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Weekend Writing Prompt #141 – Imperious

C’est le week-end!  That means Sammi‘s prompt word comes to torture and inspire…

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.


We Learn As We Go


I was young and naive, then

I saw you as strong and confident and assertive

You were older and wiser, I thought


It felt like true love and had

a fairy tale feel to the whole thing

Our story was a tad unusual, after all


Your actions seemed loving

You turned on your charms

And I was fooled into staying

(again and again)


In hindsight, I see clearly

The way you held your head

With the slightest tilt downward


Your words of encouragement

were veiled with dissuasion

trying to mask your fears


Your imperious manner

and arrogant dominance

you thought would hold sway

(only pushed me away)


There was plenty of good

And I gained experience and maturity

More importantly,


I gained self-worth




84 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #141 – Imperious

  1. Q,

    Firstly, how did you know my ex? Bahahaha!

    Secondly, this is beautiful in how it speaks to growing. How it comes from inside, and how it is watered by what WE do in response and relation to what is happening to us in personal interactions. Growth, like anything else, comes from within. No other person can make that happen. The seed is ours, and our responses are its water.

    Great use of the word for this challenge, Miss Q.


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  2. There are far too many imperious persons … (or who believe themselves as such, whether from a dearth of personal moral compass or lack of confidence or compensation for wounds inflicted by other imperious persons or …) and good for you for recognizing and leaving/dumping and finding some compassion toward where it came from in this particular man (not always easy to do, though hindsight probably helps) and for using this – as you seem to use many difficult experiences, you amazing person you – as a step for growth.
    You no need no one to lord over ya.
    You are a queen of YOU (as is everyone, though some confuse that as a need or entitlement for underlings … and by that completely distort the meaning of owning ones OWN power) …
    You are a good egg.
    Na’ama (PS my interpretation of the prompt was … um … less forgiving …) 😉

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    • This be true. The arrogance out there is outstanding… I was too mature for him at 26 to his 38… But yanno. There were some good times, And honestly, I wish him no ill will. He was what he was. And I choose to look for the lesson or learnings (now that I am older and can look back with a different eye). Life teaches us, yanno?
      I am the queen of me coz they ain’t no one else who can do me better! 😉 With all the ups and downs and foibles and whatnot.
      I like being a good egg… specially coming from another one 😉
      I will be checking yours out. I had to publish and run!

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      • I think that it is great to allow others to be who they are (even if we may not be happy with who they are) and accept at the very same time that they are not the ones for us. Most people who have ‘issues’ (as if I don’t have any … LOL!) have some background stories for how they turned out the way they did. Some change and grow beyond it. Some take longer to do it. Most aren’t evil or all-bad. We don’t need to wish them ill-will to wish ourselves better …
        Life sure does teach us, yeah, I know! I am quite a bit wiser (I believe) now than I was in earlier years, and perspective is a goodly part of it.
        Here’s to being good eggs and not becoming anyone’s omelette but our own! 🙂

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    • This is so very true. And yes… I realised it rather quickly but was NOT moving back to my parents so I stayed a little long and accumulated stuff … I am bad, I know.

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    • Hello Selina!
      Isn’t it a great word? I love these prompts because they push me to search for how to interpret it and at the same time, I often end up with a little introspection.
      Lovely to meet you!
      Have a fabulous weekend! xo


    • Dear Rochelle,

      To think I thought I wasn’t worthy – in the beginning! Learnt pretty quick that was not the case. Took me a few more experiences to get to where I am today – each one a stepping stone. So glad you liked!

      Shalom and lotsa confident love!


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  4. Slowly but surely, we learn towards …betterment. All life – all in life, but so well written, Dale! 🙂 xoxoxo [this weekend I’ve been all ‘Frank’ and I’m behind with everyone – how do you manage, you Supergirl you?!!!!!]

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  5. There you go, being wise again! ⚡️💥
    Self worth was the perfect up shot. Some might go in the opposite direction, end up with less, or no self worth.
    Early lover experiences are important. We get to know who we want to love, even if we haven’t met them, yet!
    Great piece, Dale!

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