown in for the weekend. Love you! K

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    • Oh Kiki, you kill me (in a good way!)
      Life is good. We’ll figure out what we need to and we’ll keep moving forward. The house is just a house and I’ll try to make it into a home. I’m in no rush.
      As for jobs and cruises, I am on employment Insurance so no worries and just like when I got the job at the club, my Tuscan trip was booked so it was hire me but know I’ll be gone for three weeks in September. This time it’s only a week. It should be négociable.
      Sont you worry about me, chère dame adorable.
      Lotsa love,
      Dale xoxo

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  5. Your story was very heartfelt. My husband passed away six years ago so I feel I know your pain. I wrote him notes everyday for over two years. I still have them and read through them occasionally. I talk to him a lot when I’m alone. I’ve met someone now who makes me happy but I still think of him and say good morning everyday. Loved your story. In fact I love all your stories. It’s like your talking to a friend. Very easy to read and always interesting. Thank you and so sorry for your loss.

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    • Thank you, my dear Carol. There is a comfort in talking to them (or cursing, depending on the situation! 😉 )
      I am so happy you met someone who makes you happy – he must understand that your Scott will always be a part of you, which doesn’t mean you don’t still have room in your heart.
      I like that you think my writing is the same as sitting and talking to a friend! Thank you so much and sorry for yours, as well.
      Hope you have a fantastic holiday period!

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  6. Regarding your remarks about Mick – To me it’s always a great consolation to think of beloved ones as sitting on the clouds and having a ball with their late beloved ones. In my father’s case I would say: He is discussing the state of the world with ‘such and such’ or ‘I’m sure he’s sitting with his arms around his mother and brothers he has lost in the WWII’, or ‘he’s surely playing cards right now’. Stuff like that. Which reminds me a bit of the Mick-Patrick situation 🙂
    Those who have left this earth are mostly in a far better state than us anyway. They no longer worry, WE do. Yesterday, a very dear friend of ours confessed having terminal cancer but optimistically stated: But we will have our fish-and-chips meal at Torcross UK in June! I hope he is right.
    Dale, you are such a terrific, strong, joyful woman – you’ll also always have friends, female and male ones – you’re not the type to hide away. And you will give joy and laughter to all you encounter. Because that is who you are.

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  7. So. . .I made it through, but then the tears came. I agree with all the comments above—all the sadness (and a bit of anger at him for not being there), all the might ofs, wish we hads, what ifs, but still your strength and humor come through. You are a remarkable woman, and I’m so glad we’ve “met.”

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  8. So very full of emotion after reading your Tory Dale. You are an amazing woman and I’m sure Mick is smiling down on you and saying “sorry I had to leave but you are doing great.” We have had, and continue to have the same struggles with our boys as you do. But then they are boys….nuff said? My mom is in late stages of Alzheimer’s and so can relate there as well. I wish you the best of luck in finding that job that will make you shine, feel well, and give you relief from being on your feet all day. Carry on lady. You will survive and continue getting stronger. You are also an amazing writer.

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    • Thank you, Jan. I really appreciate your kind words.
      Kids are not always easy, are they?
      So sorry about your Mom. It is an aweful disease.
      I will find something and will keep on keeping on!

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  9. I feel really privileged to share your lovely reminiscences Dale. What an amazing header picture. Such joy and love in those eyes, and all for you!
    Blessings for Christmas and may the New Year be full of health, happiness, and peace with a rewarding new job and a settled and decluttered new home. Hugs to you.

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    • I thank you for taking the time to read, Peter.
      I love that picture of his and it will be the cover of my book of stories of him (if I ever finish)
      Blessings to you and yours!
      And thank you! I like to think they will come…

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  10. Like others, I was touched by your “letter from the heart” and your spirit shining through. It isn’t the life either of you would have chosen, but you’re negotiating it successfully, one day at a time. Wishing you and yours a Christmas full of happy times.
    Sorry to hear that your house move wasn’t as satisfying as you’d anticipated. I hope the problems with the new home can be resolved without a lot of expense.

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    • Thank you, Christine. That’s life, isn’t it? A never-ending négociation as we middle through!
      I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
      I’ll make it work. It’s just going to take some time 😊


  11. Dear, dear Dale. The tears are pooling up and ready to start falling after reading your heartfelt conversation with Mick. My friend, oh how I wish I could wave a magic wand and remove the hurt and bad things that have happened since Mick left this earthly world. From what you’ve shared, I’m quite certain he is there watching over you. Know that those of us on the other side of the screen send loving thoughts while being totally in awe of you. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. 🥰

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  12. Cherished Dale–Wounds heal, and you carry those scars. How you write about you love for Mick, your life’s journey after his passing, what both your friends are doing? It shows a movement towards the future, focusing on living as much in the present while carrying the past. You are part of the bigger tapestry. Thank you for weaving this.

