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Redecorating – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #71

A little light-hearted take on Crispina’s excellent challenge.  I played a bit by putting my picture first coz, well, I can and I felt it needed to be 😉 Plus, Crispina is so very generous and open-minded about these things…

Stay safe out there!


Querido, I was thinking of redecorating.  This place needs a good paint job to go with this upgrade of yours, don’t you think?  I mean, it’s great that you have built this wonderful porch with a roof so we can sit outside protected from both sun and rain. The colours are just so drab and the rust is coming through. It’s ugly.

What are you planning, Corazón? Any particular colour scheme in mind?

The other day I was taking a walk on the beach, I saw this little shed-like thing.  That’s what I want!

Uhhh…. Seriously?  A little garish, no?


61 thoughts on “Redecorating – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #71

  1. Oye Querida,

    Love what you’ve done with the old place. 😉 Bright colours all around. I’m up for a day that isn’t grey. Love the photo and the dialogo.

    Shalom and lotsa colouful hugs,


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  2. Q,

    I mean, I love her ideas but I also love his ambitious venture into whatever the hell that is plastered to the wall. Do the kids still call it “tagging”? Or am I dating myself all the way back to the Reagan administration.

    Or do I have it backwards? Is he the one thinking up different ideas and she the one introducing this “garish” possibility? Either way . . they’re gonna have to find a middle ground.


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  3. This brought a big smile to my face Dale. When I first read it I was on my phone and it won’t let me comment…is that a bummer or what!
    Anyway, I always get a kick out of your “stuff” and sometimes a tear.
    Love them all.

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  4. Rust was a stylish colour, never.
    Got a good chuckle out of this write. Thank you, Dale!
    Of course, I adore the street art shed’s colours. There is something fabulous about having art on one’s home.

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