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The Next Chapter – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #77

Good Thursday afternoon/evening, Peeps!  In looking at Crispina‘s lovely photo, I eschewed my usual “look through my own gallery to find a matchy-matchy” and instead have chosen to do something I almost never do.  A part two!  Yesterday’s Friday Fictioneers sent me down one path and today’s CCC sent me down the next one.  They are both stand-alone, but should you wish to, part one can be found here.  No pressure! If you wish to read other stories or poems inspired by this lovely cottage, click on Crispina’s name above.

The Next Chapter

That snowy day at work in February had set into motion a desire to change her circumstances.  She spent hours reflecting on what she enjoyed doing and how she could put those joys into a profitable living.  Retirement wasn’t an option yet (dammit) but the thought of throwing herself into some job for the next ten-fifteen years made her shudder.

She loved to entertain and to cook.  She also loved her quiet time.  How to balance the two?

While perusing the “Want Ads” she came across the picture of a little cottage.  An affordable one.  In the country but not too far from the city.  “That’s it!  I know exactly what I want to do…”

And so she sold her home, purchased the little cottage and opened up her Air Bnb, which also offered suppertime meals. When it was time to vacation, she simply made it unavailable.

Win? Meet, Win.


89 thoughts on “The Next Chapter – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #77

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Wouldn’t that be grand? For sure, your room will be available! Glad it made you smile… Dalectable, eh? Love it…

      Shalom and lotsa Dalectable Love,


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  1. Q,

    Some people really look forward to retirement, or at least, to the idea of slowing things down. A cottage in the countryside would definitely quality on that count, me thinks! And an air BNB at that, which is kind of refreshing. The idea of the air BNB’s coming back sooner rather than later.

    And ‘eschew’ . . . it’s going in the file!


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