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Location, Location, Location – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #76

Good very late Thursday my peeps… well, for the next half-hour anyway!  Crispina’s lovely photo (third one – my bad) made me think of faeries right away but then she, herself, Crispina, that is, wrote about faeries and I thought, damn, so much for originality… After a little back and forth between the lovely Crisp and I, it was determined that I could still, which I knew I could, but yanno…  So… I did my thing – going through my photos trying to find inspiration and lo! It came to me in bits and pieces (or is it in holes in trees?) You decide!


Location, Location, Location


“Hello, you two!  I have arranged the visit of three homes that should fit the bill. Shall we?”

“Lead the way, Sereia!”

“This first is a condo in a lovely highrise, giving you a beautiful view of the river. ”

“Oh. No. We don’t want to feel like we’re living in an apartment building!”

“Right, no problem.  Let’s go to the next one:  a very simple triplex. Top unit. No one above you yet you are part of a small community. The rooms are spacious and you have a fabulous view of the park.  What do you think Aerwyna?”

“Honey, this is nice, isn’t it?”

“Well, yes, Magus… I do like it, but… condo fees? Do we really want to deal with that extra headache?”

“Never mind, you two. I saved the best for last!  A small cottage in the woods, no neighbours, no fees, peaceful.”

“Where do we sign?”


Word count: 150


65 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #76

    • Thank you. So am I, to be honest. This is only a fraction of my photos (the ones sent up to Google photos) and I do a search, say “train” or whatever. I am often surprised! 😊

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  1. Q,


    You clever, cheeky monkey, you. Interestingly, the creatures of this great big world have many of the same preference as we do. Which means we should be cooperating with them more than we do sometimes, eh?

    No fees and plenty of privacy? Unless there is a trap door, this is slam meeting dunk.


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  2. This is so clever! I love it! I can even imagine the characters looking around for a new home. Good decision about the cottage in the woods! I am glad I’ve found your blog. Happy to read 🙂

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