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Dinner and a Late Show – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday-Friday and, though I thought for sure I wouldn’t play, here I am. Kinda hard to diss when Rochelle chooses my photo, eh?  I am going to aplogise in advance for anyone whose story I do not get to.  I’m getting away for a vacay and will do my best to get to you all before I leave. Gonna be weird to not participate next week but there is no way in hell I am bringing any technology with me (except my phone – for camera reasons, only!) That said, click on the frog below if you wish to read more stories…

This is a completely true story, zero fiction.  Sorry, Cathy 😉

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Dinner and a Late Show

“Delicious!  Glad you introduced me to this restaurant.  We better move it as we have a good fifteen-minute walk ahead of us.”

“Yep, time to high-tail it over to Place-des-Arts to see “The Phantom”.  Thanks for asking me to join you!  Even though I saw it ages ago, I’m glad to see it again.”


“Jeez… we’re fifteen minutes early and there is no one in the lobby? That doesn’t make sense…”

Cathy looked at the tickets, “Shoot! Omigosh! It started at 7:30, not 8:00.  We are late not early!”

“This blows…”

“I’m so sorry!”

“Please, I’ve seen it.  Sucks more for you!”

143 thoughts on “Dinner and a Late Show – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    That was an aw shucks moment for sure. I felt like I was in the moment, disappointment and all. Well done, my friend. Enjoy your vacay. I will miss you terribly but will muddle through somehow, some way. Oh the pain, the pain. (I wouldn’t be a good Jewish friend if I didn’t send you off with a ticket to a guilt trip. 😉 )

    Shalom and lotsa well-portrayed hugs,


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    • It was a bummer, to be sure (even though I had seen it, it was, like 30 years before!)

      We were able to get in and there was a quiet moment so we hardly disturbed anyone!

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  2. Ohhhh, Dale…… someone didn’t look more carefully the tickets huh?!
    Oh well, by the sound of it, it was a good night out so let bygones be bygones! And anyway, vacay ahead, so…. YAYYYYYYYYYY!
    ps…wait, and what will the rest of us mortals do in your absence?!!!!

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  3. It sounds like you had a great night anyway (but oh, you were those people coming in late). 😉 Have a wonderful time on your vacation! Is this the family get-away trip? Like Rochelle, I will miss you, too!

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  4. I like to be seated before a show begins,, but sometimes one does get late… In some cases, I have missed a good 30-45 minutes of movies!
    But, still make the most of what is left! 🙂

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  5. Shucks!
    All I can say is that if it is any consolation it is better to be 15 minutes late to a show than one day late to a friend’s wedding. (yeah, true story, and I’m taking the fifth on the rest … 😉 – at least on this forum … ;)).

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  6. Ooops… I think everyone has been there.. Have a great vaycay! Hope you are going somewhere nice. And a break from technology? I think it should be mandatory for everyone on Earth to have a tech-free break for a week or two!

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  7. Wasn’t it once a tradition for posh people to arrive late to the theatre (I’m thinking the lyrics of Lady Is A Tramp “she loves the theatre but never comes late”. Anyway, whatever, I may have misquoted but I’m so glad it was possible to slip in and then enjoy the show. Have a great holiday, Dale.

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    • Well, I, for one, hate to arrive late at these shindigs! And yes, we did not disrupt too many good people!
      Thank you! I very much intend to!


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  9. I had some will call tickets for a play in New York. I had to drive in from Connecticut and when I got there the entire theater was empty The tickets were for a matinee the day before. Talk about what blows.

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  10. I hate it when that happens. Have a nice vacation. And, I do not believe for one minute that you will use your cell for only photos, Dale.

    I may write a true story this time. I was a stage actor at one time. I hope I can find the photo that yours reminds me of.

    I guess I’d better tell my story. I bought tickets to see Dan Hicks at our community theater many months in advance. $80. I had seen him many times in the ’70’s and was looking forward to seeing him again. I put the date on my calendar and when I went to the theater to pick them up a few days before they told me the show was the previous month. I was out $80 but more important than that is that he passed later on. He was a talent and will be missed.

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    • It sucks. But wasn’t the end of the world in the end. Thanks, Ted. And I can assure you… I might contact a certain someone if I have wifi 😉

      Oh, do!! I would love to read it!

      That’s definitely one for the “one that got away” books! Bummer… I didn’t go see Prince with friends, felt it was too expensive. Was pretty much in the last concerts he did… sigh..

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  11. Q,

    THE worst. And yes . . okay, you had seen it already but still . . it was a live production and not a movie you could have watched a whatever amount of times after the fact. Live productions are special, they’re personal. Each one unique in its showing, and so that part sucked for both of you.

    So this week was the Friday Reality-neers for this endeavor. LOL. And oh by the way, Phantom was SO good, wasn’t it?


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  12. So easy to get times muddled. Very disappointing when it happens. I enjoyed the good nature of the women.

    Enjoy your holiday and remember they have a WordPress app for the phone – if you miss us but I imagine not 😈.

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  13. Hell’s bells! Oh well, it could have been worse. You could have gone on the wrong night, so there was no play. When you tried to leave, the doors were locked, and you were trapped forever with The Phantom!

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  14. Heartbreaker.

    The one time I was in New York, my friend and I got tickets for a Broadway show. We were trying to squeeze in as many things as possible, thought we could sneak down to Philadelphia, got stuck in traffic, and missed the show completely.

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