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Peeping Tom – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday!  Know how I know? Rochelle sends us the weekly pic to write our 100-word story inspired by that pic. This week, our hostess with the mostest is oot and aboot but she left us with her very own pic to use.  Should you want to participate, click on the frog below and add your link.  G’head, it’s fun!

©Rodchelle Wisoff-Fields


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Peeping Tom

The best thing about having a basement bedroom was that it was separate from the rest of the family.  And it was cool – downright cold in summer thanks to the A/C.  I loved my space and could do my own thing, undisturbed.

I was changing for bed when suddenly a ruckus broke out and I could hear thundering steps above my head and yells followed by the front door slamming.  What the hell?

I looked out my window and saw my father and uncle chasing a guy down the street.

He’d been having a look-see at me without my knowing.

203 thoughts on “Peeping Tom – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Jeepers that’s some creepy peepers. Have you read Arnaldur Indriðason’s novels with Inspector Erlendur? Your story brought to mind “Into Oblivion”. It had a peeping Tom in the plot.

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  2. Dale, sorry to hear that story was true and that you had to see the creepy guy at school. It’s the sort of behaviour which could possibly escalate. Or, is he just a kid who has no idea about dating, approaching girls etc. Or, perhaps he noticed the opportunity and got caught out the first and only time and is now a reputable person somewhere. Or, he could still be stalking you. Probably shouldn’t have suggested that, but some people do apply the powers of persistence to the wrong pursuits.
    Best wishes,

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  3. Q

    Now THAT is downright creepy! I always was so creeped out by the thought of peeping Toms. I mean, not that the Toms were peeping at me, but that they were out there somewhere, doing their peeping. Yikes.


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  4. You tell your story very well, with a nice conversational opening and rapid acceleration to a great pace by the end. Excellent.
    But how horrid for you, to be peeped at like that. It would have really creeped me out.

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  5. I can’t relate to this because I’m a guy. Women don’t do that, do they? Or they hide way better. Peeping always makes me laugh because it reminds me of the Adam Sandler skit, “The Peeper.”

    I did have a known sex offender follow me to school once. Put that on the résumé. I was sexy when I was six. I don’t know how old I was.

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I don’t think it would have boded well for him if they had. No worries. Not too traumatized from it having forgotten about it till now!

      Shalom and Lotsa up front love,


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  6. So old school. Now days they use cameras to perve.
    Sick people out there. Creepy story. Well written. Hope he got his teeth kicked in. Jungle justice is more satisfying than an slap on the wrist by the courts.

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  7. Am guessing ripped from recollection of thy youth. But there is enough here to wish it were not, It begs for more.

    “Please Mistress, I need more meat”.


  8. Great and shocking take of the pic, Dale.
    Since we have words for it (voyeurism and peeping Tom), it is not as uncommon as we would wish. Our neighborhood Facebook page often has warning about late night lurkers in their yards.
    Indeed, as you said, true stories of dealing with dysfunction abound.

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  9. I glanced at just enough of the first replies to get the picture. So sorry this happened to you–clearly an unforgettable incident.

    I happened to my daughter, who heard a noise outside the bathroom window as she stepped into the shower. Never caught the jerk, but he left clear footprints. It was some time before she would shower after dark after that incident!

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  10. Okay, I’ll fess up, it was me.
    Hardly worth the hassle either…

    Okay, what about this new editor?
    ‘An easier way’, yeah right.
    I don’t even know what a block is.
    I thought I was the only one who didn’t understand it until I saw your comments elsewhere.
    Is there a campaign against it?
    Get them told!

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    • Wow… Dunno if that is an insult to me or to the fact of having to run away.

      Everyone I know who tried it, first ripped their hair out, then abandoned it to return to what they were using before. I dunno if their is a campaign, but if there is, I’ll sign.


  11. That kind of things leaves a lasting impression on a person. Wondering how long the peeper had been watching … So glad the father and uncle caught him and probably scared him adequately enough so he didn’t do it again. I don’t think after that I’d like the basement bedroom anymore. Well developed story, Dale!

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  12. Okay, call me weird, but I think kids do such stupid things… and I usually laugh hearing such stories. That said, it must have felt horrible being the watched party! LOL on your dad and uncle chasing him down! What a scene altogether! Brilliantly written! xoxoxo

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