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Running Diary and Mother’s Day

I was going to do little updates on my running highs and woes as a little footnote on blog posts but then felt they didn’t belong tagged onto prompts so I resisted.  Now, I have three sessions’ worth! Enough to merit their own post. Sorta.  Though this makes it a too-long post.

I am surprising myself with my commitment to this running biz. Every two days, rain or shine, ass-freezing cold or sun. Okay, let’s be honest, the only rain I have encountered thus far is a few drops at the beginning of one run and even less at the end of another. Real rain?  We’ll see how much of a wuss I am! I did, however, run through some snowflakes so that makes me a warrior, right?  Said snowflakes didn’t even last a second once arrived at destination (ground) but still.  Right?

Wednesday’s (May 6) run was it was warm enough to do without a jacket and I found a little fanny pack for my phone, the armband still missing.  I am so very pleased to say that not once did I wonder “how many more miles” so to speak and got all the way to the other end of the secret garden. Though I was managing to breathe rather well, I was running out of gas and may have fudged the last 10-15 seconds of the run part on the last two sets.  Out of guilt, I added another 2.5 sets to make up.

Random picture taken during my walk back. Will be noting the evolution

On Friday, I had to get up early as my car was being towed to the dealership. It died and no matter what we tried, would not start. Fun stuff. Not. This also meant I had to get my run in earlier as I knew, if they were able to fix it (which they did), I’d have to pick it up before 3:00 pm.  It was damn cold.  I also joined a 30-day 15-minutes/day free workout program I found on Facebook.  Betty Rocker Challenge.  Oh boy!  This is gonna be good!  I love how she has variations on each move to match your fitness level.  I am especially glad that I lost any ego I used to have which would make me do what I shouldn’t.  I did that workout – man can a person sweat in fifteen minutes!  Put on my jacket plus my ear warmers and out the door I went.  Since I had already more than warmed up, I started to run immediately.  Surprise, surprise, this was my best day, yet! Phone in my pocket, I never once looked at it.  The first two sets are still a bitch but by the third all the way to the tenth, I was good. Because I had started right outside my door, I made it just to the entrance of the garden before turning back.  I reached the park where the above bud was pictured – and forgot to take an updated pic – and decided I would tack on three more sets again.  I even ran around the “skating rink” to give myself more room to run off the asphalt.

I realised in the last few running days that I catch my breath faster so starting Sunday, I was going to reduce the walk time to 1.5 minutes, keeping the running at 2.

While walking Zeke, I got a call at 1:30 saying car was ready so had to cut the walk short.

Bye-bye car!

And that brings us to yesterday. Mother’s Day. Does that mean I slacked off? No siree!  This chick is on a mission!

Iain got up early (any time before 3:00 pm is early 😉 ) and made me his fabulous cheffy scrambled eggs.

I then putzed around on the computer, giving myself time to digest before hitting the 15-minute workout followed by my run. Oh. Em. Gee!  Betty! Can’t the Full-Body Explosion happen on a non-running day? Sweat and cursed my out-of-shapedness.  Bundled up and out the door I went.  Again, the run started outside my door. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  It was fucking cold! And the wind… good gawd, the wind!  How was I supposed to turn the inner dialogue off and not give up right away? The litany of “keep going”, “don’t give up”, “around the corner, it will be better” just went on like a broken record.  Again, first two sets – murder.  Wait! Shit!  I forgot to change my walk time to 1.5.  Damnation.   I changed it.  Now I know I could have easily set it to 8 sets, having done two, but thought, no… let’s just start over.  My steps were short, my pace was slow but it was in a forward direction, so there’s that, right? Right.  Though I am fairly certain I saw a turtle pass me, look back with a snort and said “slowpoke”.

Pretend those clouds are the wind…

I did not make it as far as I had on Friday but I did manage to refrain from looking at my timer all the way. Why is this so hard?  Oh yeah, that little thirty seconds less of recup time made quite the difference.  Plus, like the proverbial camper who changes seats only to have the smoke blow in my face, so did the wind shift. Ugh. Once I made it to the park that tells me I am almost home, I decided to add that one extra set as the last three runs included three extra.  Why not? Besides, look at that path. Isn’t it lovely and inviting?

Stretch and shower and off to visit Mom.  I had her yeast to deliver and brought a case of beer for Yvon.  We took all the necessary precautions. I opened the case, had her take a couple beers out and then put the case aside to “air out and release the virus” so to speak. We washed our hands, sat at either end of the table and toasted motherhood with glasses of wine for us and a beer for him.

