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Rainbows, Smiles and Sunday Everyday

My last day of quarantine was yesterday. Thank goodness because, much as I am quite creative in the kitchen, I was starting to worry that things would turn drab as I was running low on pretty much everything.  You see, my family and I were fortunate to go on a cruise together. (Post about it to follow soon as I kinda got distracted on my return, for some reason.)  Yes, there was talk but it was faint and precautions were taken upon boarding and we sanitized everywhere we went so we felt pretty outside of the situation. Till we hit New York. Waiting for our plane the drone overhead was relentless as were all the TV screens.  We thought, shit… what the eff is going on?

Took it easy on Tuesday (11th) and worked Wednesday through Friday, receiving the stink-eye from a couple of the cooks.  Sorry, mates. We were not told to self-quarantine.  Until we were.  On Saturday, my boss called me to ask me to stay home just as I was texting him to say I had to stay home for two weeks from the arrival date, meaning, until the 23rd. All good.

I try to go out daily with Zeke for a walk, choosing less populated streets of which there are many.  Distances are kept and every “hello” is not only received but returned with a smile, to boot.  No one tries to get in ayone else’s space and that is fabulous. There are a few “rainbows in windows” campaigns going on and I have seen the proof. It is precious and beautiful to see. Most are handmade and even if not, who cares? It’s a lovely way of uniting us.

Speaking of uniting, it’s a mixture of disconcerting and heartwarming to see all the cars parked in the driveways, making every day seem like a Sunday, with people walking about, cycling, playing hockey (I had to assume this was a family who lives together).  You can see the distance between groups or individuals – a good sign that rules are being respected.

This last image was taken shortly before the ambulance arrived. You can see a person sitting on the ground with one helping her while others look like they want to go close to help (or snoop) but don’t dare – a good thing at this time.  I hope it was nothing serious.

In some places, I have finally seen signs of spring flowers working their way out of the frozen ground!  Not at my house just yet, but still. And, I’m surprised this photo turned out as it was so bright outside, I could not see a darn thing!

Speaking of every day being like a Sunday, that includes Sunday meals en famille, of which we have not been able to partake in a dog’s age because we all work different shifts and most of the time are at work when it should be suppertime. Sundays especially.  Soooo… with my “Empty the fride/freezer/pantry” campaign, I was doing a bang-up job…

Which brings me back to my opening paragraph.  Now that I was allowed to go shop, I did.  All in one fell swoop as I do not want to have to go out and expose myself more than necessary until it is necessary.  I was pleased to see that Costco had organised the lines – and were counting how many they let in: one goes out, one allowed in, keeping the numbers at, well, I don’t know how many, but judging by the space in there, it was quite low.  However, as you can see below, the peeps in front of me were certainly NOT keeping six feet between them.  I did and let the guy behind me know when he was in my bubble.

Got my goods and the staff did no bagging so I figured, no big whup, once I get to my car, I’ll do it there.  However. DISASTER! My case of beer was on the cat food bag and, unbenownst to me, and slipped forward until CRASH! It fell to its side and made like the Caesar’s Palace Fountain Show only sans lights and music!  I got a good beer shower as I righted the damn thing and waited as it did its thing. A kind samaritan gave me a half roll of paper towels and said he hoped I was thirsty. Um… These cans are 500 ml (17 oz) each!  Even if all six, yes, SIX, of them emptied half-way, that represents 1.5 l (3 pints) of beer – Not saying I couldn’t if push came to shove but yanno… it was a “bit” much and plus, they were room temp. So. I put a couple in the fridge and drank them – they were flat by then. Blech. and the rest is put aside for more beer bread…

Victims, a sad state of affairs.

After the horror of putting all my stuff away into the car, I had two more stops to make.  Some fruit and herbs and stuff that I can’t get at Costo. And what up, peeps? Has everyone decided to bake their own bread?  Not an ounce of flour to be found at either store I went to. And fuggedabout yeast… Yep. Looks like I’ll be making more beer bread should I run out of the store bought one.

The snow started to fall ever so lightly during my last stop.  The boys helped me empty my car and put away the groceries. By then, forget about cooking. I was spent and it became leftover time. And we had a variety (see above).

I was settled into an evening of watching “Lion” when I got a text from Linda: “Yo, Outside your window.”  Took a peak and waved, then opened the door, shouted for her to hang on, I’d get redressed and join her – yes, yes, six feet apart – with Zeke.  It was a winter wonderland!

