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Leave Your Hat On – Friday Fictioneers

Welome to Wednesday! Here at Friday Fictioneers, we fit right in with the confusion on what day it is.  Our lovely leader, Rochelle, has provided us with her hubby, Jan Wayne Fields’, fun picture this week. Feel inspired?  G’head. Write your own 100-word story with a beginning, middle and end and add your link by clicking the lovely frog below. It’s fun and addictive.

©Jan Wayne Fields


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Leave Your Hat On

Jamison sat in his comfy chair, reading a book when his quiet was disturbed by Joe Cocker’s unmistakable “Leave Your Hat On”.

“Shanna! I—” His jaw dropped as his wife danced into the room, wearing an overcoat, high heels and a hat. “Oooohhh… baby…” He tossed his book and gave her his full attention.

She danced around him, obeying the lyrics as she dropped her coat.  She shimmied up to him, kicked off one shoe and extended her other leg. He complied, smiling wickedly. Shoeless, she grinned, touched her hat and, continued her striptease.

Who said lockdown was boring?

193 thoughts on “Leave Your Hat On – Friday Fictioneers

  1. This makes me think of the time I bought my (second) husband a leather jacket. I dressed in next to nothing but the jacket and a pair of high heels and waited..and waited and waited. He was late that day (this was before cell phones) and didn’t get home to almost 9:00. By then I had on sweats and a t-shirt.
    To think of what it might be like now if it was like this then. 😉
    Thanks Dale.

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