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Not Talenti – Friday Fictioneers

It is Wednesday which not only means Hump Day and mid-week, it also means Friday Fictioneers.  I just had to have a little fun with my blogging buddies.  Thank you Na’ama for allowing us to use this photo. And Thank you, Rochelle, for being here week after week with nary a complaint!  G’head, peeps, add your 100-word story by clicking on the frog below!

Na’ama Yehuda

Not Talenti

I am so glad you let me know you were coming to Montreal and were able to stop by for a visit, DK. I’ve been dying to meet you in the flesh for so long.

Well, you did hound me and after you got to meet Sawsan, I was a tad jealous.

I believe I said “If ever you find yourself in Montreal, do please let me know”. That is hardly a hounding.

Same difference.

And, I even have some mint chocolate chip ice cream just for you!


Um. No. Häagen Dazs.

Look at the time! Gotta go!


173 thoughts on “Not Talenti – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Silly reason for not sticking around. 😉 When I finally make my way up there, tuna tartare will do quite nicely, thank you. There’s something very special about meeting blog friends in person, isn’t there? Lovely little story.

    Shalom and lotsa tasteful hugs,


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    • I like to think that I would be forgiven for not having the right brand on hand (matter of fact, if I knew it ahead of time for sure I WOULD) And this is all in jest, of course.

      Shalom and lotsa flavour-you-desire love,


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  2. Hmmm. You could have offered Bryers and I would have stayed. Of course, I would not have come for the ice cream. I enjoyed DK’s post as well as yours, Dale. BTW NJ must be the ice cream capital of the world. Home of Haagen Daz as well

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  3. Q,

    Hahaha! You gotta be careful what you lure with, if there is a brand he is involved with and you go off script, it’s game over. Peeps are loyal to their brand.

    I’ve never had Talenti, but then again, I’m not much of an ice cream person. I go through binges . . as per basically everything, where I crave it. After which I won’t even look at the stuff. And, I never keep ice cream in the house, because it’s that rare.

    The moral of the story is to be mindful as to whether they are a brand peep or can go off script, 😉


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    • B,

      The way I see it. If I knew I was having a visitor over who happened to prefer a certain brand of anything, you could be sure (just like Mick would have) that I would have said brand on hand – if it were available, of course.

      I’ve never had it either and I do love ice cream. However, I also only have moments of bingeing so I make sure I don’t have it on hand!

      Right. Or choose your friends wisely.


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      • You’se guys were/are hosts and hostesses with the most and mostesses. So it’s in your DNA to prep for company like that. And that includes being brand specific, of course.

        I am trying to think the last time I had ice cream actually. Most times I just pop the top off a beer when I want my azucar since it serves as my best idea when I’m craving something frosty.

        THAT must have been where I went wrong in the past! LOL

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        • Dang. I remember answering this comment (musta been on my phone and distappeared…)

          We were dang good hosts. But that’s because he was the perfect partner for that stuff – did his part while I did mine so all got done and peeps arrived and left happy. Course we plied them with alcohol and good food to ensure they were 😉

          I have moments. I’ll buy a carton. Sometimes it stays in the freezer for weeks, forgotten. But once I open that sucker – I can have a scoop per night till it’s gone.

          Honestly, I usually avoid the “Brand-Peeps”… too high maintenance…

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          • Hey, maybe YouTube stoled it! I wouldn’t be surprised in the least, seeing as how they are mighty proficient at scrambling up borders.

            It’s funny because sometimes I don’t remember a reference to something you reply with five minutes ago, but I know what this was in reference to! LOL. And yes, alcohol never, ever hurts.

            I remember this one too! Ice Cream! I kinda like going out for it when I am in the mood. It has that “Blockbuster” effect for me.

            Brand Peeps . . . maybe when the writers of Walking Dead finally call it a night, they can write one up about those guys. It will be frightening, I’m sure of it.

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          • Maybe they did! They been rather prissy lately.

            This is too funny. I am constantly working with two screens when it comes to us coz… yanno…we are rather prolific… Alcohol never hurts – ’til the next day, anyway 😉

            Yes. I will, on occasion, splurge on a Costco ice cream cone coz they are so damn good and it doesn’t matter the time of year. Could be -40 outside… an urge is an urge.

            Oye oye oye… Yeah.

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          • Prissy is like fuss-ass . . I mean it lives in the same neighborhood, right?

            You’re pulling the classic two screener, ah yes . . I am quite familiar with that one myself. 😉

            And alcohol can sometimes carry a price tag that doesn’t show up until the next day. I usually just feel blah the next day. No headaches though, thanks to plenty of water and taking my time with the friendlies.

            Yes it is that urge. And when you treat yourself when you’re out, it’s like being a big kid.

