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What Do You See? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #66

Good Thursday, my peeps. I skipped last week because sometimes one does not feel like forcing the muse. However, this week, she is in fine form.  I was sure I had a photo that was more in tune with Crispina‘s lovely one but none really worked for me.  So, as I searched, I found something and a story was born. Thanks, my friend, for hosting this fun party every week!

What Do You See?

Gosh, that looks forbidding, doesn’t it?

It does. Want to go inside and see what lurks behind?

Dunno. It feels creepy.

You’ll miss something special if you don’t

That so?

Yep.  Shall we?

Lead the way! That way you’ll be eaten first if there are beasties within!

Haha!  Silly, do you honestly think I’d lead you to such a nefarious end? One in which I, myself, would be at risk?

You have a point.  OK, lead on anyway.


Gee whiz it’s dark in here!  Are there no lights?

Hang on.


She heard the creaking of a door before a beam of light appeared,


Hey! Open it more!

Not yet.  Before I open it, you need to know that it is a special door.


Yes. It will show you your dreams.

No way!

Yes. Close your eyes and think hard.


Go ahead. Open them.

Wow.  Val d’Orcia in Tuscany…


76 thoughts on “What Do You See? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #66

  1. I have to say I like YOUR door far better…. I’m a sucker for unusual doors and THAT is one of the things that make me nostalgic for my now home and certainly for the Victorian pile we had in the UK and the 15th century ‘town house’ in Lutry, Switzerland. We’re going to live in a 08.15 (am) rental flat as of the end of next week and there is no room for such romantic and wonderful bow windows with heavy wooden shutters, no wooden floorboards, no romance, no Tuscan hills….
    Crispina’s pic is rather intimidating. Too much HRD maybe? Anyway, that gave me a much needed little pause in my preparations for our removal!

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  2. Q,

    That really IS your dream. And I love how you were able to get that from the pic . . which I would have taken to being a door that led to Wolf Blitzer’s castle in one of those -Vania countries.

    You made it beautiful, and true. Just like you. I love when that happens!



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