Neither of us was upset with the snowfall. We know that March snows never last.  This was just about the prettiest snowfall we had all winter!  Of course, it’s officially Spring, so that must be it.

Nothing lasts forever…




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  1. Fabulous rundown on your end of quarantine. The food looks outstanding. That prime rib looks to die for. Glad you got a snowfall. Made the whole thing seem like a wonderland. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the beer. That is reason enough to cry.

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  2. Oh the fun and wonder of your writing….. the beer episode was leaving me wondering how much you are drinking…. the quarantine after your cruise.. I didn’t even think about it. Und that snow… magnificent.

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    • Hahaha! Glad you enjoyed. And please… I don’t drink beer every day but to waste 6 cans? That is enough to make one cry. We don’t realise just how much we had to deal with until we look back.
      And that snow… All gone. Not a speck left so I am even more glad that I went out!

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  3. Q,

    Nothing lasts forever, and this crazy . . and totally unprecedented time in our history will be in the rear view before we (hopefully) know it. But perhaps with something for each of us to take from it, and I don’t mean the virus. I mean, a lesson . . something they got back to, or something they learned. Something, anything, big or small doesn’t matter.

    That chicken fried rice, like everything else . . the roasted chicken(!) looks so good it would be hard to NOT have leftovers of the leftovers. In the same sitting. Just saying.

    And quarantines . . my God that is going to be the word of the year from Meriam Webster, don’t you just know it. And social distancing . . the highway signs flash that advice and I said to Ari that it felt very sci-fi movie-ish. There’s something about the term that’s creepy. Not right now, mind you. Right now we have to exercise that precaution . . as the guy in line behind you at Costco SHOULD have known. But rest assured, when this is all behind us, social distancing will be used in a sci-fi story. It’s kinda creepy sounding.

    I said a prayer for the lost beers. 🙂


    PS- And not just food, but captures. You really do it all.

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    • B,

      Nope, nothing does. And for many things, thank the Almighty. Yes, hopefully it will all be in our rear-view sooner rather than later and yes. Please, let us all take something from this: appreciating humanity, the planet, our time… something.

      Well guess what? Chicken fried rice with the leftover roasted chicken, then became chicken fried rice with an omelette over it then a gravy poured over top. Iain made it but I forgot what it is called. Some Japanese recipe. Gawd it was good. And tonight, more leftover chicken is becoming hot chicken sandwiches…

      I am at the point that the words quarantine, social distancing, the virus’ two names that I will NOT use here, are all becoming anathema to my health. Mental health. I haven’t driven anywhere except to the stores yesterday and my work today to get my paperwork and didn’t see signs except “no loitering, no grouping, no playing in groups, etc.” and can imagine exactly what signs you mean. Actually, erase that. I DID see signs flashing on the highway once we crossed the border… about number to call for info on *** Yes, it is very creepy. The whole damn thing is creepy.

      A tear from John and me and a prayer from you. At least I was able to salvage some into more bread and something else, to be determined…


      PS – And hey… I do what I can, as often as I can 😉

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      • Just reading about all the places in this world where this break in the action has led to clear waters and insanely low levels of air pollution. Maybe we can stand to be a little humble, at how nature is top of the food chain. Not us.

        Oh my Gawdness. Colonel Sanders called . . he wants to come over for dinner. After it’s safe to do so, of course.

        Driving this afternoon with open roads, no traffic anywhere. All the stores shuttered. Then taking some back roads on the way home and so many people walking. Everywhere. It’s creepy, it’s humbling, it’s hopeful, it’s . . God, it’s so many things.

        Thank goodness for the healing qualities of bread, yanno?

        PS2- You do it so well.

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        • Yes. The Earth is seeing a change in her atmosphere: less pollution, returning wildlife. Oh, I so hope we do eat some humble pie and help her to continue to heal.

          Sorry Colonel… ain’t nothing deep fried ovah heah. However, not saying he wouldn’t enjoy this. Maybe.

          Must have been really weird. I didn’t encounter much traffic on my drive and oh man… Dogs have never been so walked in their lives, never mind their masters. Mind you, maybe not a bad thing… keep that weight under control because between couch-potatoing and eating? Ain’t gonna be perty later.

          Yes. Thank goodness for bread.

          PS2 – You are always so generous.

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          • Whether it happens now, after or in the far away future, it will happen. The earth will never be claimed by us, and it would be okay to recognize this.