            That’s a triple scoop!

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          • They are cousins. When they get together, all hell breaks loose. Next thing you know, they bring in Finicky and Difficult.

            Yes… I needs must. Otherwise there is a back and forth that goes on… tireseome 😉

            Yes, indeed. I hate when I forget to insert a glass of water ‘twixt friendlies…

            Love being a big kid and I am convinced it’s what keeps me feeling and looking young (so I am told, on occasion) 😉


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          • Ugh, that Finicky is a royal pain in the ass that only a cat could love. And Difficult! I say up, he says fuck you. No thanks!

            And Tiresome too! That guy might be the worst! His jokes go on and on and are never funny, his stories are interesting if you add a car chase and an explosion to them . . .

            You gotta keep the water going. I usually have my intake before partaking. After which I’ll sip throughout. Better yet, add a couple cubes of ice to my bourbon as well.

            Twixt is always invited to the party. They are the glue!

            I agree. Although I stopped sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall a few years ago. Dude was a little too grabby.


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          • Right on. So we’ll not invite that particular clique.


            You do. And it’s funny because when I go out, I am ALWAYS on the ball and have one before and between. Sometimes, at home, I forget… I now add LOTS of ice to my bourbon.

            They must be invited!

            Good idea. Some things are best left behind for the real childhood.


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          • They’re out.

            Don’t even get me started on Pffft!

            It’s important. I hear these kids talking up shots and funneling beer and I think, my God . . you are going to WISH you were in that Seven movie and Kevin Spacey came calling on your pretty little head when you wake up tomorrow!

            It’s a Yes!

            Seriously. Santa reeks like menthol and he refers to his “magic lap”. No huay!


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          • Settled.

            Ayt then.

            That’s when they don’t poison themselves and end up in the hospital having their stomachs pumped. Kids are so stupid. Yeah, I was one, once. Just not that particular level of stupid.

            That type of Santa – wait… were you at my last Christmas party?


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          • I don’t think I ever was that level of stupid. And I was pretty friggen stupid. I did do the quick guzzle of a beer can thing. But one.

            I doubt it. When was your last Christmas party?

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  4. Well, never mind them … I’ll come by and there will be more ice-cream for the two of us … (by the way, just posted mine and I think whomever this wet blanket was, they can join “Robert” … they’ll get along right fine …) 😉

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  5. I have never heard Talenti. I’m not a sweets person, but I definitely prefer ice cream to sorbet and probably gelato. It’s been years since I’ve had ice cream, but if I remember correctly Häagen-Dazs is the crème de la ice cream. That’s just there for the bad pun.

    Anyway, good story. There’s not much quite as fun as giving someone shit.

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  6. Never heard of Talenti before DK’s post. Doesn’t matter to me as I am not a great fan of ice cream, but when I eat it, it comes nearly always from artisanal producers. And they all have great gelati…. Some of my best memories and oral tasting experiences stem from the shores of Lake Leman (Lake Geneva to the ‘foreigners’), tiny villages in Italy, all places in Portugal, often hidden a bit away like the one in Lisbon (had trouble to find it the 2nd time, a day later), and Spain. For me one of the nicest things about them is of course, when true Italians are holding those shops. I then use it to stab my brain for some leftover Italian speak – which always causes great hilarity and joy…. and that’s one thing Ice Cream is about too, isn’t it?
    Did you just say you MET with DK IN THE FLESH (no pun intended!!)
    So, YOU have met with both, S & D???? NOW I am SERIOUSLY jealous….. We will have to form a WhatsApp Group for blogging groupies of Dave!!!! Wouldn’t that be just TOO MUCH? Actually, I was thinking over my berry-muesli that all of us having WApp (I do converse with S on the smartphone and it’s wonderful) would really do us wonders. We could leave each other small messages and when the other wakes up, they have a murmured ‘good morning’ coming to make their day enjoyable for 30”…. Have a think about it!

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    • You are absolutely right, Kiki. Small-batch artisanal ice cream or gelati are the best.
      And NO, I did not meet DK in the flesh! This is Friday FICTIONEERS… It’s fiction. I’ve not had the chance. YET! So, no need to be jealous.
      Sawsan did mention to me that you two chat on WhatsApp – that is wonderful. She and I do, as well.
      What a sweet idea. Dunno that we could get DK on such a bandwagon!

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  7. Wouldn’t know Talenti if I fell over it. And I’ve never tasted Haagen Daz either. But I’ve seen pictures of your cooking, Dale so I’d be easily satisfied if I ever came to your neck of the woods.

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    • Honestly, until David (DK) mentioned it on his blog, I hadn’t either! I will be searching for some to see what all the hoopla is about 😉


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