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Come For the Music, Stay for the Beer – Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday evening and a story finally came to me.  A kinda-sorta story, anyway. Montreal hosts a slew of festivals of many genres so, why not? Thanks to c.e. ayr for the use of his photo and to Rochelle for keeping the home fires burning week after week.  Should you wish to share your 100-word story inspired by the photo, click on the frogs and add your link!

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Come for the Music, Stay for the Beer

“This place is really buzzing.  Check out all the different booths!  Gonna have fun sampling beverages and bites.”

“And we get to listen to good music, to boot, right?  Ever heard of the band on the roster?”

“Nope.  Don’t care.  All I wanted was to spend the afternoon with you and if the music’s good, bonus!”

“Gotta love a guy with an open mind.

“And an empty stomach.”

Oh, look. Here comes the band.”

Screeching guitar riffs filled the air.

“Good God!  What the hell was that?”

“The sound of us leaving the stage area and heading for the beers…”






126 thoughts on “Come For the Music, Stay for the Beer – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q


    While the old saying about location, location, location is most certainly at play here, the other old saying (older? younger? not sure) that says timing is everything works even better in this instance. And so I love the math of your conclusion, where screech is their signal to hit the beers.

    Not that there HAS to be a signal for beers. I mean . . Fridays are good for beers.

    Just saying . . .


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  2. Dear Dale,

    This puts me in mind of more than one festival. I could smell the fried food aromas in the air. Sometimes the bands are good and other times, you wish for those moments of your life back. Good one. But I’ve come to expect that from you. 😀

    Shalom and lotsa melodious hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I don’t doubt you’ve had more than one trip to such a festival. Glad you liked. It was either this or a couple making out under the bandstand only to be startled into reality 😉

      Shalom and lotsa not screeching love,


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  3. Haha, that’s me at pretty much any event these days, it all seems so loud. I’m sure it never was this loud when I was younger. Much rather be having a nice quiet drink! 🙂

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  4. Looking back, I’m surprised I’ve still got all my hearing faculties. And I’m one who’s particularly sensitive to noise. Still I wasn’t the only one who was only there for the beer. 🙂

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  5. Love this story — my husband’s two adult children are musicians — not necessarily ‘my’ kind of music but we go to their concerts – at least to hear them play. Last summer, at one outdoor concert when a band started to wail. and screech (at least that’s how it sounded) my husband and a friend who’d joined us were like your hero – vanished — off in search of the beer! We did make it back for his son’s set – and then we were gone again! 🙂 thanks for the memory. thanks for the lovely story!

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  6. It’s been a while since I went to a live concert to enjoy the music. those who went for the beer never seemed to remember who was on stage.
    Your story is one of true observation.

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  7. LOL. I just realized that it’s Friday. I don’t drink alcohol, especially beer. (I have never entirely understood beer). But I do like good music – and this story definitely made me smile too. 🙂 Hope you have a great Friday and a great week!

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  8. I’ll never, ever understand why anyone wants to listen to–or make–the screeching, screaming stuff in which there are no distinguishable words. Tried. Didn’t get it. Don’t like it.

    I must be old.

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  9. Hahaha! Yup, that would be the time to exit, all right. I worked with a Canadian from Halifax and she always said “beer” as a plurality instead of “beers.” She said, “You don’t say two deers, you say two deer. SO, it’s one beer, two beer.” I thought that was cute, so we made it our joke. You get that kind of talk out your way, Dale?

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  10. This reminds me of the annual 4th of July Salmon Barbecue in the town where I grew up. It’s the basis of the story on which I based my Friday Fictioneers this week. Fortunately, the bands weren’t bad. Good stuff. It made me laugh.

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