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I wasn’t planning on sharing this on Valentine’s Day but here it is… To my happlily coupled peeps, Happy Valentine’s Day!  To my happily single peeps, Happy Valentine’s Day! To those who are not in the situation they wish to find themselves in at this time, Happy Valentine’s Day!  There is enough love out there for all of you.  In whatever form it takes.





A smudge in an otherwise cloudless twilight sky

Trying to blend in with the blues and violets and pinks

unnoticeable, discreet




by streetlamp posing as the setting sun

Shining its light, without thought

Exposed, for anyone who is looking, to see




to be taken, for unknown reward

Though showing vulnerability frightens

it is, in truth, the courage to love






69 thoughts on “Smudge

  1. What a beautiful post. I often have the same thoughts as you expressed here. Thinking of my ‘lone’ or single friends on days like this. Valentine isn’t important to me – it’s ‘just’ a custom and maybe cynically expressed, a gr8 business opportunity for flower and choco businesses…. Thanks for co-thinking of these coupled, uncoupled, single, happy and unhappy ones, love you!

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    • Thank you, dear Kiki. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is a business thing – I agree with you. Serving all those couples tonight – I never chose to go to the restaurant on this date. Show me love all year, never mind on one day. But, that said, it’s not a bad thing to celebrate it… For all the people. Love you, too!

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  2. That’s a beautifully expressed sentiment. We’re not into “Hallmark” holidays and such, but many people do need a kind thought on days like today, whether happily coupled, happily single, or not.

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    • Thank you, Eilene. I am not into Hallmark holidays, either – especially now that I have to work them! Yes, many do…. so hearts to the lonely, the happy, the single and happy, the coupled and happy!

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  3. Thank you, dear Dale!
    This is perfect.
    Love seems but a smudge in the portrait we paint of life.
    What do we do about that smudge? You are right. It takes courage to love. It takes courage to deal with the love smudge.
    I adore you!

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  4. It sure does take courage to love. And I’m feeling like I’ve exhausted my share. I used to be able to picture it–and now my screen has just gone blank. Ugh. I hope you were feeling more inspired! Sounds like you were:).

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    • That it does. Opening yourself up to potential hurt is not to be taken likely. We have experienced pain of various sorts and it’s not easy to let that happen again.
      I was feeling more inspired 🙂

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