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My House – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday and I never thought I’d find something to write for Friday Fictioneers – no reflection on your beautiful image, Dawn Miller!  However, as Zeke and I took our walk in the pretty deep snow (at places), wind in our faces (on the way back), a memory came to me… And the irony of life hit me in the face so, I had to go there. Thank you, always, Rochelle, for hosting this – sorry I scared you by saying I would not play this week!  Remember, I won’t be here in two weeks, so, I really won’t be playing!  😉  To play along, click the frog below and add your 100-word story to this beautiful image.

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My House

“This is my house!”

“Stop calling it your damn house. It’s our house! Four of us live here!  It drives me nuts when you say this.”

“What do you expect? It feels like I’m the only one who does anything around here! You guys are lazy and don’t pull your weight.”


Five years later


“This is my house!”

“Oh right, and you just can’t wait for us to leave YOUR house right, Mom?

“Maybe if you guys helped out by pulling your weight, I would call it ours! I feel like I’m on my own and you guys just squat!”

169 thoughts on “My House – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    This is a shiver me timbers “Ain’t that the truth” slice of life right here. I almost feel like “liking” it is somehow wrong, if that makes sense. But hey, we can say this is Friday and this is fiction, right? 😉

    Big takeaway here, other than that one I just gave you is . . how in Hades do you get to this from that pic? You know . . . you are pretty dang good at these weekly challenges?


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  2. Dear Dale,

    You shouldn’t toy with my emotions. 😉 I totally understand this piece. They’re bound to have a rude awakening whenever they’re out on their own. Sending you hugs. You’re a courageous woman and wonderful mother…no matter what your house and head tell you.

    Shalom and lotsa encouraging hugs,


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  3. This is a sad tale — something went wrong. Reminds me of a short novel I once read:a mom who was resentful because her grown children, all living at home, treated her like their slave. Dumped stuff wherever and “What’s for dinner, Mom” etc. So she decided to revolt. She got involved in something outside the home — a job?– and left them to cleanup their own messes. She also insisted the working daughter pay rent or move out. It made for an interesting story and did end well. 🙂
    I do think children of all ages will not do what they’re allowed to not do.

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  4. Oh, how I agree with you, both parts of it – I so know what you’re talking about….. and in about 6 wks time I’ll be able to say: I am happy to have made these moves, going to a much smaller place, only 4 rooms, but so much less work and worries…. (before I have to survive our intern. move and then the smaller one of HH’s weekly rentals where a quarter of our belongings ended up over the past year! – THAT will be for next week and then, hurrah, only unpacking some 320 boxes with no space to put everything)

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  5. My step-daughter would NEVER pick up, never lift a finger around the house when she came to stay. Now I watch her with three kids, seven cats and a dog and …
    I’m glad your inspiration came through. 🙂

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    • Funny how that works, eh? I’m looking forward to visiting my kids’ eventual abodes to see just how they keep it (assuming, of course, I am ever invited…) Thanks, Sandra.


  6. True snippet of life. Some things seem to never change. Hopefully her children come to realize that it can’t be their home unless they take some responsibility. It doesn’t mean they won’t be that way when they leave the nest. I know this personally (Hey, why didn’t you do this or that when living with me?!). Guess moms are the catch all person (Oh, mom’ll do that). Hope you have a nice weekend, Dale! =)

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  7. One moment you’re scowling at the heap of discarded boots beside the front door and next moment the place is tidy as a show house lounge and that’s a pain they never warn you about. You captured the irony, Dale, glad you decided to do it.

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    • Dang… I am so looking forward to coming home to a house in the same state as when I left it… yet I imagine I will feel a twinge or two. Glad you enjoyed, Jilly.


  8. Ah. Why do I imagine this same conversation, echoed up and down every country in the world in every language? 😊. The problem is, they just don’t see stuff that needs doing/aren’t bothered if it’s not done so some see why they should do something just because it’s driving you crazy! Clothes in the floor? I can walk round them. Dirty crockery? I’ll find another plate or go out to eat! Maybe it’s a mum thing, a gender thing? Whatever, this made me really smile and thank you for that 😊

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    • Glad I made you smile. Most times it makes me wanna scream 😉 I can’t say it’s a gender thing because my husband used to go nuts with the lack of participation (even from me). It’s only fitting I am the one now feeling it. And, once they are on their own, they will find that there is no mum or dad to pick up their sh*t so… eventually, they will have to. They might even learn how keeping it neat most times means less work down the road! Maybe. 😉

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