            He wasn’t strictly about the fried versions. Sure he had his brand, but let’s face it, the man loved him some tasty chicken, no matter how it was dressed.

            I’ve been staying pretty active and am back on my running full time regimen with stationary bike slow downs. Plus stretching, weights and meditation. And water. Because beer and chips are nice, but I don’t want to give in to that. Rewarding myself for a good week is better.

            You knows of what you speaks of.

            PS3- MUAH!


  4. Loved everything about this, Dale, from sharing your repast virtually to that GORGEOUS snowfall. It’s been in the upper 80s here in south Florida these past few days, so a cooling snow was wicked refreshing. Stay safe!

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    • Thank you, Lori. It was insanely gorgeous. We kept stopping, breathing in, marvelling and saying how beautiful it was and how happy we were to walk withing this enchantment…
      And uh… of COURSE it’s in the upper 80’s now. We had so hoped to get an extra beach day in. Nope. Cold, windy, rainy…
      You too!


  5. Thanks for the update. I’m glad you and your family are all well. These are strange times. I was going to order groceries online, but the next slot wasn’t available until April! So my husband went out during “senior hours” this morning. Not much flour here either, and also no yeast. You know people who’ve never baked before are suddenly trying it! 😀 Sorry about your beer, but enjoy your beer bread.

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    • Glad you enjoyed. And yes, very strange times.
      I dunno how much I would like buying on line. What do you end up with? Bruised and tired fruit?
      It is kinda cool that people are trying to bake. Would that I had your skills!
      No worries. I’ll survive 😉

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  6. My son’s girlfriend was with him for a couple of days. A couple of days after she returned home, she developed a slight fever and a cough. It didn’t last long, but long enough for my son’s employer to tell him to stay home for the next week. He is not to return until it’s been two weeks since the last time he saw his girlfriend. He has no symptoms and is fine. I guess this is what we do these days.

    As you know … any pictures you want to post that include your dog, snow, or some combination of both is just fine with me. But your negligence with respect to the beer … shameful!!!

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    • Yes, this is what we do these days. I gave a shitload of hell to my son who invited friends over in my backyard. Of course, I am hysterical and ridiculous over the “sniffles”. He left in a huff and upon his return was told to get his ass into the shower his jacket in the garage, his clothes in the washer, Funny, He did that.

      I would love to give you more pictures of snow but sincerely hope they will wait till next year. It’s time for tulips!
      As for the beer. I hang my head in shame that I did not secure the case. My very bad.

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      • My wife delivered groceries to her 92-year-Old mother at her seniors residence. A couple of days after we heard a rumor that one of the employees had tested positive. My wife has recently become asthmatic. When she can home I suggested a bleach bath. She refused. I then told her how angry I was that she went into that place knowing somebody had tested positive. Turns out the rumor wasn’t true, but we only learned that a day or two later.

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        • Ah man. And that’s what happens with all of this. Rumours, truths dismissed, outright lies.
          I can imagine your anger…
          I don’t get stressed or freak out all that easily but I was shaking (more mad than anything else).

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  7. Dear Dale,

    Someday we’ll look back on this and laugh…or at least look back on it as a time when sickness united the world’s population.

    Wonderful blog as always. Thank you for sharing your life so generously.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs from a safe distance,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      We might laugh at parts of it. And yes, one of those times where the world was united.

      Thank you, my friend. I wanted to share some good during this time of stress.

      Shalom and lotsa making this world smaller love,



  8. The beer, the poor beer! The tragedy, OH, the humanity! I salute those brave six who sacrificed themselves, shielding the rest from harm. The crime scene photo made me gasp with horror, pray that the golden fluid’s stain will soon be washed away…

    Please, excuse me as I collect myself, sniff…

    I’m sorry, I was overcome. I’m happy that you returned home safe and healthy. I wish I could drop by for dinner, that’s quite a freezer and pantry you have Dale!
    I hear ya about flour and yeast, I made a sourdough starter just in case.

    The snow was beautiful and will be gone in a day or two, let spring begin.

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    • I know. I KNOW!!! I could not help but share the scene of the crime, trying to garner an iota of sympathy. At the very least, the remaining golden liquid was put to use.

      I hope you are properly collected now.

      I do love to cook. Between photography, cooking and writing, I don’t know which I love more.

      Funny, a friend reminded me she gave he her sourdough starter. Man, if I start now, I ain’t making bread until my birthday! Mid April… Sigh.

      It was beautiful and is already gone. Let spring begin for realz.

