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A Shed of One’s Own

Wow… would you lookit that. Me, combining two prompts. Who’d a thunk? It’s like this, see.  I have been trying to find an original way to use Crispina‘s fabulous photo (since Thursday) – including finding some of my own to accompany it (which I did) but the words would not come.  Merril told me hey, dVerse today is a quadrille – a poem in exactly 44 words, not including the titel – in which you must use the one word provided.  So I did, Today the word is close.  After a day out there, and despite many kind comments, I have revamped this. I didn’t like it.

A Shed of One’s Own


A room of one’s own, said she

It’s but an excuse

To close out distraction

And let her thoughts roam free


House is too crowded, she cried

Must escape the noise

A shed in the woods she found

‘Tis the perfect place to hide



154 thoughts on “A Shed of One’s Own

    • And Thank you!
      ‘Tis my second time participating. Merril’s Prosery was my first and she is the one who pushes me to “work” my poetry gene which is sadly lacking. But hey, I keep plugging at it. I do like the freedom of the Quadrille, I admit.

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  1. It’s being forced to be shut in that burns me up. If I wanted to I would run a mile, but if ordered to run, every stride is agony. I used to dream of having a writers tower (now with an elevator), to have the privacy to write. In my old age, I can block out distractions anywhere. Welcome to d’Verse; a fresh voice, a new pair of eyes.

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  2. Q,

    I had to read this a couple times before the pattern hit me. IS there a pattern or has my mind officially decided that this whole social distance thing applies to it as well? I think there’s a pattern, the rhyming first and fourth line, tell me I’m not crazy?

    A She/Shed where she can write, meditate and find her Zen? That sounds like a commune with her inner self. I love it.


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  3. I think many people now adays would envy anyone that had a little place to hide alone. I know some people are isolated alone but others are with family 24/7 now and don’t know what to do with each other.

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    • That’s for sure. It’s amazing how small some homes must be feeling right about now. Me? Not so much. Boys hang out in their rooms, leaving me alone in my living room or kitchen – they come out to eat and then disappear…

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        • I so get you. I can’t help wondering what this whole situation would have been like with Mick, my late husband. WE probably would have driven each other nuts at times but something tells me we would have found the silver linings.

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