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Over There – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #63

Hello, hello and welcome to Thursday!  Crispina has given us this cute little alpaca to play with this week.  And lo and behold guess what I have in my archives? You got it…  A little grass is greener on the other side happening here.  Hey, if you want to play, Crispina is open to pretty much anything.  Click here for the what’s what’s What!

Look at her over there, she is so lucky

She has friends to play with, she’s not alone

And is that a roof and a fence? She’s protected by the elements

Over There

Look at her over there, she is so lucky

She is alone, she doesn’t have to share

Green grass, no fence. She’s free to go where she wants

63 thoughts on “Over There – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #63

  1. That is so lovely, it could be the same animal. Excellent take 🙂
    BTW, the wee white one shared his/her paddock with several brown ones. But they ignored the camera while he/she looked up, full of curiosity

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  2. Aren’t they darling babies?! And you did an excellent 0ver-There mini post. One I can easily digest with my brekky – now I want to go and cuddle all of them. Have a lovely day, night, whatever! It’s 9am here in Europe.

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  3. Great take on the challenge! And isn’t that exactly how it works. So, okay, today I will stop whining about how cold it is here and remember that Florida has hurricanes. (Nah, it’s too flipping cold…and 76 in the Keys. Imma still complaining.)

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    • They are adorable.
      You know, this is only a portion of my photos – the ones that were automatically sent up to the cloud. I have a sh*t-ton more on a hard drive. Somewhere. I can’t believe I have been able to find a matching photo for most of Crispina’s challenges (once I decided to try…)

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      That it is. (And REALLY is in this one 😉 ). Glad you enjoyed my little story and additional photo.

      Shalom and lotsa green-where-you-are love,


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  4. Q,

    Like the saying goes, the grass is always greener until you gotta fork up the money for that luscious green grass your neighbor has. After which you are plenty fine with your slightly less green . . call it amber, grass.

    I don’t know HOW you get this from those pics, but it’s fascinating to me. Alpacas? Really?

    I knew a guy named Al Paca. He was a bookie.

    Another A plus for being up to the challenge.


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    • B,

      Ain’t that the truth. My sister’s neighbour loves to tease my sister by saying in her case, her grass IS greener 😉 Once you start that game you are headed for eternal feeling of lack. Best learn to love what you have, eh?

      As for how I get here, I have no clue myself! If I am lucky and find one of my own (seriously, it has been crazy that I have been able to almost every week) then maybe something brews. C’mon what were the chances that I would have a white one looking at the camera like Crispina’s? And that hers really was on greener grass? How could I go anywhere else?

      I bet you knew that type of guy coming from the ‘hood you came from…

      Gracias for the A plus.


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      • It always is. I mean . . it is human to peer over the fence and check out the grass. And if it’s Kentucky bluegrass, you’re kinda miffed at how easy they made it look. But again, there’s always a price.

        That makes sense. But still, it’s alchemy to me sometimes, when I read these and then do a double and triple take at the pic and go, okay . . 😉

        He was an okay guy.

        A plus plus, just because I can.

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        • Everything has a price and you’re right, if they are pulling out the big guns like Kentucky Bluegrass, best break out the greens (I say that, coz your money is boring and green.)

          When I don’t find the matching pic… that alchemy we speak of? Well, it doesn’t exist, does it? Love it if I make you do double and triple takes, though. Kinda cool. No. Very cool.

          If you stayed on his good side, no doubt.

          Don’t let me stop you! I’ll take it!

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