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Top of the World – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  Thank goodness for Friday Fictioneers or we’d have no idea what day we are… Mind you, that in itself is confusing, isn’t it? Wednesday for Friday… Oh well, just trust me. Go with it. A little feel-good towards our fellow man and woman today.

©Roger Bultot

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Top of the World

“Hullo, Ralph! Everything good?”

“Yes sir, Mr. Bertie. This way, please.”

“Let’s go, Rosie. I’ve got a surprise for you. Bring your cart.”

Ralph led them to the service elevator, pushed the top button, handed Bertie a bottle of wine. “For you. Remember. Midnight, Cinderfella!” With a wave, he left.

Once on the rooftop, Bertie led Rosie to a table and emptied his own cart:  ripped sheet as tablecloth, candle stubs, which he lit, plastic cups, and left-overs he received from some of his restauranteur pals.

“We’re on top of the world tonight, Rosie! You and me and no street.”




135 thoughts on “Top of the World – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    I can’t get the song out of my head.

    As for the movie, Lady and the Tramp . . I’ve never seen it. It’s one of those films to which I go “How have I never?” Especially considering my little sister was such a big Disney fan, and still is.

    ALL that said (I blather on, sorry), I love how you used the capture for this wonderful escape from reality. It’s something everybody needs a little bit of right about now, and maybe a little bit more than a little bit.


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    • B,

      Would you believe it didn’t enter my mind at the time I titled it? What the hell?

      Ah well… I wasn’t really thinking of the movie, when I wrote this, to tell the truth. And you have so many movies to catch up on 😉 Course, you’re not a huge fan of the Disney animations, so..

      A that to say, Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my little sappy story


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      • I can absolutely believe it. You were probably in laser focus mode at the time and all you could think about was nailing the 100.

        No, this is true. And I became that much less the Disney fan after getting the bill from our trip back in the aughts of 2000, LOL.

        Beauty of a story.


  2. This is fabulously sweet! I love this in so many ways! I can see this made into a lot more than this snippet of delicious tale! (yeah, maybe a novella or a full length novel?) – well painted, my friend!
    And … yes, I’m all too aware of the homeless these days. The City is trying to accommodate many in hotels, but it is not simple, for the many reasons that it is never simple … Oy.
    But this … this little story — is absolutely divine! 🙂

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  3. Finding every little bit of joy we can in the little things is what it’s all about! 🙂 Great story…. I can just picture my elderly neighbors doing this if we had that kind of roof, that is.

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  4. Love this, Dale! Love the photo. Rooftops in New Orleans is what it reminds me of.

    This scene you created reminds me of a scene from The Lady and the Tramp. The spaghetti kiss 💋

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  5. The little things in life are often the most beautiful and profound. This is a reminder for us all to appreciate just how ‘rich’ we are. My favourite read so far today – love it, Dale!

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  6. Oh, this is so sweet. Until I read the other comments, I didn’t realize they were homeless; I thought they lived in the building. I did wonder what he meant about “no street”, so I guess I was just slow on the uptake today. But his gesture to the couple made it even sweeter. Very nice.

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    • Hey, Dale, I’ve had people, well, not complain exactly, just telling me that when they click on my comment, they get taken to my Amazon author page, not my blog. I mean, I want to sell books, but that’s not what we’re here for! So I’ve been checking when I leave a comment. So far, clicking on “Eugenia Parrish Author” took me to my WordPress blog. This is the only place so far that linked to my Amazon page even though it SAYS below the comment box that I’m commenting using my WordPress account. So I figured out how to change it, but can’t imagine why it would say I was commenting using my blog but the link took folks somewhere else totally not WordPress. Weird, huh?

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    • Well looky here! Long time no see, Kent! How are ya? I dunno what they got in their containers… maybe pasta!
      Glad you enjoyed and hugs accepted and returned!


      • Thank-you, Dale. Yes, I posted a story, but a re-written one. Still, that’s the artistic trip, isn’t it? I told The Queen a couple of weeks ago, “Gee whiz, I miss all those crazies. If I had any imagination, I’d join up with you all again.” She laughed, naturally, but then I thought, “Why not?” So, here I am. Hope you like the story — and if you remember it, it’ll be even better! 😀

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  7. You have so many nuances of feeling in this story. Upbeat, a bit of joshing, some ‘make do and mend’, romance, appreciation of the food and the kindness – how do you squeeze it all into 100 words?

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    • Aw shucks, Penny! Thanks for seeing all that! I was just trying to show the kindness of some folks making two homeless people feel worthy…


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