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Weekend Writing Prompt #159 – Intrepid

My laptop is giving me a hard time, lately. OK, I did drop it and catch it in such a manner as the screen is disconnected, sorta from the keyboard but still. I’ve not been able to connect to the internet very well so when it works, great; when it doesn’t, not so great.  I’m behind in reading other participants in the various challenges… I’m doing da best I are!  This was written two days ago (just to give you an idea!

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments on Sammi’s blog.


You should have been a fish

But you were too cozy

More than two weeks late

You decided you were ready

You had to be born a ram

You’ve been charging forward since

Seeking the next thrill

Taking life by the horns

Wanting to try it all


Thy name is Iain


103 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #159 – Intrepid

  1. Oy to computer woes and oy-vey to internet woes and oy-vey-zmir to connection woes … BUT, I’m glad you kept at it! YAY.
    I hope the laptop recovers or gets itself internally duct-taped or something. Surely it understand you gal needs it to get over what happened and get back to business, eh?
    Love the Intrepid Iain post. I have me a feeling I know where he got is interpidity (made up word, but hey, it SHOULD be one!) from … 😉


    • Dear Rochelle,

      Indeed we were. I almost used myself 😉 He was a much better choice. And thanks, he has his moments 😉 The resolve might include a new purchase…

      Shalome and lotsa love to you, Noodge 😛



  2. Poor laptop. Poor you. Nice 52 words. Great photos. Of course, I like the snake (looks like an anaconda) and lizard.

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    • Damn laptop, Poor me 😉 Thank you, Tim! I had trouble selecting only 9… He was thrilled at the snake and loved Leonard (leopard gecko)… till he disappeared never to be seen again (though we fear he might have ended up being lunch for Zeke…

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      • One of those mysteries with Leonard. I had a pair of tokay geckos I inherted. They were quite ornary and barked. They were entertaining to say the least.

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        • Barked! Oh my…
          Yeah, Leonard had lost his tail – probably from stressed caused by youngest. So we put him in another terrarium that apparently was easier to escape from. We found red on the dining room floor and chose to believe someone spilt raspberry jam and stepped in it… Right. Uh. huh.

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  3. When one begins so many days late, one must try to make up for lost time. The problem is that no one tells you when you’ve caught up.
    I can’t believe how dependent and reliant I am on something I didn’t even have for most of my life (laptop/wifi).
    Great, cute poem. 🙂

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    • ‘Tis true! And maybe one decides when one is caught up, i.e…. went far enough 😉
      I know! I was pulling out my hair. Right now, it is functioning but I am trying so hard not to move, to ensure all stays properly connected.
      Glad you thought so 😉

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    • Yeah… ‘cept when you’re the mother of this intrepid fella… I wonder how many years he’s taken off my life? Or, at the very least, how many of my grey hairs are thanks to him? 😉


  4. Intrepid traveller or intrepid wander. My preference is for Intrepid Wanderer. Wanderer alludes to adventurist, a free spirit. Lucky you for having one in a son. Oh lawd, there will be good days and bad days. But life will be, well, interesting for him, an not in the Boxcar Willie kind of way either.

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    • He’s an intrepid traveller and intrepid adventure seeker (bungee jumping, parachuting).
      The other, enjoys travelling but not so inclined to want to just like that…
      It will be interesting, for sure.


  5. Oops, wasn’t ready to shut up. I hope you have your laptop woes resolved. I recently closed my screen on my ear plugs and shattered it. It seemed fitting with everything else that’s going on. Have a luverly day Dale . I’m sending you some flowers. 💐

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  6. A ha ha… of course he was cozy in such a mom!!!! 😉
    Coincidentally, I was also supposed to be a fish but picked ram [too many relatives around made me change my mind! 😱😂🤣]
    Love it, Dale and I hope your laptop recovers! Sometimes all it takes is blackmail… seriously, tell it you’ll get another one! Usually works!

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    • LOL!
      No way… So what’s your date? Iain is March 31, I’m April 14…. Even though I was almost three weeks late (good grief!), I still woulda been a ram 😉
      Glad you enjoyed…
      Well… I am expecting delivery within the next couple of days 😉

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      • True! First day of Aries, March 21st [I did actually keep Pisces as my ascendant! 😉 ] Also true that doctor had to tell all relatives to leave because I crawled back in… never was a fan of crowds! 😉 🙃😂😂🤣🤣😘
        Go rams! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
        [we do like to smile a lot, don’t we 😉 xoxoxo]
        Is that a threat or truth? [laptop isn’t listening!]

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  7. Q

    The Book of Job ain’t got nothing on the kid. Reminds me of my kids back in the day. They took to it like puppies to chow, tell you what.

    Love the captures, 🙂


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  8. Iain is adorable!
    The poem works amazing.
    Of course had I not been schooled in astrology, I would have thought you were in some sort of coven.
    Imagine…. turning fish into rams?
    …. but then again…. there’s the Thunder factor.

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