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What They Are – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #64

OK.  So.  In my mind, this story was going to go somewhere and be much more — well — more!  I had two options (read two photos) that I was going to mix into one story but that didn’t really come to be… And as I was writing this, yet another idea came to mind.  Sometimes we just become overzealous and end up scrambling more than anything else, eh?  So. I eliminated pretty much everything and decided to play off Crispina’s story (which you can read here); adding a part deux, if you will 😉  Sometimes ya just gotta throw it out there and walk away.  Thank you for tormenting me this week, Crisp!

What They Are

Crispina said them’s were the Elders from before, in the time of the Elders; before we were here. But her friend didn’t believe her.

That was most unfortunate.  Her words of disbelief stirred them from their contemplative slumber.  They were made to realise they had remained silent for too long.  They needed to remind this new generation about the old ways – before they were lost for good.

Their gently rounded shapes transformed to hard metal edges; their stance spread wide as they threw their heads back and roared.

“We are the Elders! You have lost your way!  We trusted you for too long and now must bring you back to the beginning.”

113 words


98 thoughts on “What They Are – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #64

  1. Q,

    You’ve blended several genres in one. I got me tasting some science fiction with those funky shapes and sizes throwing down all manner of tribal condemnation. And I feel some Harry Potter, which is probably thanks to the pic in this instance. Oh yeah . . and the mafia feel is coursing through this as well. Don’t mess with the eldahs or else!

    It took you 113 words to take me to all these places and back again.

    You’re pretty dang talented. 😉


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  2. I think this is a great take and so darn near the truth , we have lost our way and a sharp reminder!
    Love both photo, there is something definitely , I want to say English about the top photo. But I should say British, it reminds me of home when I was a child. I like the second photo too but that looks more Canadian 💜

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