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Leave Your Hat On – Friday Fictioneers

Welome to Wednesday! Here at Friday Fictioneers, we fit right in with the confusion on what day it is.  Our lovely leader, Rochelle, has provided us with her hubby, Jan Wayne Fields’, fun picture this week. Feel inspired?  G’head. Write your own 100-word story with a beginning, middle and end and add your link by clicking the lovely frog below. It’s fun and addictive.

©Jan Wayne Fields


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Leave Your Hat On

Jamison sat in his comfy chair, reading a book when his quiet was disturbed by Joe Cocker’s unmistakable “Leave Your Hat On”.

“Shanna! I—” His jaw dropped as his wife danced into the room, wearing an overcoat, high heels and a hat. “Oooohhh… baby…” He tossed his book and gave her his full attention.

She danced around him, obeying the lyrics as she dropped her coat.  She shimmied up to him, kicked off one shoe and extended her other leg. He complied, smiling wickedly. Shoeless, she grinned, touched her hat and, continued her striptease.

Who said lockdown was boring?

193 thoughts on “Leave Your Hat On – Friday Fictioneers

  1. One word: gorgeous! And a few more words: Ooh Mrs Jamison, are you trying to seduce me? Such fun and a lovely reminder of the fabulous Tom Jones’s Rewind album and a great song. I’m off to YouTube for a bit of lockdown Jones right now 🙂 Also reminded of a terrific scene in Albert Finney/Audrey Hepburn film “Two For The Road” when she’s all dressed up and regal in a tiara and he says “If you want to make love, take your hat off!” Delightful, delicious, de-lovely piece, Dale.

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    • Oh thank you so much, Jilly! I fought with which version of the song to use but had to go with Joe 😉
      And yes, I do believe she is 😉
      Oh, I love that movie, too!
      So delighted you liked!


  2. Mr Cocker is the highlight of the week.
    I saw him in an outdoor concert at Juan-les-Pins many years ago, still a very fond memory.
    Therapy for your sons will be expensive.

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    • He was great, wasn’t he?
      I felt he was painful to watch, though!
      And, ha ha ha, CE. I think they’re safe. I ain’t go no one to dance for and if I did, they sure as hell would NOT be home! 😉

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  3. Oh yeah. Great story Dale. Lockdown getting to us all? I got to see see Joe up close (dead center & about 100 feet away) when he opened for Tom Petty at Sturgis several years back. WOW, what a concert of a life time. And now both are gone. Joe was an phenomenal singer and he didn’t slow down or take a break. He has so many wonderful songs. One of my all time favorite artist. You picked a great song for your subject. One of my Favs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Jan.
      He was the coolest. He died just before Mick did so we had to include one of his songs in the video (With a Little Help From My Friends). Tom Petty was Mick’s favourite so there is some party going on up in heaven!

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  4. As soon as I saw the title, the song was running through my mind. Yes, with a little imagination, lockdown can be downright fun! Although I might choose a sexier hat than the ones in the photo, lol…

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  5. Q

    This song is forever emblazoned . . . no, make that stapled, to parts of me that will not kiss and tell. But those parts, me God . . those parts.

    As for how you used an otherwise touristy looking image, retrofitting it into images of sitting next to an open fridge whilst having the . . umm . . contents emptied onto ummm . . . what was I talking about?

    Oh yeah! The way you were able to turn tourist trip into tawdry tale. That. It’s quite the delicious little bit of intrigue. And those names are just inspired, I love them. Why do I have this image of Shanna having red hair? . . .


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  6. Why do I feel I need a cigarette after this —??? I don’t even smoke! Sounds like you got more cooking in your head than just your recipes.

    45 weeks (five out of five 9 and a-halves)

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  7. When I saw the title I instantly thought of Randy Newman (he wrote more than just Short People, you know :)).
    From what I hear, the medical community is expecting a huge baby boom this fall. Three cheers for the dancer.

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  8. Dancing those lockdown blues away, and better still with the seduction on!

    This was a fun read, Dale.

    I’m sure you lightened up a few hearts today. 🙂


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