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Checkmate – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #72

Welcome to Crispina‘s weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN

Here’s how it works:

Every Wednesday she posts a photo (this week it’s that one below).
We respond with something CREATIVE.

If you want ideas on just how creative you can be, click on Crispina’s name above, she provides a whole slew of ideas.

Well, hell. Normally, I like to find a matchy-matchy picture. THAT was not gonna happen this week! Though I did look… ya never know, yanno? So I am sorry but I don’t know why I went the way I did.  Blame it on the TV’s in this house playing various movies and such… maybe…



“This doesn’t look anything like the chess set in the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry.  You must be mistaken—”

“No, it doesn’t, Ron but it is. You led us properly back then, and you can do so today! The only way we can remove the plug and get to the Goblin’s Golden Shoe is if you help us get these pieces to move and then together, we remove the chain. Hermione, you must have the right spell for that one, yes?”

“I don’t know, guys.”

“Oh please! You are the smart one of this trio, eh Harry?  You can do it, Hermione.”

“Yes, you can do it.  First things first.  Ron, it’s our move.”


113 words of silliness


72 thoughts on “Checkmate – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #72

      • Well, you can imagine how her students love all the Harry Potter stuff she has in her classroom (that they probably won’t see again this year). I only read the first book. I keep thinking I’ll read the rest. . .


  1. Quite imaginative, Dale. But that’s no surprise. Honestly, I know little to nothing about Harry Potter. Never read the books nor saw the movies. I liked your piece in any event.

    Shalom and lotsa happy hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I dunno how imaginative but hey, first thing that finally came to mind 😉 Glad you enjoyed despite your lack 😀

      Shalom and lotsa love,



  2. Q,

    I have no idea how you got THERE from here, but kudos with a capital A plus for tinkering with a capture and finding your inner sorceress in the doing! And yes . . I pronounce Hermione correctly these days . . .

    Once again, you rock the casbah.


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    • B,

      I have no explanation for it other than those bollard things kinda sorta look like pawns. And well, Iain has been watching the Harry Potter movies and I guess one “Expecto Petronum” extra was enough to send me there. And, so do I… 😉

      You are muy generosa!


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      • Bollard is an interesting word, isn’t it. Scandinavian origin all the way to the Brits, who . . when you say the word, you go “Yeah, that’s the Brits alright,”

        They DO look like pawns. And just the kind of thing the kids at Hogwarts would find themselves right in the middle of. Her-MY-Onee . . just letting you know I got that pronunciation down!

        Well, I don’t know about the spell Harry might cast. But yours is undeniable. Because when I read you up, I . . . wait for it . . Expecto some great stuff, and I’m never disappointed.

        Me tryo!

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        • It is and when it came time to look through my photos, I could not for the life of me remember it. Is it really? Muy interesting…

          I thought so. And yes, you do know how to pronounce her name 😉

          I am rather pleased you thought so, pun included.

          You succeedo.

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          • We are constantly learning. Ain’t that grand?

            Oh, tell me about it. Thank you movie version for letting me know that it is NOT Her-mee-own…

            I beg to differ, young man. I pun terribly. You, however, are rather proficient at it… So, dunno about this whole sarcasm thing.

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          • Yay us!

            If not for the movie, I’d still be saying it wrong.

            Maybe I’m just a natural at it, I don’t know. Although it would be strange, since I have no ancestors from Canada . . .

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          • Yes. Too bad others don’t try to a little more…

            So would I – until I said it out loud and got laughed outta the place by those who know…

            I think you are. And the world is a small place… for all you know, you may have after all…

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          • Dreaming is good.


            Ummm… I’m thinking you might not realise that this supposed “Canadian” trait is not limited to Canada. I’m thinking a Heinz 57 such as you has definitely more of a chance than one such as I who can only count Scottish and French in her genes….

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          • When we wake up, the division will be more insidious than ever. So mebe it’s best to stay asleep, LOL.

            Just because I’m of bastid lineage don’t mean they had a sense of humor. In fact, I can imagine they were quite humorless unless they were swimming in potion.

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          • You have a point… Imma head off to the couch for more zzz’s, then 😉

            I think it is BECAUSE you are of such lineage (I refuse to apply that term to you) that you have a great sense of humour (spelt prooperly)

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          • The conservatives are using Fauci as their punching bag now and the democrats are begging Obama to cut Biden out of the race before they blow 2020. So yeah, the powers that be are going to have their way with this period in our world’s history. I shudder.

            It’s okay, I’m quite used to the word, LOL. And you think?

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          • Gawd almighty… Of course they need to cut out the one person making any sense. Shuddering in concert with you.

            I know you are. And I always say what I think.

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          • Right. And if that happens, the problem remains in the narrative the democrats have failed to carve out over the last three and a half years. A new face ain’t gonna help if the message isn’t one of unity within the party.

            You do say what you think 😉

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          • That’s why it’s best to make examples in the every day rather than look to others for our example. What with celeb bashing dominating Twitter and Instagram as peeps get pissed at “Gated community” pep talks, and tribal conflicts in third world countries and riots happening in places where the essentials are sparse, it would be impossible to think positively IF you believe that to be the truth.

            So we make it our responsibilities to be the truth, simple as that.

            Ugh with the dems. Very disappointed. I think we need a real third party.

            Very good 😘

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          • Yes. I keep hoping that this thing we are going through, all of us, all around the world will help us to do just that. We can’t let those things be our official reality. I don’t get how celebrity bashing has become such a thing and all the resultant crap that is brought out because of the “rights” people give themselves.

            Yes, we make it ours. I agree.

            I keep hoping, something, someone is gonna galvanize ’em….

            Glad you think so. 😘

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          • It’s like after September 11th. So many peeps thought it would be a turning point. That people would become more understanding and the divisions would no longer be so vitriolic. Welp, that didn’t happen and if anything, things got worse. I think for a variety of reasons it will be the same way here. Different dynamics of course, because this time the whole world is affected. But the resultant good stuff will be available in pockets, not universally. And hey, it’s something.

            Me too, but what are they waiting for?


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          • Welp. Here’s the thing. You’re right about 9/11. And not to minimise it in any way, shape or form. The world felt the pain of 9/11, most of us from afar. And yes, this is a totally different dynamic – we are ALL in this together. The world over. Maybe that will be the thing. And yes. The resultant good stuff is available in our pockets. And no, not everyone will dig inside theirs but we can.

            Damned if i know!!


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          • It’s gonna be disappointing for people who think the world is going to turn into a kumbaya class. That’s never gonna happen. But yes, pockets. It’s like the quiet being where the good stuff resides.



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          • Oh hell no! Stop smoking that funny stuff! Or maybe we should make the world over take a puff…
            Pockets. Quiet being. Lots of good stuff if we want.



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  3. Now that you mention it, those do look like pawns, and yes, I can see how the chain might be some complicated puzzle, and… why, of course this is a challenge worthy of Harry Potter and his gang! Fun response, Dale!

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  4. Just what I needed today! ⚡️💥Silliness is usually underrated, but in this time of virus, it is more than welcome.
    Are you staying safe?
    It’s gotten crazy, and the line between lockdown and lockup is very blurry!

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