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Where’s the Romance? – Friday Fictioneers

A week away and I feel like it’s been ages!  It’s Wednesday and time for Friday Fictioneers. This week Rochelle has chosen a photo from ceayr. Thanks to you both for your hand in this week’s party.  I was inspired by one of my favourite movies “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  Click on the frog below to add your own 100-word story inspired by this image… or simply check out the other submissions. There is a whole lotta imagination going on!

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Where’s the Romance?

What are you doing?

I’m Katherine, playing Sylvia, dancing in the Fountain of Trevi. Remember the scene? “No matter what happens…always keep your childish innocence. It’s the most important thing.” As her beloved ‘Fe-Fe’ told her.

You’re nuts. This is not Tuscany nor Rome and the fountain’s too small.

Oh, for heaven’s sake! Use your imagination, would you?

Well, I’m telling you right now, I am no Martini, playing Marcello, coming to help you out of it.

No, you definitely are not. There is not a romantic bone in that body of yours.

You’re being ridiculous.

And you’re a bore.





166 thoughts on “Where’s the Romance? – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ohhhhh….. not a romantic bone indeed! 🤔 [I hope they realize at emoji that this smiley is dangerous nowadays – touching our faces is forbidden!!!!!! 😉 ]
    It really does feel like ages!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Only one week. It seemed so much longer. 😉 At any rate I’m happy to have you back in the FFFold. Oh the pragmatists. They make it difficult for the rest of us, don’t they? 😉 Easy and natural dialogue. A Dale-esque Delight.

    Shalom and lotsa welcome-back hugs,


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  3. Ha ha! I can see this extended into “Oh, I’m in a mood for a stroll on the beach!” – “What? Now? It’s breezy! We’ll be cold.” – “Not if we walk very closely.” – “But it’s windy. Why would you want to walk on that beach at sunset? We’ll step in something. We’ll get sand in our eyes…” 😉
    Delightful bore you painted!
    (and … something tells me they might actually end up being together for 50 years …)

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  4. Too real!
    I read once that “Melancholics are very inclined to marry someone just the opposite of themselves–upbeat and cheerful–and then spend the rest of their lives trying to make their mate sober and sensible like themselves.”
    Sadly, your two characters seem to have slid into an oppositional-type relationship where they constantly contradict teach other. It’ll take effort to get back on a better track.
    (Pardon my analytical approach to your tale. 🙂 )

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    • It is! And I agree with you. I call the downers Energy Vampires and have learnt to stay away from them as soon as I feel that I am their “source” of cheer.
      And, how about we hope that the opposite happens, that she rubs off on him and he becomes more fun!

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      • It will if they can see themselves as ONE unit, working together for the good of both. If I have one regret in my own life, it’s not getting a good handle on that “we’re together in this.” Without that mindset, we so soon see our spouse as opposing our ideas, and tend to dig in our heels. (Okay, an old ciche.)
        I’m in a “pondering” mood this morning, so your story has given me yet more to ponder. 😉

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        • I can see that!
          I was lucky as Mick and I were definitely the “in this together” thing… His enthusiasm was so infectious, few were able to resist 😉

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  5. I loved that movie! You have inspired me to watch it again. Your writing is perfect because it fits what could be a true life conversation when happening across a fountain. I’m afraid I would be the bore in this story. Don’t think I would have the guts even if I had too much wine as Sylvia had. And I’m a little afraid my Marcello (hubby) would walk away and let me drown.

    My son, who inherited my dad’s sense of adventure, did get kicked out of his campus fountain for frolicking in the water. And he swears he did not see “Under the Tuscan Sun”.

    Fun piece!

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    • It’s one of my favourites. And I really must see “La Dolce Vita” in it’s entirety, which, strangely, I have not… Glad you thought it sounded real 🙂
      Your Marcello would need a Frances to urge him on 😉 Now I want to rewatch !

      I’m sure he didn’t need to see it to be naughty 😉

      Thank you so much!

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    • So funny. I JUST opened your story…
      And yeah… my guy needs Morris to show him the way…
      Thank you and nope. I’m single and do whatever I damn well please!
      Mind you, I was with my whole family but we did have a blast…

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  6. Maybe she could nudge nudge him into being a smidge more creative. I’ve just found out that the fountain is being barricaded from tourists. It’s good, though, that in their world they’ve been spared that problem

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  7. Methinks they love each other really, despite the boredom and irritation. Perhaps he’s a lot older than her and doesn’t want to let her down if things get amorous and certain things don’t work like they used to 😉 Not that I’m suggesting they try it out in public!

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  8. Q,

    This reminds me of a writer/non writer conversation. One person sees everything as a story while the other understands everything as a straight forward, black and white, prefabricated situation. While the former finds romance in the simplest of moments, the latter is simply booooring!

    Here’s to the quiet, and to the romance it possesses.


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  9. You were definitely missed! Yay to romance and boo to bores.
    I’m still play catch up from missing a few days due to lots of things. But I think I’m going to have lots of time to catch up now, since we can’t go anywhere. 😉

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    • How odd I missed this. Just got a like on this post and, because of WP issues, scrolled down to make sure there was no comment and found this!
      So much ha happened since your comment… my goodness…

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    • I cannot believe I missed this one, Russell! I was scrolling down because I got a random like (and WP is being stupid) and found you! Unanswered! So not like me…
      Glad you enjoyed it and yes, romance is where you find it.


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