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The Community – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60

Well, well, well – OK, not even close to being a well 😉  Time to partake in Crispina’s CCC.  Of course, as I searched for an idea, I also searched for a photo or three, hoping the idea would form. And it did. Thank you Crispina. I do love this challenge.

The Community

Toula stood guard at her end.  What?  She squinted her eyes then grabbed the binoculars for confirmation.

“Oh!”  she beat out the code.

Clang! Clang! … Pause… Clang! Long pause. Clang! Clang!

It echoed down the hallways.

“Did you hear?  Quick!  Pass it on!”

Clang! Clang! … Pause… Clang! Long pause. Clang! Clang!

The residents joined together in the hallways.

“Is it true?”

“Can it be?”

Clang! Clang! … Pause… Clang! Long pause. Clang! Clang!

“Yes! Listen! Doula has banged out the last call.”

“Hurry, we must gather at the East Entrance!”

The community sloshed their way through the waters from the recent rainfall, towards the safe exit.

Their leader had made it back, packs laden with foodstuffs and other amenities long become necessary.

“We shall be able to survive the winter without worry, my friends. No fretting till spring.  Quickly, return inside and lock the gates. There is rejoicing to be had!”


Word count: 150


Inspired by the 1987-90 version of “Beauty and the Beast” featuring Ron Perlman (I always thought he was sexier as the beast than a man) and Linda Hamilton before she got all tough and terminator-killer-like.  And I am not afraid to admit I watched this show…



56 thoughts on “The Community – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60

  1. Oh my word, I’d completely forgotten about that version of beauty and the beast! Ron Perlman has always done well in a latex mask- he was great as hell boy. Nice to have a little ready of hope at the end. Feel like hiding down a tunnel myself at the moment. Great story Dale

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I so loved it. As for Toula and Doula, I was watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” as I was writing 😉. I had no idea where to go then remembered this show – they had a whole “village” under the city of New York…

      Shalom and Lotsa love,


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  2. I never watched the show–and I don’t know anything about it–but I did enjoy your wonderful photos. You really do have photos of everything, don’t you?!!
    Also, on the Gilmore Girls, Luke’s sister and brother-in-law named their daughter Doula, which made us laugh. 😉

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  3. Q,

    I ain’t sure how you get one thing from the other, but I’m quite thankful that’s how your mind works when called upon to figure out a way in with one of these challenges. From sewer grates you cull a community living in the shadows . . and that’s just the kind of thing I’ve come to expect from you. And yet . . always a great surprise when I come upon your latest idea.

    As for Beauty and the Beast, that was THE show for every gal I knew back in the day. They so loved the romance of it, even if, like you, they preferred the costume to the real life version of Perlman. I have to wonder if this show might have sparked a revolution as far as those furries are concerned.

    And foodstuffs . . . it’s such a comfort, that word. Not sure what it is about it.

    I loves how you beautified their beastly situation, 😉


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    • B,

      To tell you the truth, I ain’t sure myself. Sometimes I read the others’ stories, which helps to eliminate ideas (if I really don’t know where the hell to go). For some strange reason, once I start looking for my matching picture, then an idea sometimes forms…

      It was THE show. He was way sexier (and his voice was affected by his costume) – did you know he did an album of poetry whilst dressed up as Beast? His voice would not come out the same otherwise!

      Foodstuffs – for me, means there is plenty, maybe that’s what it is…

      I loves that you loves my beastly interpretation.


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      • The idea, honing in on it and then deciding yep . . that’s the one. That is what I like to call the sticky part of the label. As you say and do . . it has to be different in some way. Yours always are. Even if I’m saying it based on only reading you, ;). It still counts.

        It’s the Freddie Mercury effect. Only in his instance, he did change things up in order to achieve that unique voice.

        It reminds me of old school meeting bomb shelter. And yet, I find it comforting. Of course I do.

        Your beauty interpretation.


  4. Brilliant Dale, quite brilliant. I remember the show you mentioned it was one I saw occasionally and I did like it. Though I don’t have much recollection of it. Your story took my imagination 💜💜💜


  5. Would you believe that our tv was showing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last night, here… in Greece?!!!!!! What are the odds?!!!! Anyway, as I was reading I had the image of a community of mice trying to exit this…tunnel! What can I say, imagination runs rampant! Love it! xoxoxo

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