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City Mouse Goes Country – Friday Fictioneers

What day is it?  Wednesday!

What does that mean? Friday Fictioneers!

What? Yeah, well… yanno, sometimes there’s no explaining things.  This week our lovely leader Rochelle has chosen a picture by Todd Foltz.  You want to play? Click on the frog below and add your 100-word max story link.

©Todd Foltz

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City Mouse Goes Country

Betsy loved spending the summers at her grandparents.  She got to live a completely different life than the one she had in the city.  A life that was simple and felt more real.  She particularly enjoyed the chores Nana made her do.  Waking up with the sun, collecting eggs from the chickens was one of her favourites.  Who knew chickens could be so affectionate?

“Hullo Susie.  Hey there Gertrude.  You ladies have something for me this morning?” she asked as she scratched them under their chins.  They clucked their responses rubbed against her arm.

She wished she could live here forever.


195 thoughts on “City Mouse Goes Country – Friday Fictioneers

  1. That’s the opposite of my childhood. Every summer I got to spend a few weeks visiting my grandparents, both sets, in the Bay Area and didn’t have to feed chickens or collect eggs.

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      • The cliché is always greener on the other side. Or something to that effect.

        Yes, I did. I still consider the Bay Area home. That’s where I was born and lived in my early years. My grandparents both lived within 15 minutes of where we lived when I was a wee tot, which had a lot to do with why we moved.

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