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Picture Perfect – Friday Fictioneers

Wednesday is here already. Is it me or is time flying? Seems like it, doesn’t it? Some days are slow as snails but somehow those days become a week gone by in a flash.  OK, enough blah, blah.  Thanks always, to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers so diligently and this week, thanks to Ted Strutz for this quirky photo.  To play along, just click on the frog below and add your link.

©Ted Strutz

Picture Perfect

Are you gonna eat that or take pictures of it all day?

My Instagram followers expect me to keep them entertained.

Pffft! Stupidest thing I ever heard.  How the hell did taking a picture of your lunch become a thing?

I dunno, now you mention it. Did you know some people make a living at it?

Seriously? Here, take a picture of mine!

There’s almost nothing left! Did you even taste it?

Yeah, I did. While it was hot. Tell your fans the proof is in the picture.

Haha.  Funny guy.

Can I have a chip?

Whatsamatter? Eat too fast?

155 thoughts on “Picture Perfect – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I love food photos. Prepping and cooking, and cleanup is all foreplay. Taking a picture is one last thing before going all in.

    Yes, I just said that!

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  2. I’m with your characters, I have no idea why pictures of everyday meals has become a thing, or what the point of it is – and even more so, how some people manage to make a living from it! I wish I knew the secret!

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  3. That’s great. I’ve been doing photos of lunches that are favorites of my programmer to see if I can entice hit to make an appearance at the office. So far the lunches are not enticing enough for him to venture out of his house.

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  4. Q

    Ain’t nothing wrong with taking a pic of your food for others to see. Of course, there also ain’t nothing wrong with eating said photographer’s food whilst they prep and primp said photo for online posterity. Dems da rules . . . all’s fair in food porn and theft. Just so long as you leave them a bite . . .

    Well played, as per. 😉



  5. lol, funny. Of course, food photos predate Instagram by quite a while. I remember a Far Side comic strip, most likely from the 1980s, about the mother carnivore (or scavenger) having to take a photo of the kill…

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      • Hope you have better things to do than putting your lunches on IG…. sorry – that’s a real waste of our precious time. But everyone to his/her own liking. I’m not judging just not watching! 😉

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        • Now I feel terribly judged.
          And, I’ll have you know, I’ve been told many times I’ve inspired others to cool. Plus, I have a friend who wants me to make a cook book that he will print for me because of said photos.


          • Alright alright Love. I’ll pop over some day soon and have a look….. My comment wasn’t to judge you but I simply don’t have the time to look at food pics, I prefer to cook myself. I love cooking,, I get inspired by what is at hand in fridge and in season, I cook for family and friends, but I don’t take pics, polish them and put them on display. I didn’t mean to judge you, goodness me NO! I LOVE YOU – WITH OR W/O an impressive IG account…. 🙂

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          • Now, now, Kiki… I was kidding when I said I felt judged 😉
            I adore cooking, entertaining, feeding my loved ones. It used to be the pics were for my scrapbook! 😉 Still… I know you love me as I do you!

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  6. Dale, as you know, I like pics of good food — what am I saying?
    Of COURSE I like good food, period! Right?
    In fact, one of my former co-workers and I would look at Youtubes of recipes. Even made a video of a cooking demo. We were like junkies passing along the dime bag! So, yes, this story made perfect sense. 🙂

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  7. Perhaps it’s my age or else my daughters just want to show me they are eating healthy food – why the pictures of lunch, dinner and chocolate cake at the cafe? Who knows how the young mind works.

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    • Tee hee. We do, indeed. And I might do a cookbook as a result (a friend is pushing me and offering to print it).
      But no, gah! I could not imagine being one nor living with one.

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          • Interesting. So much of what I cook is without a real recipe. It would be hard to make them exact and test them over and over to make sure. But I guess that’s how people like Deb of The Smitten Kitchen and others got started. 😀

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          • Same here. I am not quite sure just how I will go about it, to be honest. It’s what has been holding me back. Mick used to complain. I’d ask him if he liked something and he’d retort: What’s the point? I’ll never taste the same thing again! He even bought me a book and said: at least write the ingredients you use, we might have a chance! LOL…

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          • Yes, I think we are, too. And I follow some recipes sort of, too–but really I’m not going to measure out the herbs and spices. I put some in, taste, and see if it needs more, right? And I think a lot of us are cooking now so that if we don’t have a certain ingredient, we use something else or leave it out because we’re not going out to the store.

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          • Exactly! I was considering giving lessons to students (or anyone) who never cooked but now find themselves living in apartments and have no clue. Once you have the basics, know how to follow a recipe and learn what goes with what, the world opens up to all sorts of possibilities.
            In my YouTube video (yeah, I did five, believe it or not) my chicken stock one shows just how I measure (not!) 😉

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  8. I enjoy your food photos but I don’t expect you to post them unless you wanna… Because it is about you, not about anyone else!
    And … do people really make a living posting photos on instagram????

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  9. I take photos of my food to post on FB sometimes, but more often than not I’ve eaten it before remembering to snap it. My children have berated me for putting up half eaten dishes. Nice take, Dale. The one I never understand is full english breakfasts, why show that? They are all the same.

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  10. Lots of conversations on this one, Dale. You apparently hit a nerve! Personally, I can’t imagine anyone being interested in my breakfast bagel and coffee :). But I have a son who is quite a creative cook, and comes up with some exquisite photos that do inspire my own latent foodiness. Is that a word? Who knows. These days, nouns are used as verbs all the time. Like in TV ads, in which we are urged to “brain better.” Or “vitamin better.”

    Anyway. Foodiness. if one can be a foody, one should have foodiness, right ?

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      • I’m always surprised at the numbers of people in the States who seldom cook. They go out, order in, eat frozen entrees, but never cook. I can’t imagine. We cook all the time. Sometimes it’s a bit boring, and I can persuade Terry to get a pizza or something. But daily cooking, sadly, seems to have become a lost art for too many.

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  11. 😂I enjoyed that. Though I admit, I read it quickly. I thought about going there. Taking pictures of one’s food is so bizarre. I wanted to mock it, but I wasn’t in a humorous mood when I wrote mine. You did it well, so I’m glad I didn’t go there.

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  12. Fun take on the prompt. I have to admit, I’ve never understood why there are entire sections of Instagram dedicated to pictures of food, so I thought this was especially funny on that level.

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    • Ha ha! Well… I do cook a lot and, if the plate is particularly pretty, it gets photographed. I rarely photograph a restaurant meal unless it is jaw dropping! 😉


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