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Skating Lesson – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday!  Yep… that means I had to come up with a 100-word story based on my very own picture this week. Why is it hardest to write to my own?  Thanks to Rochelle for asking me to put my © on a picture shared on FB 😉 And, of course, for getting us together to play week after week.

Oh, and click the skates if you are inspired to add your own 100-word to go with this picture.

Click here to play!

Skating Lesson

They skated ’round the deserted rink.

“Hey, ever watch the ‘Battle of Blades‘?”

“No, what’s that?”

“It’s where figure skaters teach hockey players how to really skate!” she laughed.

“Hockey players can skate!”

“Yeah, until they get their feet into figure skates.”

“Hah! I guess it’s not easy.”

“No, it’s not. And just think, the figure skaters trust the hockey players to pick them up and not drop them!”


“You said it.”

He grabbed her around the waist and they twirled haphazardly, landing in a pile on the snowbank.

He leaned down for a kiss.  “Guess I need lessons…”


Just to give you an idea of what the skaters went through, here is a sample of one of the boot camps…

And, no skater achieved what Valeri Bure did in Season 2… If you want to skip ahead to their skate, go to 1:55.  They won that year and you can see why.



155 thoughts on “Skating Lesson – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Oh I loved this….. especially the 2nd video with the girls ‘running circles’ around those big guys!!! Also remembered my earlier life where skating was part of my treats. I have a 14yr younger brother and when my friend and I took him on the ice the first time, we were the ‘clowns of the show’ for most of the time. Little bro went straight through under the chains holding the ice rink ‘together’, he slipped, slid and glided over the ice like nothing he ever did before….. and we killed ourselves laughing!
    Like your story very much.

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    • So glad you did, Kiki. Some people take to the ice like they were born to it. That Bure was able to adapt to the figure skates so efficiently was amazing to watch, too.
      Glad you enjoyed my story.

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  2. Not heard of this show – one of the few that hasn’t made it over here it seems. I never thought about the difference between different styles of skating. I’ll just stick to my stumbling steps and clinging onto the side all the way round the rink!

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  3. Reminds me of the film The Cutting Edge, one of my favourites from 1992 starring D B Sweeney and Moira Kelly which I still enjoy to watch now. Used to love watching the ice skating on TV but it wasn’t on very often.

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  4. I LOVE the story … and I’m smiling at the ending. 🙂
    Also, wow for the videos you included! This is FUN!!!
    Yay, you!
    (PS great photo – evocative and malleable … it took me for a very different kind of spin)

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  6. Q,

    Very cool way of going about this week’s pic. I was looking at the pic and thinking . . “Only Q gets ice rink . . and hockey players . . and figure skating . .” Love how you culled this story from that pic.

    My favorite line from the first video . . .
    “. . . fifteen minutes with Theo and he hasn’t slashed or swore at me,”

    Followed closely by . . .

    “Haven’t you ever water skied before? Let go of the rope!”


    As for the second video . . WOW!

    I remember when Pavel Bure brought the Canadians right to the doorstep of a Stanley Cup in ’94. I was actually rooting for the Rangers to break their cursed drought that saw them without a Cup since 1940. But Bure and Lindon, what a duo.

    And to see him figure skate like THAT. Amazing. Simply amazing.

    You shoot . . you score!!!!


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  7. Somehow my first attempts at posts keep getting lost so I will try to repeat what I just wrote word for word. I loved your story, Dale, and you boy certainly doesn’t need any lessons in love. As for the clip, it was wonderful. We have Dancing on Ice in the UK but I have never seen a couple skate so beautifully on that programme and the concept of Battle of the Blades is much more interesting than ice stars and so-called “celebrities”. I did play the whole clip and that added to the impact of the ice dance. Well done Canada for wonderful athletics and dramatic performance.

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    • That is so weird. I went to check my spam and trash, just in case… WP can be so funky at times.
      So very glad you enjoyed my story and no, he doesn’t lack in the romance department at all!
      When they came out with Battle of the Blades, I was so chuffed. It was something that had crossed my mind years ago (shoulda pitched it! 😉 ) I hope they continue the tradition. There was a nine-year break that originally started because of the hockey strike. Then, I guess, things got in the way.
      So glad you enjoyed the video(s)! They are all on YouTube. Some truly remarkable pairings…


    • Only in Canada, my friend – but you can watch it all on YouTube 😉
      It is so much fun to watch these hockey players – and by the way, there are women hockey players paired up with male figure skaters, too! A lot harder because they have never been held up above the head!
      Glad you enjoyed my story…

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  8. When my two older sons were in grade school I bought them and myself figure skates so we could take lessons. My oldest son hated figure skates and switched to hockey skates so he could play with the pee wee team. My second son had no interest in anything to do with ice and switched to swimming. I kept on with ice dancing and passed the Dutch Waltz,

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