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Rise Up – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #68

I missed out on Crispina‘s challenge last week and thought there is no way I’ll have the time this week but lo and behold.  I found a picture I took during a bike ride of our Champlain Bridge being worked on (which has since been replaced – poor thing lasted a mere 50 years…)

So, I made my story a continuation of Crispina’s, which you can read here.

Rise Up

Remember when they built changed Breydon Bridge in 1983?

Yeah, they replaced a sweet, charming stone one with steel and cement.

Was a necessary evil.  But get this.  It’s being replaced again.

What? Why?

It’s too low. They’re gonna rise it up so that ships can pass under.

Actually, it’s under construction as we speak.  Come I’ll show you!


©Globe and Mail

Side by side they are at this moment until the old is dismantled… Love watching our tax money going to waste…

63 thoughts on “Rise Up – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #68

  1. Every story should end with a sentence that has impact, a call of action, etc. I have to say you nailed it with “Love watching our tax money going to waste…” that should get us all riled up.

    On another note, isn’t there something both majestic and frightening about bridges? I always hold my breathe until I am over them which if you have ever been to The Keys can be a challenge.

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  2. We have a similar situation at Brooklyn in NSW Australia. The small bridge still takes traffic on the old highway and the new bridge takes traffic on the newer (but now old) freeway. Both cross the Hawkesbury River. The new bridge could let all manner of boats under but the older one is much lower to the water. I find fishing under thr new bridge (although deafening by traffic overhead) more peaceful than from the bank. In the bsnk of the river, all manner if people cone up to you and rudely check in your bucket or ask if you have caught anything. As an introvert i abhor these intrusions…especially when the answer is no. Thanks for your story.

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    • That is so funny because I almost went with a picture of my son fishing under a bridge!
      How cool my fiction mirrors reality in NSW!
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


  3. I like this. It’s both twisted and funny… a kind of dark humour. It’s thunderful!

    If the Big Cheeses want to waste money, they could just give it to me. Then I could give it back at tax time.

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  4. Funny how this kind of thing happens all over the world- Bristol’s had a couple of bridges that were built, supposedly to serve a new arena that now isn’t being built. Bridges to nowhere.
    It’s frustrating, to say the least, especially when other services are being cut. Nice post, Dale

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  5. Q,

    Structures aren’t built to last any longer. When you think about how the Coliseum is still standing and buildings that went up less than fifty years ago are being torn down? Welp, it tells you everything there is to know about the state of our states.

    From buildings to bridges to baseball stadiums . . it’s the age of disposable everything. Here today and gone before you know it, because like you said . . it’s only our tax money burning and there is always more where that came from.


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  6. They did similar things here over the Hudson recently, building a new bridge right next to the old one and then taking down the old one in a controlled demolition thing.
    Here’s a video of it from last year – you can see the new bridge in the background –


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  7. That’s quite a take on the prompt! That be the Samuel D’ Champlain Bridge? The Champlain Bridge connecting Vermont and New York lived from 1929 to 2009, replaced in 2011.
    Here’s hoping these new ones are all keepers that will hold up a good long while.

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