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Listen, do you hear?

The sursurration of the wind

plays with the marcescent leaves


~a soothing rustle~


drowning out the drone of the highway

disappearing into the wind

whispering secrets



113 thoughts on “Shhhhh

  1. So did I get you hooked on the puente form? πŸ™‚ And susurration is one of my favorite words. It is strange how some trees just seem to randomly keep their leaves, but how wonderful that you notice, too, and share their whispering.

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    • You’ve gotten me hooked on attempting to write poetry and this time it just happened. When I realised how it came out I thought weeeelllll….
      It’s a great word. And marcescent is one I discovered a few years ago quite by accident (I was looking for the word meaning the wind in the trees – which is awful – and found marcescent. Have you noticed it is mostly Oaks that do?
      So wonderful you enjoyed.

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  2. Is there an end to your many talents, sweet friend? Is the vid yours? I’m a total sucker for anything involving water running and I have literally a dozen friends or so who send me such vids on WhatsApp for my enjoyment!!!! Thank you for these words and the cool sounds.
    Water rushing or playing always gives me a moment of peace and retreat. You gave me a gift!

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  3. Q,

    This puente business makes absolutely no sense to me, excepting for when you pen one and make sense of it. Like here, with the wind . . blending and moving it into a tranquil space.

    I love that sound . . the wind. It is so comforting because of the secrets it keeps and the feeling that it will allow me all of my own secrets. And that I may listen to that ancient whirl that holds them dearly. You’ve grabbed that province and made it a home inside this puente poetry. Which I simply call poetry. Because that’s what it is.

    To wit, be simple and true as this.

    Beautifully penned.


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    • B,

      This puente business is a funny thing. You know me, I am not much for form or rules or rhyme but somehow, this one kinda worked for me.

      It is the best sound. It made me stop. The drone of the highway in the background is something I got used to (this was on my old street πŸ˜‰ ) and became part of the sounds of my ‘hood. However, that rustling took over and held me captive for a few minutes. Even Zeke didn’t try to pull away.

      Simple and true works for me.

      Thank you. It means much that you enjoyed my efforts.


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      • I think you worked for IT.

        It’s a genuine caress from all the many ancient places of the world. I always imagined the wind was a language all its own, and then I learned that it most definitely was.

        It’s how it has to be. The wind says so.

        As per. Puente or no puente, you tha poet who know it and so you can grow it . . as you please. πŸ™‚

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        • Maybe. All’s I know is I was working on a challenge and this one came in and said: No. Me first. Who was I to argue?

          Oh yes. The wind speaks in so many voices and tones.

          Then we need not argue and must accept it.

          I shall keep on keeping on, when the mood strikes, form or no form πŸ˜‰

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          • You have to go where the mind is telling you to go, no questions asked.

            Always does.

            Acceptance leads to resolution, the kind with keeps. And when form doesn’t always fit, you’ll be plenty fine with coloring outside the lines as well. πŸ˜‰

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          • Then by all means, keep driving. And don’t overthink it. In fact, try not to think at all and just go, because it’s beautiful.

            That is true.

            I just said that, but in answer to something else. Of course we are, which speaks to the mysteries of the universe, but to the answers as well.


  4. This is so beautiful Dale. Learned a new sensual word today, sursurration!

    And yes, I agree with you. The wend does tell secrets.

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  5. A+
    Love this! The video, the poem, the package.
    It’s kind of crazy. At the end, I was waiting for the sound of thunder rolling in.
    Yet, maybe I did, and it was far far away…. a deeply whispered secret.

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