Got home around 7 pm and Iain prepared his feast of homemade linguine with seafood in a creamy sauce. He was so displeased with his efforts, he is planning on a do-over.  I, frankly, love all the effort he made for me.  We then had the most delicious coffee and brandy crème brûlée for dessert (my picture sucks, the angle was wrong, but trust me, that caramel was burnt to perfection).  I then sat on the couch and thought I would die from over eating.

Thanks for staying till the end… I promise to ramble less, next time.  Well, I will try not to, anyway.



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  1. Q

    The running part is one thing . . but now, to add the workout regimen to this mix? THAT is how Betty rocks it, for shizzz. And the results are already being seen, and hopefully the most important part- them being felt- will happen as well. Because that’s what comes to matter as you move down this road. To feel better, to be healthy. It’s everything. The looks . . they’re pretty fucking great. But remember health, first.

    As for the run, I find that the days that suck end up being the ones that keep me running. I mean, I can run in a perfect, sunny 75 degree day with no wind and okay, fine . . whatevs. But what of the shitty, 30 degree day where the winds are whipping my face and I feel as if I’m not going to make it out of the driveway? When I complete my run on THOSE days? I know I’m doing something right.

    And the Mother’s Day feast by your own personal chef? MUCH deserved.


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  2. I am in awe of your commitment, and your willingness to ‘be real’. Not to mention… that coffee and brandy crème brûlée – oh my. Salivating here.

    I used to run long distances. Even ran marathon but my favourite distance was the half marathon. It didn’t matter the weather, my state of mind, how distracted I was by running with someone else, weather I was running with music playing in my ears — those first 10 minutes — a bitch. Really. Really awful.

    And I LOVED running. It was my drug of choice.

    Now, I walk and I love it – I am also working with a trainer to try to reclaim some of that lost fit and well-being feeling I used to have (not to mention lose the excess pounds that glommed on when I had to give up running).

    Sorry that this is an epic long response but I just wanted to say – I love your running diary shares. You remind my that my body is made to move, craves it, needs it.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Entertainment and the salivation! 🙂

    Carry on running on!

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    • Ah Louise. Thank you! And I am rather pissed at myself for rambling on so long that I forgot I wanted to link your beautiful Mother’s Day post to mine. Send people over to read that beautiful piece of writing. That crème brûlée was the bomb!

      I was never, EVER, a long-distance runner. Speed, yes. I was tempted to get the music on but I really enjoy the sounds of nature – once my own breathing gets under control, that is 😉

      I am hoping I learn to love it. Good for you on doing what you have to do to keep healthy. Don’t even talk to me about the extra pounds. Ugh. Funny how easily they stick and how hard they are to unstick!

      Please, I love that you got into your response! It’s the best part of blogging. The exchange!

      Ever so glad I entertained!

      Will do. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention I can barely move thanks to that workout!

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  3. Hmmm and ‘weather’ should be ‘whether’! The writer in me is grinding her teeth at the error. 🙂 The painter, who is currently waiting for paint to dry on a canvas and is typing with paint-splattered fingers says… give it up Louise. Perfection is highly overrated and only a figment of your mind. 🙂

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    • Pffft! While I know EXACKERY how you feel, don’t sweat it. I’ll take whether/weather over were/we’re any day 😉
      Now, back to your paining! 🙂

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  4. Dear Dale,

    I doff my chapeau to you in honor of your determination and discipline. Love the personal chef. Lucky you. Although my BBQ carryout was (is) magnificent. (2 meals worth of leftovers…1 down, 1 to go.)
    Believe, me, your post isn’t overly long. I can direct you to a couple that are. 😉 Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

    Shalom and lotsa day after mother’s day hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I thank you and I take pleasure in the kind words directed my way. Yes, very luck to have my personal chef although that BBQ carryout sounded delicious!

      And… I cut some of it out and it still ran over 1K 😉

      Shalom and lotsa Mother’s Day love,


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  5. Wow, Dale! You are doing so well–wonderfully. I’ve been trying to walk nearly every day, but totally not if it’s too windy or rainy (except the day I got caught in the rain). . .
    It’s great you got to see your mother in person, even if you still had to take precautions. Such is life now.
    And how wonderful that your son made you delicious meals, too!

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    • Thanks, Merril. I am rather pleased with myself. And so hoping the rain stays away on my running days!

      It was great. Technically not supposed to but she was willing to take the risk, she said. We still were smart about it.
      Yes. So very appreciative. He’s a good cook!