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  13. Dale,

    I am so proud of you for continuing this (into a book) because it provides you with a comfort. To know that he will always be there with you, just as he always was. And no man who comes along will replace him, and something tells me they will be plenty fine with that once they know who Mick was.

    As with all the people we can’t afford to lose, we seem to lose those we need the most much too soon. It makes the world feel cold and unfair, so stories such as yours must be told. To show that what mattered then still matters now, and always will matter most of all.

    He left the room too soon. The angels best know how lucky they are.

    Lotsa love to you


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    • Marco,

      Thank you. Is it weird it means much to me for you to be proud of me? And yes, this will definitely be part of the book. No one can ever replace another.

      It always does seem to be the way. We lose those we feel we need the most way too soon. And it will always be too soon for some people. And I shall continue to share the stories that are still inside until there are no more that I can remember.

      He knew it just like the best comedians – always leave them wanting more and leave when you’re on top.

      Lotsa love to you, my dear friend,


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      • It works both ways, lovely. We are ardent fans of the other and as such, we kinda love that seal of approval delivered up by the other, right? 😉

        The book is already cooking in all these posts you’ve written. A series of letters. Beautiful ones.

        Mick was most definitely the glue. And his kind of presence provided the sticking power in perpetuity, to peeps you met after him even!

        He really did. And like I told you, that pic just has me wanting to stand in line to kiss his mug. Sure the line is gonna stretch around the block(s), but it’d be worth it.

        Love, peace and the Mick

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  14. I came here through a mutual friend (Merril) and, well, what an introduction to your blog. Heartbreaking, yes, but hopeful too … Life will go on whether you want it to or not so you might as well go along with it. And you have such a strong spirit. Sure, mistakes will happen, buyer’s remorse, seller’s regret but you can blame it on Mick because, well, he kind of set things in motion, but like you said, he’s still part of you and your family and friends and apparently you all still draw a lot from him, a testimony to a wonderful husband, father, and friend. I think your spirit, your strong voice kept my tears in check, but now, writing this–eh, excuse me while I look for some tissues …

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    • Welcome, Marie! So glad you followed Merril to my little spot in the blogosphere. So very glad you saw all that in my post.
      Yep. Mistakes happen (and really, they need to for us to learn, right? At least, that’s what I keep telling myself!) and yeah, I am so blaming Mick for putting me into this position. He doesn’t fight fair, does he? 🙂
      He was a force to be sure. His light shone the brightest, even when he was making an ass of himself – which he was also very good at but so good-natured about it, he was always forgiven. So glad you managed to uh… well, up till now 😉

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  15. Dear Dale,
    I read this and I KNOW Mick is nodding in approval at you. Don’t you argue now. You know I’m right.
    I’m proud of you, too.
    Because I feel how hard this is, and how tender, and how real, and how brave, and how … well … necessary. Because what can a gal do but get on with it the best she can and be real about it the best she can and share as much of it as she can. Because you’re not alone, not really (and I don’t mean only with the boys’ friends traipsing through the house in all hours … ;)) and we’re with ya.
    Loss and grief are doozies. And they come in these odd cycles of heartache on top of the constant ache that never quite goes away. And yet, missing someone is a kind of loving (as a little girl who lost someone very dear to her once said to me). I’m glad you share with us. Because it matters, all that. It does.
    The job will come to you, or you to it. It’ll happen as it ought to.
    Indoor garages are fab. Even if the rest of the house is currently ho-hum. I do wonder if part of how difficult it is for it to be home is that it is, perhaps, the first ‘home’ since Mick passed? It would take a long time to become, me think. Or if it is not meant to be that brick and mortar but another one, you’ll know. With time.
    If you need anything, holler.
    You’ve got a friend in me.

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    • Dear Na’ama,
      Thank you. I know I am not. As much as I have my physical family and friends I know I have a bunch all over the world who gather in our little spots of the blogosphere. And these friendships mean the world to me just as much.
      They really are doozies and are part of life.
      I’m not worried about the job, tell you what. I always can fall back on the club if I needs must – though I would prefer not to.
      Indoor garages are the bomb!
      As for the house. Seriously. I know I settled, more for the kids than for me. I knew the kitchen would piss me off, just didn’t realise how much. And, who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to do a major reno when they leave and make this place perfect for me. Or put a for sale sign. We shall see.
      Thanks my friend. I know I do!
      Hugs back,
      Dale xoxo

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      • Well, you did the best you knew to do at the time you did it, and if you renovate or if you put it up for sale and find another place — the right time and space and place and way will unfold. For now, it feels like you’d just barely moved in (it WAS a super busy summer for you!!) and maybe some things will ‘fit’ better with time. Or not. It’s a house.
        Hugzees from NY … from NY … (sorry, I do get a kick out of that)

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  16. Aw Geez. 😢 I just want to gather you up into a huge hug. I wish I had some miracle words that could make your heart whole again, but if they exist I certainly don’t know where to find them. And perhaps it’s better that I don’t because a woman who has walked through the fire and survived is a warrior. I would spare you the pain if I could, but then maybe you wouldn’t be the hope to others walking through those same flames. I know it probably doesn’t make your grief any less but I, for one, marvel at your courage and can only hope to have the same fortitude under similar circumstances.

