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Still Life – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome, Readers!  It is Wednesday and time to get away from the news for a few minutes. Yep, this week, Rochelle has challenged us with Jeff Arnold’s lovely image. One that she, by the way, turned into a beautiful painting.  Should you care to add your own 100-word story inspired by this image, click on the frog below and add your link. Easy peasy!  Wanna know the rules? Click on Rochelle’s name and get ’em while they’re hot!

Still Life

She placed her “Writer’s Life” items just so, hoping to create a lovely still life to photograph. Two of her three loves were photography and writing; cooking was the third. Why the hell did she place both a cup of coffee and a glass of wine? Right, silly.  Coffee for the morning writing session; wine for the afternoon-to-evening one.  Her subconscious mind seemed to understand all the elements.  She took her pictures then sat down at the desk, reaching for the glass of wine as she mulled over her life.  Could she make a living by combining her three loves?


152 thoughts on “Still Life – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    I thought maybe she was having a two for one special kind of morning. Begin with coffee and end with wine or . . . vice versa. It’s the either/or of my current mood as per these . . . now we call them “luxuries” because it’s an as supplies last kind of reality we’re all living inside of.

    Still Life. I love that. A deeply seated reckoning the writer comes to when advancing an idea into its best clothes. Perfectly apt for this look inside a chica writer’s world of food, photography and words.


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  2. To make a living doing what we love, isn’t that everyone’s dream? That’s why I spend hours sitting here, staring at my computer. That’s why the keys are worn smooth on my old computer.

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    • So sorry I missed this, Björn. Thank goodness WP is still having issues so I had to come here for another comment and found yours.
      I like to think she will


  3. Dear Dale,

    You and me both, sistah. At any rate there’s no greater joy and than doing what we love and making a living at it. (Okay…so I make some pocket change. 😉 ) Love the way you told the story.

    Shalom and lotsa artistic hugs,


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  4. OK, she could create edible paper, where the typed bits are seasoning, and take photos of her typed pages. Add video of her eating the paper and she’ll be a multi-media star!

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  5. I hadn’t noticed the coffee and the wine. I wondered why references have kept cropping up in the stories. Full marks for observation, and for giving me pause for thought as to what else would make my perfect scenario for writing.

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  6. You better not get that coffee and wine the wrong way round or you’ll be tipsy in the morning, wide awake with a caffeine rush at midnight! Work be amazing to combine those loves together – fingers crossed she makes it happen. Keep well, Dale

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    • So sorry I missed responding Susan. I just got a comment and with the WP issues had to go down the line and found this!
      Glad you thought it was clever!


  7. Perhaps she could. On the boring end of the spectrum there are cook books. More exciting there are travelogues, working with local chefs on their regional specialties. Magazines. etc. etc. I’m sure she could.

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  8. This is definitely a time to challenge ones self. I am already seeing some great ideas. These are challenging times, but often such challenging time can bring out the best in many people.

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  9. A living is possible!
    So, you become a coffee importer, make great money and can just write freely, creatively, while drinking wine.
    Or, drink lots of wine, do wine reviews, get famous for your wine wit and drink coffee to sober up in the morning.
    Perhaps, you could collect & sell old typewriters. I just saw a show on that. There’s $$$ in it right now. Even Tom Hanks collects. Then you could drink wine &/or coffee any old time you wanted.
    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head!
    😀 😀 😀

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