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Ponte Vecchio – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #81

Good Thursday afternoon, my peeps!  I haven’t played in a while but when I saw this photo and knew I would this week.  Crispina is most generous in her rules and regulations and to find out just what she expects of those of us who participate, just click here. You’ll see, just about the only thing she stresses is not more than 150 words, which I, phew! did not surpass.

Ponte Vecchio

Diana and Anne sat on the wall beside the river, under the bridge, and watched the slow flow of the river.  Anne was regaling Diana with her stories filled with imagination.

“Let’s pretend we are in Florence, or, like they say in Italy, Firenze!  We are walking along the Arno River and come upon the Ponte Vecchio.  Isn’t it just the most romantic thing, Diana?”

Diana could only nod her head, unable to add a thing.

“You’d have your beau and I’d have mine—”

“Gilbert Blythe!”

“Bite your tongue, Diana! He’s vile and I’ll have nothing to do with him!” Anne’s eyes flashed.

“You doth protest too much, my friend. But please, do continue with your story.”

“Hmph! As I was saying, you have your beau and I have,” she looked at Diana with warning, “mine.  We would secure our love forever with padlocks.”

“What a silly thing to do!”


Word count: 150

The above picture is the central part of one of the bridges crossing the Arno, and the one that inspired my little visit with Anne of Green Gables.  (Don’t ask, it’s a mystery what goes on up in my noggin, at times.  For those unfamiliar, Diana is Anne’s best and bosom friend and kindred spirit.)  The story went in a whole ‘nother direction than planned.  As can happen, right?

Below are two pictures of the real Ponte Vecchio I took during my dream trip in 2016 and I cannot believe I have NONE with all the locks!  There were so many people in front of it, I thought I’d pass by later but guess I didn’t. Oh well. Thought you’d enjoy nevertheless.




66 thoughts on “Ponte Vecchio – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #81

  1. Great story. It’s been years since we’ve been to Firenze, but I don’t remember padlocks on Ponte Vecchio. I remember all the locks on the bridges in Paris, but I’ve been to Paris much more recently than Italy.

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  2. Dear Dale,

    I’m totally unfamiliar with the characters. Raised in a vacuum. 😉 Sweet conversation nonetheless. The voices set the tone and time. Well done.

    Shalom and lotsa floating hugs,


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  3. Q

    True to form, Anne WAS given to hyperbole. But it was all in the name of love and romance so nothing wrong with that. And to introduce her inside the world that Kings and Emperors once called home is sublime. When culling literary characters and transferring their personalities to a contemporary piece of fiction, you gotta be faithful to the souls the writer birthed them with. And you’ve more than supplied. 

    It’s fire, bebe. 


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  4. Seems I read somewhere that LM Montgomery’ manuscript was rejected by over 40 publishers before being accepted by one who was willing to take a chance on the imaginative redheaded heroine. Just goes to show…never say die. 🙂

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  5. I love how you captured Anne’s personality and verve! And then, to put them in that setting! Pure brilliance.

    Firenze is one of my favourite cities! How love to encounter Anne and Diana there!

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  6. Divulge Lucy Maud Montgomery characters. I’d with held, the evil person I am. Powerful none the less. Time, place and annoyances.Men!

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  7. I enjoyed your story, Dale. I’d a feeling you’d give us something Italian; appropriate for a photo taken in our Venetian Gardens. Though I confess, I did not recognise Anne, a character from too distant-past. 🙂

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  8. A ha ha, securing their loves with padlocks!!!! Still… romantic it is (Florence does add to that!)
    On photographing those padlocks… I can recall many such times I said, “I’ll return later” and never have… oh, well we still have our memory banks!!!! 😉 Love the photos.

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  9. Oh! Anne and Diana–yes!
    I don’t remember the padlocks either, so I was a bit confused at first at the ending. 😀. But so much fun.

    I think I’ve told you how years ago I bonded with another Canadian (now American) friend over Anne of Green Gables?

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    • Yay! Honestly, not as much a thing as in Paris but they do have them. Glad you thought it was fun.

      No, you didn’t. But I do know you enjoy Anne Shirley and her spirit!

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  10. I for one am very glad you didn’t put your lock on it…. terrible things happen when so many people do. The Pont des Arts in Paris even partially collapsed under the tremendous weight of the locks, the Seine was filled with rusting locks, people overdid it…. Ponte Vecchio however – to me a special bridge because in one of the many little shops on it, I bought a silver angel for my necklace, a piece of jewellery I wore for years and years and years…. I also have fond memories because our little and still baby dog came with us to Firenze and I have photos where our little darling was having her lunch on Piazza San Marco, in company of countless pigeons and hundreds of admiring tourists…. Later on I learned that our pet was the only dog without a muzzle…. so many ‘stories’ unearthed with your 150 words!

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    • Oh no, I would do the lock thing (I am not kétaine like that). But for the purposes of the story… 😉
      And how wonderful that I have evoked such a lovely memory for you, Kiki! That is the best thing for a writer.


  11. Molto romantico, caro Dale!
    Tranne la parte su Gilbert Blythe….. or not!
    You come up with some very interesting premises, and this certainly is one.
    On a cheeky note; I wonder how many people have secured a lock on the bridge, and are now divorced?

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