    Thanks for sharing this, Lady. I love you. 💖

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    • My dear SFAM – your words are perfection. Thank you. I think we all have pieces of our heart broken at one time or another and yes, walking through does make us hopefully stronger and a source of inspiration – I coulda done without it, but hey, that is my lot and I shall embrace it as best I can. The grief and love will always have a small place, for sure. I am not the first nor will I be the last so I just keep on going forward, yanno?

      Thanks for reading it, Lady. I love you, too! 💖

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  17. I am with Julie. The tears started when you talked about Zeke. And just kept going from there :-). Oh, friend. So many twists and turns in this life. Believe me, I get it. And I guess it’s not for us to wonder why. But I sure do wish that you lived much closer and I could help you with a sorting and bring a very large bottle of wine to get us through it :-). Scratch that. It would probably take a case. Sending a huge hug and much love for a happy happy holiday.

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    • Yeah. I guess you and Jilly are softies when it comes to the pets. 😉
      Oh man. Life is an adventure, isn’t it? I sure wish you did, too! Yes, a very large bottle or two… would definitely come in handy and if we didn’t finish sorting, we wouldn’t care anyway!
      Accepting huge hug and returning it ten-fold. May your holidays be filled with fabulous!

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  18. Oh Dale, wished I could give you a real hug instead of a virtual one. Life throws so many curveballs. The house stuff is something else. I am sorting through our junk. One garage sale wasn’t enough…. Happy Holidays my friend. Wishing you merry times with friends and family.

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  19. Dale, I read this at 4 am and i thought to myself, “What do you say to this?”

    I had to be at work at 5, I read it twice and it stayed with me. Many years from now when I’m gone I want letters from my loved ones just like this letter. I want those letters on a regular basis. I want to see them live their life to the max and tell me all about it.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. ❤💋💋💋
    Happy Holidays

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  20. I can’t add anything my dear friend, everyone else has said it so eloquently …. That’s me as usual late to the party. You are a strong and clever , sensitive and perseptive woman . You will make , that house will be sorted, your buyer buried… I mean placated, and that youngest of yours sorted. Bloody typical man of to party before his time. If you ever need an ear to bend or just a virtual hand to hold you know my email. Happy Christmas and all that’s good in life and health in the New Year 💜💜💜💜


  21. It’s tough losing someone so very close. It’s harder still when that person leaves too soon (as if any time would not be, too soon). Sounds like you are doing well. This was touching and I love how you wrote it in letter form – a beautiful, personal touch.

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  22. Dear Dale,
    You’ve left me speechless and that’s BIG for a writer like me who never lacks for words.
    There are so many parts to this story. First, I will go to the one that brought tears to my eyes. Zeke. How he must miss your dear, dear Mick?!!! Talking about his sore hips reminded me of my Marshmellow cat who after 28 years succumbed to bad hips. Bless him with a long healthy life.
    It’s interesting how we cope with loss. We never think about it. It just seems to happen and there we are trying to sort it all out. You will.
    Our determinations as woman comes from more than being connected to another for life. It comes from our fortitude to be the best we can be; for ourselves, our partners and our children. There may be one missing from that list but you continue to shine through the darkness for what is left.
    I wish you a peaceful heart. I wish you happy days of comforting love from all who are in your presence.
    I know 2020 will be a year of fantastic new adventures in your life. One cannot go through the trials and tribulations you’ve been given without a rainbow at the end of the road. Bless you, dear Dale.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family …
    Isadora 😎

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    • Dear Isadora,
      Good thing you are left speechless 😉
      Funny how peeps feel the most about my dog. Funny, in the beginning, he used to jump up when the door opened… after a while he seemed to know he just wasn’t coming back. Wow. 28 years for a cat is amazing!
      Yes, death is a part of life. And as mothers, yes, we do have that extra something to take care of others.
      I thank you. I am truly good. I have these moments that usually happen at this time of year – to be expected.
      And thank you for your blessings, Izzy!
      Happy holidays to you and yours!
      Dale xoxo

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      • LOLOL I’ve been known to be a bit chatty. 😃
        I think people love their fur children more than their own children. Furries are always grateful, affectionate without cause or motive, protective and soothing. My Marshmellow taught me how to just ‘Be’. Observing any furry will teach us about something in life. Zeke looks like he’s a happy and calming companion. It comes through the WWW.
        Yes … this time of year can tug the heart if there’s sorrow. My grandson died in October 2018 at 23; a month before his 24th birthday. Missing them keeps them aimlessly unsettled; Remembering them with loving fondness can free their spirit.
        Thank you … I’m exhilarated with anticipation for the next adventures in the year ahead.
        Happy New Year 2020 🌟

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Blogging is all about the exchange, don't be shy, I answer every one!

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