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Weekend Writing Prompt #153 – Obsolete

Good Saturday, my peeps. I hope the sun is shining for you like it is for me!  Would be nice if there was warmth attached to the rays but hey, I’ll take it anyway!  While my first attempt at sourdough has been set aside to do its thing, I figured it would make a good subject for Sammi‘s prompt. Of course, I’m feeling like such a cliché, such a follower, so like another Tom, Dick and Harry; or rather Tina, Dawn and Holly (Sorry, I refuse to accept there is no female version) by joining the ranks of those attempting breadmaking for the first time.  And, like so many others, since yeast has become an item in high demand, therefore, ridiculously difficult to find I, of course, have to go to the next step, which is sourdough. Right?

Breadmaking, for many

is an antiquated art

reserved, at most,

for professional bakers

Isn’t it funny how

seemingly suddenly

it is no longer


150 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #153 – Obsolete

  1. Dear Dale,

    There does seem to be a resurgence of interest in bread making lately, doesn’t there? As a matter of fact, I found a gluten free challah recipe I think I’m going to try out. I used to bake bread all the time. At any rate, my comment has already exceeded 24 words. Loved yours. Definitely not like every other Tina, Dawn and Holly. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa much kneaded hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      You beat me to the comments! I actually read yours whilst still in bed and then it came to me what to write so I hurried to do that before! Oooh… do keep us posted 😉
      So glad you enjoyed!!

      Shalom and lotsa leavened love,



  2. Very nice poem 🙂

    I tried bread-making before all this, and it was pretty fun. It’s nice that people are getting back in touch with cooking. It can be so relaxing!

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  3. Love you point. Besides, making bread is one thing, making good bread is another. So much in the US is pathetic compared to the breads in Europe. On a side note, when I first saw the prompt, a slide rule immediately came to mind.

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  4. I tried the sourdough starter years ago (what a pain) and bread making until I pulled a stupid move and gave myself a second degree burn. I decided buying bread made so much more sense! But yours looks yummy. Good luck with the starter!

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    • Oh dear me… Let’s just say that it took me a looooong time to finally try to make my own bread – for the simple reason that I love fresh bread and my behind would start to show it (more). Will be interesting to see if I have the patience to go through with it!
      That bread image was a regular, quick-make-with-yeast style – which frankly, I could see myself making regularly.

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  5. Q,

    Nope, you’re not nuts. You’re just really, really, really good at kneading the words into a sweet spin . . twenty four! Words. Done to a turn.

    And no, bread making is by no means obsolete. It’s just another thing that humans can do, and do well. They just needed a reason to get back to it. So really, to my way of thinking, bread making is symbolic of the best in all of us. And that’s the whole thing right there, isn’t it? That we’re learning about ourselves, all over again.

    As for your bread making skills, you put the art in artisan. Same goes for these challenges. 😉


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    • B,

      Not nuts, eh? That is such a relief to know. And I am glad you think I am good at this here type of challenge.

      I know it was a total cheat to say bread making is obsolete. Let’s just say for many people it is a newfound skill that they never, ever, would have tried if not for what is going on. And it is rather cool that peeps are connecting to these “lost” arts…

      Let’s just say that I am a work in progress!


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      • Well . . . okay. You’re not totally nuts. Is that better? And you’re not just “good” at these challenges. 😉

        So you’re sneaky on top of being cheeky, huh? That is a killer combination right there.

        I think it’s the small things that make such a big difference in a time like this. Yanno, this generation has something they can look back on and say . . . “We lived through something that had never happened before . . not in modern times”. And it’s the little things that will be talked and written about.

        I’ve got an “in” that knows better. 😉

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        • I’m okay with being some level of nuts. And thank you, you biased one.

          I know it 😉

          Yes, this is true. The stopping to take the time for all the little and not so little things: cooking a meal and sitting down together as a family – it had become a luxury with all of our crazy schedules. Making bread, which, I feel is an act of love because you have to take the time and nurture it, is something I am definitely going to keep with me.

          That you do… 😘

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          • I think it’s necessary in today’s day and age.

            You’re right about the act. I mean, I haven’t made bread in forever, but even just a simple thing like paying attention to the detail of making dinner JUST right. It’s love. This time has allowed peeps to slow down and to see that love.


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          • That is for sure!

            Yes, cooking, in general, is an act of love. And if nothing else comes from this crazy but that slowing down and sharing the love, then all will not have been lost.


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          • I believe you. It is very much a true thing… I have been making up for lost time in the kitchen. I like to think the boys will look back on this (OK, maybe I’m dreamin’) and think man… it sucked being locked up but we sure ate well – Mom sure showed us…


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          • Mom always shows em, in good ways.

            That bread you make . . I want in. And if you really, truly know how to core a pickle, then mayhaps shots are on as well? And egg and corn chips . . and . . .


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          • She sure hopes they see…

            Oh, you are IN like Flynn! And you can bet those pickles are gonna make an appearance. And I’m counting on egg and corn chips and whatever else we are inspired to bring to the party…


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          • They do, are, will . . . .

            I gotta ask. How did Flynn get in? And what was Flynn doing that he got in? And most importantly, was Flynn in cahoots with someone else?

            Imma up the ante on the eggs and corn chips. I already have a few ideas . . .


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          • Melange goes in the word file.

            As for Flynn, the dude has clout. He’s always “in” whereas the light is constantly going out. As in “out like a light”. Anyone who can one up the sun? Don’t mess with him.

            Me neither


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          • It is a good one, eh? Course here in Quebec, it’s just a regular word.

            Flynn does indeed. And “out like a light” – I’d really like to get closer to that ‘un. Would be nice for the light to go out when I hit every night.

            Sweet. Always better when both sides are on the same page (not that I doubted in the least)


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          • Of course. 😉

            Out like a light would indeed be the preferred sleep method. Of course, nowadays I am going to sleep IN the light, so yanno.

            No doubt whatsoevs . . .



  6. Do you know it takes like 20 days to make sourdough? My wife’s doing it. I’m a firsthand witness. I had no idea. It’s incredibly work-intensive, but the final product (including the smell) is so satisfying.

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  7. Completing a challenge while writing a compelling post, now that is talent! By the way, this comment is also twenty-four words in total! 😁 not anymore. By the way please join my blog too, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

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