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Dreams – Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday is here again.  Blink of an eye and time to get that muse working. Regular like clockwork this Friday Fictioneers is.  And a good thing these challenges keep us somewhat on track.  WordPress is being a dick with me (and others, I have since learned).  Comments are not showing up in the notification bar so I have to go back into the post to respond. Have no fear, I shall do so!  Till then, let us thank c.e. ayr for his photo of a photo and Rochelle for her reminding us what day it is!  Click on ze frogue below to add your own 100-word story or to read the other participants’ takes on this lovely image.




She was done hanging on to dreams that were never going to come to fruition.  Talk, talk, talk. That’s all they ever did.  Every time she tried to make a plan, excuses were offered.

“That’s it! I’m not waiting for you to participate in what I thought was our dream.” She threw the poster to the curb.


During her evening walk, Layla spotted the photo of Paris. “Oh! Wonderful!”  She looked around, not wanting to appear a garbage picker, saw the coast was clear and took it home.

“I can now add to my dream board.  Paris, here I come!”


151 thoughts on “Dreams – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q

    Layla from the Eric Clapton song?

    And why not go? Ain’t no reason not to go where she feels like going, right? It’s not fair to either of em to hold to an idea like that if they ain’t holding to it together. At least, that’s how I sees it.

    To Paris. And Eric Clapton. Both.


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  2. Dear Dale,

    This one strikes a chord with me. When only one half of a pair is allowed to pursue his or her dream, it’s time do something. I’ll leave it be there and say good for Layla. I’m looking forward to her snapshots from Paris. 😉
    Wonderful story. Honest and straightforward like the author.

    Shalom and lotsa dream-filled hugs, ,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It’s amazing to me how often this happens. My father’s girlfriend dreamed of going to Paris the whole 23 years they were together. He refused. Brought her to places HE wanted to see, though. I’ll just leave it at that.
      Good for Layla. She is her own woman who will get to where she wants on her own. Discovered my inner Layla in 2016…

      Shalom and lotsa dreamy love,


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  3. I absolutely love what you did here, Dale!
    Paris is second on Layla’s list. She’ll be in Japan next spring, assuming our world achieves some state of equilibrium by then.

    I didn’t hear of the Clapton song till after we named her. I’ve always wanted to have a daughter and to name her Layla.

    Did I ever tell you the meaning of her name?

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    • Thank you, Merril. Layla will for sure and I like to think the first person is going to start preparing for her own. Something tells me Paris was not it .


  4. I love the contrast between Layla’s happy, carefree, perhaps naïve attitude, and your first character’s determined pursuit of self-knowledge.
    The way you linked them through the photograph was most ingenious.

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  5. One person’s garbage is another person’s garbage they take home.

    Paris is my dream trip, which is kind of outlined in my story. For the first time in my life, I have the money. Oh, Notre-Dame burned. The world shut down. Hmmm…

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    • It’s often the way, is it not? Some stuff out there is definitely save-worthy.

      Yeah, it’s a pain in the arse. I got your ‘like’ but had to go fishing for your comment…


  6. At the start of last year I took myself to the Pacific Northwest for several weeks, stayed in an Air BnB, all on my own. Out of that came a song that I have recorded and perform with my duet partner, an 8,000 story published by Owl Canyon in Colorado, USA (so exciting) and a continuing love affair with the city of Seattle. I love the sentiment in your story – dream your own dream and follow it. Life will pay you back in spades.PS I am having WordPress problems too – maybe because the world and his wife are on the internet. Dunno but its frustrating. I always have to make two entries to be able to post on sites now.

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    • Love it. In September 2016 I set off for Tuscany all by myself. No songs or published works came out of my trip, though 😉
      But yes. Dream your own dream because no one else can for you.
      See? Your comment ended up in the right place. So annoying to have to go onto the post to see if a like was accompanied by a comment. I sure hope they resolve this.


  7. Yes, the thing about ‘collective’ dreams huh? No such thing!
    However connected and ‘in tune’ a couple, it’s hard to share a dream.
    We say over here, for the joys of freedom: “Dance by yourself and jump as much as you want!” 😉
    Beautifully written!

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  8. Dear Dalia,

    Dreams sometimes get trashed, or the back burner is so far away you can’t reach it. Still it’s fun to fantisize about traveling to exotic locales. Especially, when you have sometime unique to wear. 🙂

    Looking forward to dining on your porch someday.

    Happy Quarantine,


  9. I have no idea why I remember, but Layla was the name of Elizabeth Taylor’s first grandchild 🙂 Useless trivia taking up space in my brain!

    The idea of hand-me-down dreams is actually pretty cool. One man’s discard is another man’s hope.

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    • Oh, Linda… if we were to dig into our trivia-filled brains, we’d have enough for a novel!

      I kinda liked that one person’s dismissal became another person’s catch.

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  10. Funny, but what struck me is that after raging about being held back, her response to finding the photo was not to buy a ticket to Paris but to add the photo to her dream board. Amongst all the other dreams? Makes me wonder if she’ll really ever go on her own. Very thought-provoking, I think.

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  11. I feel two stories here. The first of unhappiness/frustration as her dream is tied to another that doesn’t share it, and the second of a woman who is embracing and chasing after her dreams. Two whole different story thoughts in 100 words. Very well done Dale!

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