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      • I s’pose you made the best of the tragedy, beer bread sounds good. I love to cook too, maybe I’ll make some.
        I’d send ya some sourdough starter, but it might be tricky getting it across the border. Might need a smuggler.
        Stay well and raise a glass!🍻

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        • I did (usually do, actually) The Beer bread was so easy and delicious. I’ll be trying different varieties, like cheese and herbs…
          Yeah, Janet was supposed to send me hers a bazillion years ago but life gets in the way. So I’ll just try hers eventually.
          Right back at ya. Cheers! 🍻

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  9. What a great post. Glad you got out of quarantine if only to find bare shelves and endure a beer tragedy. I lucked into a bag of flour yesterday and always have yeast, so it’s pizza time! Like you, we got our biggest, prettiest snowfall on the first day of spring – and gone by day’s end! Love the photos and the food looks incredible!

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    • Thanks, Eilene. I wanted to share the positive side of things. I found some yeast in the back of my pantry (expired Nov. 2019 – but I know we can wake it up and there may be a chance…) Pizza… that’s another thing to add to my list of things to make.
      Yep. Snow today, gone tomorrow.
      Thanks, glad you enjoyed my share of my two favourite things.

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  10. Those poor beers … They’d do really well in some cooking, ya know, flat and all.
    Loved the post. And sending hugs your way – Happy end-of-quarantine to you!! From your generally-self-isolating-because-that-is-the-new-york-thing-to-do-now friend! 🙂

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  11. Glad you’re able to come out of quarantine and do your shopping. People all over are behaving quite civilly, from what I hear. Maybe we needed this in some unfathomable-to-humans way?
    snowed here last night and this morning, too, making our scene totally white, much like the pics you posted. Heavy wet snow — the farmers’ delight.

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  12. Dale, your blog echoes so much of what is going on in the UK only it sounds to be as though Canada is a little bit more sensible and better-behaved. Boris Johnson had to come out, make like a softly-angry headmaster and spell out the rules. People were treating the start of lockdown like the start of a holiday. And there was crazy panic-buying. I am told it’s settling down now and the shops aren’t so short of staple good. As always, you put your best positive spin on your situation but the beer – could things get any worse??? Our Spring is a-comin’ in here in Hampshire and the last few days have been bright and beautiful. As you say, your March snowfall will not last long – and nothing last forever. Doing indoor exercises this morning, shimmying round the kitchen to “Valerie” after a warm up to “Let Your Love Flow”. If I don’t collapse it’ll be “Viva la Vida”. All ready for my virtual uke band meet this Saturday.

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    • I dunno how much more sensible we are here. The store shelves were empty of the toilet paper and hand sanitizer here just like everywhere else. I didn’t witness it as I was still in quarantine and respecting the orders.
      I do try to put my positive spin on things (without naming the thing in question 😉 ) But that beer… the spectacular spray… I probably would have taken a picture if I hadn’t been in the middle of the lane, and already wet with beer… 😀
      The snow was gone by 2 PM
      And that is a great way to exercise. If I didn’t have one son sleeping under the living room, I probably would do the same… then again, I just might start up anyway 😉
      Ooooh, A virtual uke band meet. I love it!


  13. I love your snow pics and how beautiful to have that walk on fresh snow – even if it didn’t last long! On a note: my goodness, when you cook, you cook!!!!!! And well, ‘leftovers’ has a whole new meaning when it comes to your kitchen!!!!! 😉
    It’s a brand new way of living, isn’t it?
    But we’ll get over it.
    It’s as if the whole world is taking a break – and maybe that break was needed, as a short pause to take a breath. 😉

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  14. Well now – welcome back to the current version of the crazies. Trying to catch up during times like this is full of mishaps and adjustments – huh …. see above – but you made it … but that beer mishap is heartbreaking. Meanwhile, yum … you can cook for me anytime.

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    • Yep. Current version of the crazies – squared!
      I made it. And that beer mishap is rather heartbreaking indeed.
      I would love to!


  15. Lemons into lemonade — beer into beer bread. That sounds good (IS there such a thing?) Actually, your whole post shows metaphorically how you’ve made a lemon (sour) situation into lemonade (lots more sweet). Spending time together with family is one of the pluses of these lockdowns. On my walks (far away from everyone) I’ve seen families play together, hike together, SMILE together. And then home to cook and eat together. Your final ending, with the snow and the adage “Nothing lasts forever” is perfect. Neither the snow, nor the virus.

