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A Monument for Christmas – Friday Fictioneers

Good Thursday to all, or Boxing Day. to Canadians and Brits.  Though we got our prompt a day early thanks to Rochelle‘s generosity, I could not squeeze in a story. And then I was glad I waited because this gave me the time to dedicate this post to my blogging friend David Kanigan, who sadly lost his brother, Lorne, in the first minutes of Christmas Day.


©Sandra Crook

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A Monument for Christmas

It was time to stand tall and strong. He had to try to keep his anger in check as he knew it would serve no purpose now.  To rail against the system or whatever powers that be, that he wasn’t quite sure he believed in, would serve no purpose now.

He had to focus on the good that was before, and the end of all the suffering that had gone on for too long.  It was a small comfort.

He wanted more time.  And he didn’t want Christmas to be a monument to the day his brother’s light was snuffed.


127 thoughts on “A Monument for Christmas – Friday Fictioneers

  1. You did it again. What a great and loving match to Dave‘s bro Lorne. Well done and Shalom etc to you too. We all need consolation and love for many different reasons. Hugs, K

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  2. Sigh!!! Sad to hear about your friend’s brother….. and on Christmas Day.
    You made a lovely tribute here, with your ability to write to the heart.
    Happy Holidays, dear Dale! ⚡️💥

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  3. Poignant story, Dale, and my sympathy for your friend’s loss. My friend lost his aunt on 24th, my first husband died 15 yes ago on December 20th, and my son-in-law’s father is on his way out. Christmas seems fateful for some x

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    • Thank you, Lizy. M’y friend died and a friend’s mother both on Christmas day 7 and 10 years ago and my husband and my grandmother on the 21 5 and 10 years ago.
      Christmas is indeed fatedul. xo


  4. Q,

    I’m so saddened to learn of this. What a tragic event, and to happen on Christmas day makes it all seem that much more tragic. I realize there is no good day for such a thing, but this hurts, to contemplate.

    You’ve got such a great heart. So beautiful and true. I hope you’ll forgive my brevity in this comment, but there is little more to say than that. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

    Condolences and prayers to your friend.


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  5. Happy Be-lated Boxing Day! We tried to tell Maryjane that Boxing Day meant that we were in charge of the house, but she just flicked her tail, stared daggers, and gave us the paw. hahah! Great Story!

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    • It is and now David makes the third person I know to have lost someone on Christmas Day. I agree, one must be strong.
      Happy 2020 to you and yours, Sandra!


  6. It’s always hard to lose someone. The holidays always highlight that loss, even if that’s not when it happened. Good job of capturing the emotion vs. logic and the anticipation of future pain and the shadow hanging over the holiday

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