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Madame Lou Graham – One A Week 2020

I just had to share this one, with thanks to Jilly for being inspired to share her poem that reads like a song.

Sugar on the Bee

This post is dedicated to Dale of Friday Fictioneers. FF is run admirably efficiently and lovingly by very talented and generous writer Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and Dale’s posts are fabulous slices of life and always a great pleasure to receive. If you want to write a hundred word story from a photo prompt, FF is for you.
This week Dale posted “Dreams” which reminded me of my several weeks in Seattle in early 2019 – and my fascination with a lady called Lou Graham who valiantly assisted with keeping Seattle financially afloat back in the day. Lou’s business sense, extraordinary generosity and intelligence (she valued education above all else) made her a true City Mother. There is more to read about Lou in Bill Speidel’s funny and informative love letter to Seattle, his excellent book: “Sons of the Profits”.

Madame Lou Graham

Gentlemen, good evening, I hope you’re feeling bright

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22 thoughts on “Madame Lou Graham – One A Week 2020

    • Dear Rochelle,

      I was sharing more her beautiful poem than the fact she surprised me with the dedication! I am glad you enjoyed Jilly’s poem!

      Shalom and lotsa love, shared,


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    • Oh stop it, Jilly. You are far from a bad writer. Your poem, which reads like a song, is wonderful and you were beyond generous in your praise. You were inspired by something I wrote which sent you into the vault that is your wonderful memories which inspired you to write! I think we are all winners here! And, by the way, your comment came in thrice so I deleted two!


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