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2019 Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

Funny how things work, sometimes.  I can’t remember if it was Thursday or Friday (2nd or 3rd of January) when I thought to myself: I wonder if Dawn is doing her Attitude of Gratitude thing this year. Not two days later (or three) what do I get in my inbox but Dawn’s post! Serendipity at its best. Let’s just say that if she hadn’t, I would have been sad and maybe, just maybe, I would have done my own anyway. It’s kinda nice to be part of something that already exists, dontcha think?

The rules are really simple.  Set the timer for 15 minutes and start listing – very stream of consciousness, this thing.  I will do exactly that by listing whatever pops into my head and at the end, shall return to my list and clean up typos, remove duplicates or even maybe cheat by adding more deets to the items, because, well, if I stop to write all the whys, then my list will be shorter.  Then again, this isn’t a contest so, does it matter just how many I have? Maybe cheating won’t even be necessary!  Okay, Rogerson, just shut up and write already.

The following are the things for which I am grateful or simply bring me joy and peace:

  1. B – for what you give and what you agree to receive;
  2. My sisters – no matter what’s what, they will be there
  3. Mom – same thing, without you, I’d not be here
  4. Dad – no longer here, you still influence some of my decisions
  5. Mick – no matter that you’ve been gone five years, you are still a huge presence, not to mention a great muse for my writing
  6. Writing – the ability to share what I want to say and have people receive it
  7. Reading – we learn so much about life, the world when we open ourselves to reading
  8. Friday Fictioneers and Rochelle in particular for being the first challenge that opened me up to writing more
  9. Blogosphere – for introducing me to so many fantastic writers
  10. Friends made over the blogosphere – it’s amazing how close we can become, like you, Sawsan, now a flesh and blood friend
  11. Julie, Giselle, Linda, Cathy – my girlfriends who are there to drink, eat and be merry with
  12. My guy friends – who keep me laughing
  13. My boys – for keeping me real – whether I like it or not
  14. The scent of petrichor in the summer
  15. The sound of rain on a window when lying in bed
  16. Being able to sit outside on a covered porch when it rains
  17. Big fluffy snow in winter, especially on Christmas Day
  18. Zeke – for giving me a reason to get out and enjoy the fresh air
  19. Standing outside, and realising all is silent and being in the moment
  20. Coffee!
  21. Wine (and beer or spirits 😉 )!
  22. The sound of the wind in the marcescent leaves
  23. My house – it keeps me safe from the elements
  24. My health – it might have blips from colds but otherwise, I’m healthy
  25. DK – for introducing me to soooo many books and for being you, who shares such beautiful things
  26. My laptop – which keeps me connected to so many people
  27. Hang Outs – which allows me to chat with my bestie face-to-face
  28. Warm thick socks in the winter
  29. Dresses in the summer
  30. My capacity (capability?) to smile through the tough stuff
  31. My ability to love freely
  32. Photography – a way to capture everything that grabs my attention
  33. Sunsets
  34. Being by the water – lake, river, ocean
  35. Travel – introducing me to cultures and broadening my horizons
  36. Cooking – not only to nourish but also to show my creativity
  37. Discovering my creativity, which I was so sure I didn’t have till it was pointed out to me
  38. Movies – being able to escape into another world for a couple of hours
  39. Merril – for introducing me to poetry and inspiring me to keep trying it
  40. Frank – because you introduced me to sooo many fabulous bloggers and your concerts were the best that I was honoured to act as your Maître D’ and because I want you to know that I am going to miss you – blogging. I shall hound you elsewhere 😉
  41. Light to see
  42. Dark to rest
  43. Love, in general – amorous or friendly
  44. Sex and the joy of sharing intimacy
  45. My eyes – so I can appreciate what is out there
  46. My ears – listening to the sounds around me, music, my loved ones’ voices
  47. My limbs – though they sometimes let me know they need more limbering
  48. My sense of humour – which helps keep me out of trouble
  49. My ability to connect with people of all stations
  50. My intellect – which permits me to have proper conversations on all sorts of things
  51. My curiosity – which keeps me learning always
  52. My snarkiness, which keeps me from not being taken seriously
  53. To you authors who trusted me with your works and allowed me to be a beta reader – I am beyond chuffed

111 thoughts on “2019 Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

  1. This lovely, warm, fun, heartfelt list just shows why you have so many ardent followers on here, Dale. You’re such a genuine person, and a fabulous smiler! Grand list of gratitude

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    • Thank you so much, Lynn. That is the best compliment I could ever receive – being genuine. And as for the smile, that sucker has been planted on my face for most of my life… Thanks for being one of my inspirational peeps!


