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44 words exactly to participate in this week’s dVerse Quadrille challenge by Mish. How could I not, when it says:  Welcome to the Q (my nickname by a certain someone)?  This week’s word is flush and I’ve given a little trio of free-form vignettes, if you will.


A monochrome day brought to life

With trills of invisible birds

Flushing air with colourful sounds

A bright blue cloudless sky

Sun shines without warmth

Yet ground flush with new growth

A daily meandering walk

With ageing canine companion

Cheeks flush with simple joys

90 thoughts on “Moments

    • Why thank you, Missy! So glad you enjoyed…
      It didn’t turn out the way I thought it would (in my head last night) but hey…


    • Thank you, John. So glad you liked my mish-mash of words to images…
      Zeke (easy mistake) is such a good boy… Old guy is slowing down big time…


  1. Q

    Nailed it!

    I don’t have any blessed idea what a quadrille is, but I do know you nailed it. Wonderful rhythm to this piece, as if we’re walking with you as the monochrome gets pulled back to reveal a splendor only spring can produce.

    One critique, mayhaps? If I may? Your liberal use of U . . . it’s sorta like that candy/chocolate bar . . Montreal vs NY bagels . . . I dunno. 😉

    Beauty of a post just the same. 🙂


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    • B,

      Thank you! As I have learned, a Quadrille is a poem consisting of 44 words. No rhyme or reason or rules – which is great, coz frankly, I ain’t too good with the rules, even if I keep trying. So glad I did manage to get a good rhythm going and nothing makes me happier than to be told that I managed to bring you with me.

      Yes, yes, I know, dear. The U’s do perturb you. And you will learn that a chocolate bar is made principally of cocoa whereas a candy bar is just sugar of all sorts… as for the bagels, I’ll learn ya!

      I do appreciate that you managed to look past my discretions and found some beauty.


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      • Q,

        It’s a cool word, and so of course I dig it for more reasons than the one. And the fact that it doesn’t play by any set rules? Primo. 😉

        There are certain (traitors) among us Muricans who do in fact, call it a chocolate bar. I feel as if maybe they’re being paid by the peeps on the other side of the fence, but I can’t prove anything. As for the bagels, I’m not saying I can’t be wrong. 😉

        SO much beauty.



        • B,

          Of course you dig it for many reasons, not the least which is the fact that it has no rules… I kinda dig it for that reason, myself.

          Traitors, eh? I’m thinking they may be traitors from Canada who have moved ‘cross the fence. Or maybe they are reasonable as well, I won’t continue pelting you with this 😉 The way I see it? There is one way to settle the bagel debate… get that passport in order 😉

          SO appreciative!


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          • As per writing, no rules equals the good stuff. 😉

            Maybe it has something to do with the great wars of the early ’80s in which Canada revolted and spread a vicious rumor about Michael J Fox being from . . oh never mind.

            Pelting? Another good un.

            Being that I haven’t had a New York bagel in forever, I might forget what a bagel is supposed to taste like in the first place!

            Me too.


          • This is driving me nuts – I have to come into the administration part of the blog to respond to you! WP gremlins are not being kind to my fave…

            No rules equals good stuff – especially when you are doing the writing 😉

            Don’t even!

            Pelting… and here I thought perturb would garner more than a glance from you… 😀

            That can be settled right quick. You can bring bagels from New Yawk and I can bring bagels from Montréal and we can have a taste-off!

            Sweet talker, you.

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          • Further proof that WP gremlins do not discriminate. They can strike at any time, and they are absolutely ruthless when they do.

            You sweet with your talking. 😉


            I went right past perturb and settled myself on pelting. Not sure why it happened that way, truth be told.

            A taste off! Well, we are just gonna have to assume NY bagels are better since I ain’t in the vicinity. 😉

            I learned it from you.


          • They do not and I am not pleased with them. They are so NOT cool right now.

            I do try.

            G’head… laugh. I kinda like it.

            Ah well. All good.

            Are you telling me that whilst on your drive there are no places where some can be picked up? I think you just know it’s not worth it.

            I’m thinking you were already adept.

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          • It’s everywhere, as you have since learned. Which actually, in a messed up way, makes me feel better. I thought it was just us!

            You do . . . you do

            I ain’t laughing. Any more.

            Bettah than buttah

            No, I’m good.

            Adept is another keeper

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  2. Dear Q (if I may),

    This describes the loooong walk I just took…sans the companion of course. But my cheeks are flushed and my heart is happy. That’s the your lovely 44.

    Shalom and lotsa sunshine filled hugs,


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    • Of course you may 😉

      Thank you for that. I am so glad this resonated and that you enjoyed my 44.

      Shalom and lotsa flush-enducing love,



  3. Okay…. you realize that Zeke is the winner here right?!!!! I mean, in every way! 😉 It’s like this… I read through and smile to your beautiful words and then I get to Zeke’s photo and my face lights up! 😉
    A big hug to both! xoxo

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  4. YAY! I’m so pleased that I introduced you to dVerse and quadrilles!
    I should point out that a quadrille can rhyme and/or be written in a form, such as a haibun, if the poet chooses.

    I liked all three of your moments–simple joys that shouldn’t be overlooked. ❤️

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    • Yay! So am I! I will only participate now and again as I cannot help but read ALL the participants’ entries…
      Yes, I do realise that it is rather open to pretty much any style that fits within the 44 words. I am not a poet in any true sense of the form so the wide open, no rules works for me 😉

      That said, I am so very glad you enjoyed my simple joyful moments. I was planning on going another way but realised that I should have done the prosery instead! Oh well. 💖

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  5. Aww, I enjoyed each moment! It was refreshing to read your quadrille broken down into a trio. A handsome companion you have there as well. Thanks for joining in. 🙂

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