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  6. I admire your staying power. Every day I say I’m going to get out there. And every day the computer claims me. It’s not that I’m not working out at all, but it’s in the warm, indoors. Though (excuse) I am still nursing the back. But, good on you, keep running,

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  7. Taking it from the last run… I still admire your determination! Well done and what a great son treating mom so beautifully!
    While running or walking, I’ve noticed there are some days you think you’ve covered more mileage and yet you haven’t, and from the moment you notice this, it’s like meters just get longer and longer! [same way as the wind shifting! 😉 ]… but there are the other days too! 😉 Happy Mother’s Day, Dale [which is EVERY day! ]xoxoxoxo

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    • Hahaha! I love you, Monika. But I’ll keep on trying this running thing. Who knows? Maybe I’ll learn to like it (note, I don’t go crazy and say run…)
      This 15-minute bootcamp is great. I think 15 minutes is just about the time I’ll allow!
      Warrior! Wooop!

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  8. Running? Trying to keep up with DK?
    I miss my miles, but the ankles are full of arthritis. Just don’t overdo it. 30 miles a week or so should be a good start 🤣🤔

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    • Oh hell no!
      Remember? A turtle passed me. Plus I won’t do two days in a row…
      I do, per run, about 8-10 km (say 6 miles) 3 X one week 4 X the other. So max. 24-25 miles. Wow. Now I’m impressed like hell with myself!!


  9. You go!!! Proud of you. Happy for you!!!

    Now, I need to get you to accept the beauty and wonder of running in the rain. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

    I’ve been trying for three mile runs every day possible. Today was my third day in a row of a run of about three miles. It’s not really a run. It’s a slow jog. But today, for the first time since I re-started a few weeks ago, I was able to do the whole thing without a walking break. I’m not sure why — yesterday, I needed three walking breaks and finished it walking. One of the many mysteries of life, I guess.

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    • Thank you, Mark!

      Oh, I don’t think I will mind running in the rain when it is more than 45-50 degrees out 😉

      Good for you. I will stick to running every other day. My knee and foot are holding out so far and I don’t want to push it. I feel no need to be a daily runner. You have to listen to your body and it will provide!

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  10. Just here to tell you that I’m not getting any of it…. not what you write about the running, stepping and all. I just think you are masochistic and try to outdo Dave 😏😉
    Do you,? You 2 spend so much time together, running, games, talks, eating ice cream…. you crazy guys.
    Although I admire your stamina, I mentally disengaged until we came to your son’s cooking….. there we were in total agreement. I always cook, HH loves eating but has no notion of the way the finished product got to that glorious stage 🥗🍤🍷🍽
    He does know how to pour the wine though….

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    • Hahaha! Kiki, you are so funny! I was always athletic until the past few years. I can’t go to a gym, I have nothing at home. Dancing around is great and all but doesn’t feel like I’m working my muscles. I do not love running (though I hope that changes). I could never compete with Dave because I only run in 2-minute spurts with pauses of walking in between.
      He has whupped my butt at games and might have decided he’s done with me 😉 Ice cream – he’s in a class all by himself!
      I love cooking and eating and drinking – ergo, must burn off those calories. I ain’t getting any younger and damned if those calories like to stick way more than when I was in my twenties. Seems I have to work twice as hard to keep it under control!
      As long as your HH appreciates what you do that’s great. My kids appreciate mind and I appreciate theirs.


  11. Main thing is that we try to stay as positive and happy as humanly possible….. I wd love to be as svelt and beautiful as I was once upon a time, but I have to accept being too short for my weight (heavily so) or start doing what you do. And I haven’t got any willpower in that direction….

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    • Exactly that, Kiki. You are beautiful. Don’t even try. And the important thing is to be happy and comfortable in your skin. If you live mostly a healthy life, you are rocking it.


      • Merci ma chérie. I would love to be 20kg lighter but I am also too comfy and probably too lazy to make that effort. I have one sis who is SO determined in her zeal to be svelte that we other siblings just don’t even call her during her fast and exercises because we CAN’T BLOO.Y TAKE IT…. 🤨😏

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        • That’s a big drop! I am aiming for 10 kg myself. But no, not at a zealous rate like your sis. I am not going to drop my wine or my pasta 😉 Nor am I in training for anything. I just want to be in better health overall. 😉

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  12. Oh right! the Running Diary…. not a running diary.
    One shows Dale’s grit and determination. The other would reveal all kinds of Thunder’s secrets.
    Keep it up, Dale.
    Oh, Happy Mother’s Day… belated. ❦
    Your tree is gorgeous!!! (got your mail!)


  13. Aw! The wonder of new cars. Usually so reliable, but when they die they are dead. I hope it’s nothing too serious. Great photos.

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