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Not Yet – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday so it’s Friday Fictioneers!  Time to tell a 100-word story based on a picture, this week supplied by Ted Strutz.  Our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields always manages to keep us coming back for more week after week. I don’t know how she made us take the Kool-Aid but she did and now we are all addicted.  She hasn’t poisoned us. Yet.  Do come and play with us by clicking on Rochelle‘s name for the howsits or on the frog below to add the link to your story. G’wan… you know you want to!

©Ted Strutz

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Not Yet

The toe of a boot nudged him awake.  “C’mon, Frank, time to go.”

He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his grubby hands and blinked.  “Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph! It’s finally happened! I died and de Lord’s come to take me to heaven.”

“You eejit. They ain’t angels. School choir off to some show. And you ain’t dead yet! Hurry up and get yer shite before we both get into trouble.”

Frank took the proffered flask of scotch. “Thanks, Bob. Gotta spot for me tonight?”

“Yeah. Can’t have your sorry ass freezing in the street.”

“You’re the best.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

119 thoughts on “Not Yet – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    This was a baarilliant way to go with the FF picture this week. Gritty, poignant, humorous and all inside the 100 words. I knew which way you WEREN’T planning on going with this thing but truth be told I had no blessed idea what you were going to do with this. And when I thought about how I would go about it, I was stumped.

    The funny thing is, I kept going back to Scientology. I’m a one trick pony when I try to put myself in your FF shoes. You the expert. 😉

    You rock.


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  2. Sounds like he has an angel pretty close to him actually. Nobody would choose to live that way and there but for the grace etc etc – at least one person is watching out for him. Touching and thought-provoking piece, Dale.

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    • That he does. No, I don’t think anyone would – except in a wonderful book I read recently(ish). Thank you, Jilly so glad you enjoyed.


  3. Super story, Dale. The interaction between Bob and Frank is beautifully done, and is a reminder that the homeless don’t just need food and shelter – they need friendship too. A lovely message!

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