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Breakfast at the Diner – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  I hope you are not all going stir-crazy in your homes while respecting your governments’ dictates.  Are you taking the time to eat meals as a family? Do things together? Take walks in the fresh air?  If some of you are like me and not able to work because a) you are quarantined (for me until Monday the 23rd) because of travel and/or b) your work is closed (as mine is at this point) then hey, let’s look at the silver linings and focus on other stuff while doing our part in sharing the love while staying apart!

In the meantime, we have stories to share on this photo provided by J.Hardy Carroll.  Thanks, Josh.  And thank you to Rochelle for keeping us busy, at least for a couple of hours, eh? Click on the frog below and read more stories or, better yet, add your own 100-word tale.

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Breakfast at the Diner

He came to the diner every day for a simple leisurely breakfast. Though he brought the newspaper with him, he barely read it, preferring to watch the folks sitting around him.  He especially loved weekends as there were more families.  The dynamic of these little units pinched his heart and constricted his throat.  Why did he torment himself with these images?  It was simple, really.  They brought him back to the time when he had the same thing. When he answered the endless “why” questions and she wiped their faces of sticky jam.  When they laughed and planned and dreamed.


138 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Diner – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    He sounds like a person worth getting to know. Maybe someone will ask to join him at his table. A full circle of life story summed up in a 100 words. Well done.

    Shalom and lotsa appetizing hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I like to think so. Maybe someone will. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing? Thank you!

      Shalom and lotsa friendly love,



  2. Q,

    This is one of those “pulled from real life” moments we’ve all witnessed at one point or other. Seeing a patron who sits alone and wondering how their life brought them to this place and what they’re thinking.

    Perfect use of this snapshot.


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    • It could, couldn’t it? It is sad but maybe also bittersweet… I have no idea on his backstory. I would love for that to happen, for others to drop by one day.

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  3. Sticky jam faces, what a memory. But now my jammy dodgers have dodged me. The only effect on me of PM Boris’s latest restrictions (schools closed as of this weekend) makes not a change to me… except I can’t travel out to snap those photos. It’s as well I’ve been hoarding them… loads of flowers and loads of fungi!

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  4. Sigh … There is much sweetness and a sense of sorrow along with, perhaps, a bit of belonging, in this piece. We used to have such a diner in my ‘hood’ – the same ‘regulars’ (including what some called ‘the parliament” of three men who’d come every morning at the same hour to the same table) and families and neighborhood people who’d come sit there for a bite of food and a good dose of connection. It closed some years back, to make way to a new development and a Whole Foods and tall apartment building above it, and I remember how sad we all were for the added loss of a home-away-from-home that the diner had been for so many.

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  5. The stories get darker and darker with every day – not only yours – let’s CELEBRATE that we are (still) alive and kicking! Let the man be happy, like this:
    ….sticky jam. Now they plan and laugh and dream with THEIR KIDS 🙂

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  6. What a sad story – and yet not without consolation. The diner is alone, and the story hints at tragedy, but he’s still able to delight in others love.
    Beautiful story, beautifully written, Dale.

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  7. What a beautifully melancholy and poignant tale!

    That’s me except from the opposite perspective. I fantasize about the family I hope to have someday. I’ve met a lot of people and had a lot of conversations that have lent themselves… been stolen for a lot of stories.


  8. A sweet yet sad tale.

    Hope you’re all doing well up there. As of this point, I’m working a lot. Lots of others are not though as so much stuff has shut down. Hopefully we’ll come out of this soon.

    Stay safe Dale!

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    • Thanks, Russell…

      I am not working thanks to my place of business being closed but that’s ok. I’ll use this time to organise my house – moved in on June 1st and still tripping over boxes.

      You stay safe, too!

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  9. Dale, this is a lovely slice of life through the lens of nostalgia. You write many wonderful pieces. It’s always a joy to read your work.
    Ah, so you are in quarantine, and it’s almost over. Well, it’s not that much different just isolating AMAP, and social distancing.
    I’m running out of sketching paper. I’ll just have to work on my next Art Gown.
    Take care!!!!

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