  2. Dear Dale,

    It goes without saying that I’m chuffed to bits to find my name on your list. And so happy you have the patience to beta read my ever-changing manuscripts as I process and progress. (Be warned. There might be another one coming soon). 😉
    Your list is as delightful as the woman I call friend. I hope one of these days we’ll deliver lotsa hugs in person. Perhaps it will be threesome with Na’ama. Who knows, but if I’ve learned one thing in life it’s never say never.

    Shalom and lotsa virtual (for now) hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      No way I could exclude it, especially since we chat almost every day! And I am beyond chuffed that you trust me with your “babies”.
      And what a sweet thing to say. I, for one, am convinced the day will come for that “live” hug! NO, one must never say never…

      Shalom and lotsa love and hugs…


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  3. Dale,

    You are a wonderful human, and I hope you know how much you mean to everyone you come across. You make positive of the negative, you make lessons of adversity and you make smiles where none existed before you walked in the room. And that speaks to your spirit, which is equal parts fire and magic.

    To be on this list at all has me chuffed. To be where I am has me humbled.

    I could go on and on, but I won’t. Because I don’t have to. I simply have one thing to say, and it’s this.

    I’m a better person for knowing you.

    Love and gratitude,


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    • My dear Marc,

      I have no words. Well, you know me and that’s not quite true. Got lots of words. However, you know what I mean. What a beautiful thing to say. I’m sitting here with a goofy grin on my face, now.

      There is no way in hell you would NOT make the list. I think we both earned top spot.

      No, you don’t need to.

      It goes both way, you know.

      Love, gratitude and honesty,


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      • I was gonna say, you rarely are without words. In fact, when I see you coming, I go . . Hey! Here comes Dale! She’s got the words! Enough for all the land!

        But seriously, it’s true what I say about you. You’re honest and open and non judgmental and loving and compassionate and your words? When you have them, are wonderful gifts.

        Love and peace

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        • You do not say: Here comes Dale! You say, Here comes Q! Don’t even try…

          Thank you. How can I not feel all warm and fuzzy being told such. Words, as you know, I do not lack… may not come together as I dream they would but they get the job done 😉

          Peaceful love.

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          • Oh okay . . I was trying to keep it applicable to all. Not just about me . . . 😉

            They come together better than you imagine, believe me lady. You have a way with so many different things.

            Yes, that.

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          • Buahaha! I was thinking… this is not a “Mick” post, whatshe doing? 😉 You’re too cute for words, yanno that?

            Well now… You may have managed to make me blush…


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          • Every post can be a Mick post and I would love you every bit as much as I do. He was a keeper. The kind of keeper who keeps on keeping on. I will play the Jerry Lewis to his Dean Martin every day of the week, thank you very much.

            I made you blush? Well now . . .

            Jes. You meant jes, right?


    • Aww shucks, Tim. How sweet are you? Marcescence is rather lovely, though – and when I learned that word, it stuck! I was looking for something else once upon a time and that word popped up. Been using it ever since!

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  4. Dale, this is what happens when I skip a day of reading… my comment is #46!! I think we’d flood the blogosphere much more, if you hosted! ☺

    I’m so glad you found time for this––I don’t take it for granted: the time, the effort, the energy and grace. I love that you shared all of those. I’m guessing you filled in the details after the timer? wink wink? This is a wonderful testament (for lack of better word) to your wonderful spirit and desire to go the extra mile to connect; I love that about you! I so miss FF, but most of all, I miss these connections… as I figure some writing things out. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful list. I will definitely be back next year, but will wait until just after the 1st–– Christmas time always seems to be a challenge for folks, and then I’m extending the deadline. Waiting gives us all a minute to pause and reflect––or 15 minutes’ish. ☺ Happy New Year! ♥

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  5. Oh my! What a lovely list, and I am honored and incredibly touched to be included on it. Thank you so much! I’m so happy we met through the blogosphere. I really hope to get to your city some day and meet in person. ❤

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  6. Congratulations, Dale!
    I am so impressed with how many wonderful things are in your life, and that you can identify that many in 15 minutes.
    You make life seem GREAT!

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