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  16. Smiling…
    This is all heartwarming Dale. But of course, leave it up to our Dale to brighten it up.

    I love you rainbow window collection, so precious.

    And hey, that person who shared paper towel is s hero. Paper towel is a precious commodity right now.

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    • So very glad you are smiling.
      I do what I can….

      Isn’t that so precious? I had to share.

      He was. The darn thing was soaked through just by lying next to the soggy case. Very generous of him to share, like that (trying not to laugh at my predicament and failing miserably… but that’s ok because I was laughing, too. I mean, what else is there to do?)


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  17. It seems like everyone is getting such mixed messages these days, about whether they should self-quarantine, and what that means, and for how long, etc. I’ve had to go out for a couple doctor appointments to follow up on my eye surgery, and out to the pharmacy for prescriptions, and a visit to the grocery story for fresh food. Some people are keeping social distancing (especially at the medical offices) and others are not at all! At Rite Aid, they used red tape to mark out six-foot rectangles on the floor where you wait in line, to keep people from bunching up like that. Brilliant! I wish everyone did that.

    And yes, apparently everyone is baking, based on how they’re hoarding flour and eggs and milk. I’m still eating leftovers from the freezer until my vision recovers a little more. I’m drooling at your food, as I’m very much looking forward to being able to COOK again — which I haven’t done since a while before my first emergency surgery (Feb 17). I’ve been basically sheltering in place ever since then, so I have many weeks of head start on everyone else, lol…

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    • Yes. I didn’t want to write about it because EVERYONE is but I did have to share my tale. I wish they used tape at all the stores that are open because people just need direction.

      Eggs and milk are ok, but the flour and yeast surprised me. Why it did, I don’t know as I am one of those who was determined to start baking bread… like everyone else, apparently. Cooking is my meditation, to tell the truth. I just go to it when I am bothered.
      Good luck with your healing!

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      • I would love to be baking, myself – I can definitely see the appeal, between being stuck at home and the weather continuing to be cool. But it’s a terrible idea for me, because I have to keep to a low-carb and especially low-sugar diet to help manage my diabetes. So my only excuse for baking is if I give away 90% of the brownies, cake, cookies, banana bread, etc. to my friends and their kids — and that’s not an option now, bummer. 😦 And after learning what bread does to my blood sugar levels, I just gave up baking bread altogether. Too tempting!

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        • I get it. I have resisted making bread because… my arse doesn’t need it. I can resist store-bought, but homemade? Nope.
          And yes, you can give it away. Wrap it up, leave it on the porch… 😉

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          • I am considering the option of leaving it on the porch. I have a reputation already as the Cupcake Fairy, responsible for bags of cupcakes mysteriously appearing on my friends’ doorknobs. But these days a lot of people are worried even about touching a bag that someone else touched, in case it still harbors virus. I know people who get their mail with gloves on and put any packages they receive aside for one or two weeks, just to be sure. I’d have to check with each person to see what their personal interpretations of the restrictions would be.

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  18. Your food always looks so good! I’m going to have see if I can find a recipe for beer bread although our latest news states that we’re running out of flour and yeast due to all the bread baking.
    I’ve been sheltering in place for two weeks. The messages are so mixed here because the politicians and the greedy don’t want to pay attention to the scientists. In fact, we have some who are calling for older people to sacrifice themselves (die) in order to save our economy. We are going to have to go shopping again soon, something I am dreading, and I have no intention of sacrificing myself for the good of the greedy.

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  19. Your “leftovers” creations are gourmet. Glad you got out of quarantine and had a great walk with Zeke. Gorgeous photos. My word game ladies and I are keeping strict social distancing from friends and family while we stay home and get our dose of human contact playing our game. As you say, this won’t last forever.

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    • Thanks, Ina. I did get out, despite my quarantine, just kept my distance. I was nice to buy groceries though stressful at the same time.
      Good on you. My friend just told her son that he can no longer come over to work out in her gym. Gotta be strict!

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  20. Yeah, what’s up with that whole ‘we’re out of flour’ thing too? TP I get (not) but flour? Ugh. Last summer I was pushing an overloaded cart to the car from Costco and the bagger put the bins of berries on the bottom shelf instead of the bags I brought which naturally popped out all over at the first bump in the parking lot. I was so bummed because they had looked so juicy and lovely but was astonished to see a clerk run after me with a fresh new bin. I do love Costco.


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