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Her Morning Dose – Friday Fictioneers

I had plans, big plans, for this photo.  Instead, you are getting this… a morning ritual, if you were 😉

Thank you Rochelle for not only hosting this wonderful shindig but for supplying this photo – that I am sure will bring much clearer results from the rest of the “crew”!  Maybe I’ll double-dip later… with something better. In the meantime, click on the frog below if you want to read more stories or better yet, add your 100-word story.

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Her Morning Dose

Her eyes are bleary; she can’t focus, no matter how many times she rubs them. What the hell is wrong with her? Maybe a coffee would help clear up things. She knows it makes no sense but she feels she is on slo-mo this morning and a shot of caffeine couldn’t hurt.

The scent of coffee tantalizes her nose as she pours the fresh brew into her cup. She adds a dash of milk.  She closes her eyes in pleasure as the elixir slides down her throat. Opening her eyes, she sees clearly.

I really need to start getting more sleep!


125 thoughts on “Her Morning Dose – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    Yes you do. You really, really do. I mean . . . the character really really does.


    But hey, that’s what the winter blah months are for. To get right, to figure your way into better habits and to feel better for when the leaves turn luscious and the weather plays along. And you’ll get there. Because coffee is nice, but it can be a temporary fix when what you really need is the Zzzz’s.

    And umm . . . good morning! 😉


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  2. I was listening to Michael Pollan on Fresh Air the other day discussing caffeine. I am such a morning person that I’m not really bleary in the morning even when I’m tired, but he said the feeling we get in the morning from drinking coffee (or tea) is because our bodies are actually already in withdrawal from the caffeine. It happens that quickly overnight! Not that that will stop me. 🙂

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Yep. She does need to get more sleep. (Cough cough, wink wink). I relate so well to this one. Caffeine is necessary. Resistance is futile. This morning it’s fresh ground raspberry chocolate coffee. Yum. You really did write a good one. One that many of us can relate to. Bottoms up.

    Shalom and lotsa caffeinated hugs,


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  5. What’s the matter with you love? I feel your exhaustion in your comments…. have you started a new job yet or are you still recovering from the Golf shindig? Anyway, you, I and everybody I know should sleep more…..
    (btw, I’m a great one to talk like that – the last 2 nights I had nuits blanches as with the horrible winter storms and their impact on our 100yr old house and wintergardens, large garden with old trees and windows that kept opening and clattering I spent my time reading, running through the home from bottom to top and back, getting a drink, trying to calm down, but not sleeping a wink).


  6. Ahh, nothing like hot lashings of java in the morning!
    Nicely written, Thunder.
    Did anyone write about a gal who brought a strange guy home the night before, and she wakes up with The Dose? (slang for STD)
    Hey, just asking.

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  7. Oh, I know that feeling, and yes the coffee helps. I am one more ill person if I don’t get that morning coffee! Whether or not I get the sleep, which I usually don’t. Oh well, at least you’re not alone!

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