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The Beat Must Go On

Might be more out there than I usually am.  Hopefully not too far!  In response to dVerse Quadrille challenge, hosted by Mish who has given us the word “Drum” to play with.  I usually avoid the topics of the day but somehow, this felt like the direction to go in. I think I spent as much time creating my image as I did creating my verse!




Earth has lost her rhythm

Her drum is struggling

to keep time


So many instruments

trying to be heard

voices not melodious


Each believes it more

important than the other



We need the backbone

that is the drum

to bring back some harmony






132 thoughts on “The Beat Must Go On

  1. Has a nice beat. Both your image and your poem are excellent responses to the challenge. The world is getting beaten by too many different deadbeat drummers trying to get people to march to their offbeats.

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  2. Yeah, I’m all for returning some spine to those who lost all rhyme and rhythm … and for helping restore some harmony to the voices – for in the end we all sing the same song of breath. Or there is none.
    Well done, you!
    This is very evocative. xoxo

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  3. That’s bloody good, Dale. And I like the idea of the drum… hey, you know I like drums. It’s the beat. They’re all dancing to different beats, and clamouring when it’s not needed. If only everyone could unite.

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  4. Q

    This is so smart and funky! I love the use of drums here, as the foundation . . that which stands the test of time.

    Admittedly, these quadrilles stump me, but you do such a fantastic job with them each and every time. 🙂


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  5. What is needed? A religious person might suggest God an the healing of the soul he brings to the jam session. A nihilist hears nothing and rejects it all. But you said, “backbone of the drum”. Healing drums. We need to heal and then all the noise will fall into place as music again. Perfect music, I doubt. But something more melodic.

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      • Aye. I (we, all of us) don’t want a perfect world, just one that’s livable and likeable. Agreed, perfection, will be never in the cards, ever. The shit gets so deep at times it is difficult to make sense of it all. A backbone helps indeed, we all have one lets us not forget. You can’t wait for someone else to play the drums. Sometimes you just have to sit down to trash-one out yourself. Be respectful and the rhythms will fall into place.That’s my take on your poem, it was honest, to the T and was NOT out there one i-o-aha. Just an arrow in your quiver waiting for it’s turn.

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        • Aye! Aye! This is true. We are mired in shit right now.
          And yes, we all have to sit down and use our backbone and trash it out, like you said.
          I love that you thought so, Calvin. Sometimes I write something and as soon as I press go, doubt myself. So. Thank you.


  6. Dear Dale,

    It seems it’s all been said…that being said, I’ll say simply, “Amen. Well done. How about we put away the beating drums and listen to a little Yitzak Perlman and Yo-Yo Ma. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa melodious hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Amen is good. Glad you like. Yitzak and Yo-Yo would be sublime right now.

      Shalom and lotsa smooth rhythmic love,



  7. Oh, how I agree with you Dale, it’s as if we’re getting hammered to the point of losing our own heart-beat. Here’s to the drum restoring its [and our] harmony! Thank you, my friend!
    ps love the image too!

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