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I Wanna Do It Again! – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #83

Thought I was going to wait until tomorrow to post but got blown away by the wind outside and came in for a break.  It is time for Crispina‘s CCC number 83.  I seem to be in a reminiscing mood. Or the photo prompts are jarring old memories.  Either/or.  The horse in the background made me think of one of the horses at the ranch because he had the colourings of an Oreo cookie There was a fight between calling him Caffoon or Oreo, so they compromised and called him Cafforeo.  The things that remain in my memory banks, sheesh…

I Wanna Do It Again!

Summer of ’75, our family vacation was at Golden Acres Ranch in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  Think “Dirty Dancing” but with horses.  And I dunno if we were the only Gentiles there, but it sure felt like it.

(My youngest sister, Tracy, has been a horse fanatic since she can talk and walk. She tried to convince Dad that we could keep a horse in our backyard and she’d take care of it, promise!)

We were having a lesson in the main ring when Tracy’s horse, Cafforeo, took off like a bat outta hell, Tracy holding on tight, a smile the size of Canada across her face.

Mom and Dad and Mike, our teacher, ran like crazy to catch up with them, now safely in Cafforeo’s paddock.

“What did you do to make him take off like that?” Dad yelled.

“I dunno!  But I want to do it again!”

Didn’t have a picture of Tracy so here I am on my favourite horse named Muddy


84 thoughts on “I Wanna Do It Again! – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #83

    • Mike, eek! I had to go change my post as I wrote the wrong guy! Mike had an appaloosa called Apples – I almost used his photo instead.
      I love that I have evoked a memory for you, Lou.


  1. Dear Dale,

    Who nu? Gentiles in the Catskills? Oy. Did Tracy ever get a horse of her own? Sounds like she was a natural. Galloping good story. 😀

    Shalom and lotsa unbridled hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      As you know, Dad was a goy mit a Yiddishe kopf… The horse Tracy really was on was this huge gentle white mare – which is why everyone was surprised when she took off!
      Tracy has had two horses in the past and is now contemplating getting another.

      Shalom and lotsa wild west kinda love


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  2. I certainly know the rush your sister got out of a fast horse. Great story. It’s funny what things will bring up memories of the distant past. My older sister was the one who loved horses and promised to take care of them. Guess who ended up taking care of them and riding them? Laurie said she saw three girls around 8 years old riding horses on the levee yesterday. She was surprised to see young kids out by themselves without adults. It does seem strange these days, but we never had adults riding horses with us in the 1970s, and I rode horses miles and miles away from home. But things were different back then.

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  3. Great story, Dale. Before I read the caption, I was going to say that your sister looks just like you. Hahahaha. It sounds like a fun vacation. I had forgotten you told me about the Catskills–maybe we were discussing Mrs. Mazel.

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  4. Q

    I always loved horse back riding. Something about the time line of an activity that stretched back thousands of years to right here and now that I found so cool. And the idea that you’re basically at the mercy of these big, fabulous creatures . . it’s humbling and inspirational at the same time.

    Of course, I always seemed to get the horse with an attitude. 😉

    And look atchou Calamity Jane! That’s how you Catskill!


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  5. What a lovely story and what a fun photo besides! I would’a loved a summer camp like that! With horses!
    I can actually see my sister in your sister … She was the only one among us who actually got horse-riding lessons. For a brief time. A blip on the radar of family history, and came with a complicated story, but I still remember how absolutely joyous she was to ride Jasmine, the one-town-over-neighbor’s glorious horse.
    Thank you for the memories!

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  6. Whoa…you’re like the 4th or 5th person in Blogville to say something about windy conditions (and they’ve been all over the world!). Nature apparently is up to some not-so funny business.

    Horses have a way of making us peeps smile. And for good reason. Giggy-up, girlfriend.

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