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Creating Memories

We arrive at the same time.  It has been so long we are almost shy.  Our tentative first steps become more of a bound as we join in a clench that any blind man could see too much time has passed since our last reuniting.

We kiss and pull back and kiss again and laugh as we gather our things to bring them into our bower for the next week.  It will be just the two of us, away from our realities.  We will cook, read, write, love; creating new memories to add to those already part of our story.

Our last day comes too soon and we know this is how it must be.  We say our heartfelt goodbyes before we go in different directions down the imperturbable street, towards our respective homes, already missing the other and dreaming about our next time.



A bit of flash fiction for the prosery prompt on dVerse brought to us this week by Merril D. Smith.  I can’t resist Merril so here I am.  The prompt line that must be incorporated is “We go in different directions down the imperturbable street,” from Gwendolyn Brooks, An Aspect of Love, Alive in the Ice and Fire.”





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  1. Q

    There is something to be said for the beauty of moments, which are written about ad nauseum and yet rarely felt by those who do the writing. That there is a gift inside the moments, to which time does not hold sway. That, is powerful. And beautiful.

    As is this piece.


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  2. Thank you for participating! I could feel the passion–and the longing. I agree about the moments that seem almost outside of time while still being bound to it.

    And of course, we don’t know who they are. Would the longing and passion be there if they saw each other all the time?

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  3. Dear Dale,

    I almost feel like an eavesdropper. 😉 Such a sweet story, filled with longing and fulfillment and longing once more. Well done.

    Shalom and lotsa satisfying hugs,


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  4. An imperturbable street, aye. Better than that, however, a scrumptious tale. Best Chinese food I’ve tasted, well. in a couple weeks (sorry I can’t explain if you can’t figure it out).

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    • Ooooh… Calvin! I love that you thought it was scrumptious… And honey, I have oh so figured it out… why you think I been writing like I have?


        • Smile away, my friend. Definitely all five senses and endorphins are involved. Michael will be great company on the road… (I happen to love him) as well as George Ezra and many others of that ilk…


  5. Dale, this is just lovely. I sense not unrequited love, but mutual love that cannot be fulfilled completely, which heightens the poignancy of the meeting you describe so beautifully.

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  6. A stunning capture of a brief encounter, Dale, which squeezed my heart gently. I felt the anticipation and the slight hesitation of ‘It has been so long we are almost shy’ and love the way the ‘tentative first steps become more of a bound’ – such passion! Although it was a long time ago, your piece reminded me of what it was like for the last day to come too soon.

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  7. I like how time slips by in this brief story – from first meeting to how ‘We will cook, read, write…’ quickly becomes farewells and there’s the road and the different directions we must go – (and the planning for the next tryst). So good.

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    • How strange I missed this way back in June. I was searching for something in my emails and this popped up. Apologies. I was not ignoring you! Ah well, it might feel that way, but there was a next time 😉 And hopefully soon will have another chance…


  8. Yay to the delight and connection! This felt like you took us right there, almost peeking through the lens or window, eavesdropping on some ‘almost too personal’ moments. Lovely!
    Here’s to connection and love.

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