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Outta Here – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #75

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve participated in Crispina‘s fun challenge. Trying to spend a little less time in front of the computer. Not really succeeding but still trying.  Got inspired by this one so just had to go with it!


Outta Here

“I gots dreams, yanno? Just coz my folks chose to move to this god-forsaken cold, rinky-dink, fish-stinkin’ place, doesn’t mean I have to stay here, do it? I’s tired of freezing me arse off from October till May. An’ after that spending all my time haulin’ and guttin’ and freezin’ fish.  I’m done. I am outta here.”

“What’re ya at, Billy? Talkin’ to yerself? Why’s this dock such a mess?”

“I’m lookin’ at whats I gots ta get rid of and whats I gots ta keep, Charlie. I’m gettin’ da hell outta here and goin’ somewheres the sun always shines and I’m not cold to me bones!”

“And how ya gonna get there?”

“By boat.”

“That boat?”

“Yeah, why ya ask?”

“Ya gots ta cross da Atlantic, fool. Yer boat’s too small!”

“But my dreams are big!”  He showed Charlie a picture. “I wants this!”

‘Ya gots the boat right…”

72 thoughts on “Outta Here – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #75

  1. Yep, your boat beats my boat. Reading your story I kept seeing the Scottish women who followed the herring fleets along the English coast, many ending up in Yarmouth (when we had a fleet). They stood in the freezing cold, on the quay, to gut and pack the fish

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  2. I know the feeling…. feel the same about my piled up cardboard boxes…. (apart from that, my life is just fine!)
    Great story…. and good luck to the chap! Billy, you gotta think BIG.

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    • I was wondering who you were! New image for your gravatar threw me off! 😉
      The joys of moving. Not (I still have boxes in my room and basement…)
      Ya gotta think BIG if you wants changes!

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      • Even I can’t find myself any longer – but I can’t very well keep my Eiffel Tower any longer when I’m outta there…. can I?! Tomorrow will be a huge day for me, my bro-in-law who knows no fear and lives, with my sister on less than a shoestring, will make some serious money by assembling (cross your fingers…. he manages) our long awaited shelves for our remaining few hundreds of books, our music, another line-up of business files, and hopefully with some space left for our linens….. The packs with ‘hundreds’ of parts arrived today. I might yet live to see this flat cleaned up and made live-able…

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  3. Great story for the prompt, Dale. Here’s luck to Billy – hope the seams in his boat are chinked with putty or ’tis goin’ to be a wet steam 🙂

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Ya gotsta dream big and then sail after ’em. Hope he can look back on this day with pride. At least you can look on the story with pride. Love the dialogue. This is it!

    Shalom and lotsa aspiring hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Ya gots to! As we know, dreamins’ but part o’ it. He’s gonna have to work at it.
      Thank you, it was fun to write.

      Shalom and lotsa dreaming for more love,



  5. Q,

    It’s all about the boat we use in getting where we wish to go isn’t it? Of course, the boat is a symbolic vessel, but it’s no less important. Because you gotta ask the pertinent questions. Are there holes in my wishes? Can it withstand storms that arise out of nowhere? And most importantly of all, will it stay afloat for the long journey?

    You’ve got some great dialogue going on here. You should do more of that.


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